The first lions exchange meeting of 2019-2020, the second vice-captain designate of Shenzhen Lions Club, was held successfully

Warm together Happy service

— Shenzhen Lions Club 2019-2020 Second Vice Captain designate The first lions exchange meeting was successfully held


On the afternoon of June 19, 2019, the first lions exchange meeting of 2019-2020, the second vice-captain designate of Shenzhen Lions Cvicenlub wcaptain喵队长微博as held in Jiadefu Group, Futian District. More than 40 people attended the meeting, including guo Yongyong, the second vice President descaptain缩写ignate of Tmeeting怎么读英语he 2019-2020 Lions Club shenzhen, Wang Danya, the vice president designate of the lecturers, Gao Ling, Zhang Jinlian, and the second vice captains designate of the service tealion是什么意思中文翻译ms of lions Club Shenzhen. The meeting was chaired by Luo Jun anmeeting是什么中文意思d pfirst青年电影展resided ofirstlyver by Meng Chun and Tian Xin.secondscreen下载

Befirst翻译成中文fore the meeting began, some lion friends arrived in advance and arranged the venue. Mlions的音标eng Chun aheaexchange短语d of time forsecond的基数词 lion friends to do relevant rehearsals.

First, each second vice – captain introexchange用法及搭配duces himself. Through introduexchange服务器怎么填ctions, we furthcaptain泰国演员er enhansecondhandce mutual understanding and deepen friendship.

Thilion是什么意思中文翻译s activity, spcaptainonthebridgeecially invitecaptain翻译d lecturers to do guivice翻译dance and travicenining. Wang Danya gafirsthandvvicetone的歌曲e training on how to carry out the service, explained the service projects of lions Club International, Lions Club China and Lions Club Shenzhen in detail, and told everyone how tofirst make the project more solid and perfect. At the same time, conveyed the spirit and direction of the district council, gave guidance on the service team to carry outcaptain翻译 the service, so that lion fsecondhandriendslions读音 have motivation and direction.

Before dinner, participants prepared a birexchange用法及搭配thday cake for those who had birthdays in June. Caring for lionvicer34 friends starts from the side. After we meet, every time the secaptaincond vice captain gets together, it’s the birthday of lionsecond缩写 fvice翻译riends that month. The dinner also prepared a lucky draw, and for the lilions的音标on friends to attend the hand ceremony. Tian Xin introduced the lion friends who donated wine, drinks, tea and gifts to the activity. She thanked the lion friends for their love and devotionmeeting是什么中文意思.

Guo Yonvice什么意思gfirst翻译成中文yong, the second vlionsice president elect, expressed his gratitude to all the second vicfirst怎么读e captains elect for attencaptain缩写ding the symposium. In the New Year, we hope tmeetingyou是什么意思halions怎么读t you will actively support the wofirsthandrk of the district Association, closely carry out the service work around the theme ofsecond怎么读 “serving togethcaptain翻译er, sharing harmonmeetingyou是什么意思y”, advocate joint service activities, strengthen the contact and communication between the service teams, so as to serve to increassecond的基数词e friendship and promote development.

The harmonioussecondly and warm second vice captain lion affairs exchange meeting came to a successful end, and everyone made an appointment with the future liolionsgaten road, happfirstname填姓还是名y service.


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