Reprint | side hard P plus support

Reprint | side hard P plus support

A 6.0-magnitude earthquake hit Changning county, Yibin City, Sichuan province at 22:55 on June 17, 2019. The Sichuan Rep思的笔顺resentative Office took immediate action and set up an eplus和pro的区别mergency rescue working group to take charge of the work and take separate actions to prepare urgently needed supplies in thplushe disaster area. Domestic lion and attaches great importasupportnce to the federation vice-斯德哥尔摩综合征chairman Zplushheng Dplus是什么意思翻译汽车上egang, service commhard的副词ittee chairman Ma Min 19 early in the morning rapidly-changin死得其所的意思g rushed to the disaster思的笔顺 areas, and with the cooperation of friends in the local disabled persons' federation, into a quake-hit double riverhardest town, leading town and the town of adit bottom view the situation, and visited 16 homes in the striplus中文意思cken families of disahardtied活埋系列bled persons, the scale of the fiplus是什么意思翻译汽车上eld to understand the disabled family and master the relevant requirements of aid.


At 6 am on June 19, Sichuan Lion friends, with the special care of the lion friends of the whole countplushry, purchased more than 90,000 yuan worth of disastereprintedr relief materials, ship死的笔顺ped to the disaster area. The donated materials are very precise, including toothbrushes and toothpaste, plastic buckets, towels, camp beds and so osupportedn, which are the most needed by the people in the disaster area. Nearly 400 people have been accommodated in the wilderness, which has pplushlayed a real role for social organizations in disaster rplus怎么读elief.

On June 20, the main leaders of the emergency working greprint什么意思roup, the second divisioplus怎么读n and the four servichardly什么意思中文e teams of sichardshiphuan Representative Osupport什么意思ffice, under the leadership of Director Peng Changjun, held a jsupportassist戴尔oint meeting with the Yibin And Changning Disabled Persons' Federation in Yibsupport是什么意思中文in city. Conduct detailed communication and exchange on the second死的拼音 batch of material demand list and tplushhe following post-disastsupport翻译er reconstruction work. Ssupportecretary General Zhang Yan introduced the lions Club's participation in the relief services of the May 12 Wenchuan earthquake, Ya 'an earthqusupportake and jiuzhaigou mudslide disaster. Mo Jsupportingianbo, the former chairman of the nasupportedtional Lions Associat死的拼音ion's disaster Committee and the founding Chairman of sichuan Representahard翻译tive Office, comprehensively introduced the experience of post-disaster reconstruside是什么意思ction, providing iplus和pro的区别deas for the nsupportext step of the earthquake assistance in Changning. Members of the leading party group of yibin Disabled Persons' Federation and vice chairman of Changning Disabled p四的笔顺ersons' Federation respectively introduced the situation they had learned in the disaster area. The two sides discussed the needs of the second batch of supplies and the wayssupporting and meanplus是什么意思翻译成中文s of post-disaster reconstruction and reachedsupport怎么读 preliminary conplus是什么意思sensus.

Zheng Degang, vice president of the Domestic Lions Association, and Ma Msupportedin, chairman of the Service Committee, both said: People wplus是什么意思翻译汽车上ith disabilities is the most special is also the most difficult group of victims, the visit 16 disabled family we have found that many disabled people in四的笔顺 disaster area before the life is very difficult, some is low, the official issue of gold for a living, family e思的笔顺conom斯德哥尔摩ic status is the most difficult part of the mouth, locals earthquake undoubtedlysupportassist戴尔 more make their situation worse, To make their situation even more difficult, we should focus on disaster relief and reconstruction.

In hisplus是什么意思 speech, pointed out, finally, Peng Changjun director of the provincial disabled persons' federation chairman Yang asked officsupport怎么读e to the earthreprint什么意思quake-stricken area in sichuan, actively parti死的部首cipate in diplus怎么读saster relief servic死的拼音es, carefully investigate and found that the locaplustoken今天新消息l people nereprint什么意思ed to solve the problem, give timely relief support, to people with disabilities and their families to give special attention to, special love, special support. We will combine the specifiplus会员c situation of the displus会员aster area, the next build will be思的组词 focused on people with disabilitiesplus会员 and their families, to follow the concept of "tailored" services to people wisupportingth disabilit思的笔顺ies, to overcome the past love you "or"plus怎么读, "flood irrigation" rebuilding methods and accurate research, precision requirements, accurate ShiCe, precise supervision and do wesupport翻译ll the post-disaster rebuilding prohardly什么意思中文ject. We hope that the local DISABLED Persons' Federation can collect all kinds ohard是什么意思f data more quickly and accurately, so that our next material procurementplus怎么读 and construction aid projects can be more targeted and effective.

After the meeting, Chairman Peng Changjun presided oveeprintr the emergency working g思的组词roup of Sichuan Representative Office and the lion friends meeting of the main leaders of the second district, which divided the responsibilhardly什么意思中文ities of the second disupport翻译strict and the servhard的副词ice team to partiplustoken今天新消息cipate in the earthquake conssupportingtruhard是什么意思ction assistance work in Changning and put forward the work requirements. He pointed out that the second partition and theplus service must be to fully participate in rebuilding work, by service c思的组词ondesidensed lion fellow, impsupportassistrove service levels, inspire more powerful public enthusiasm, will be disabled as the main direction of our major a死的拼音id, especially to long-term benefit peopleplus是什么意思翻译成中文 with disabilities, and acce思的笔顺lerating the dsupport是什么意思中文evelopment of the disabled family production, increase income, beautifsupportingul rural construction projects. He a死的拼音sked our local lion friends to bro思的笔顺a四的笔顺den their visisupportingon and broaden their perspective. The direction of assistance prplus和pro的区别ojects could be thharde reconstru思的组词ction of street lamps in villages and towns, the reconstruction of schools and kindergartens, the construction of rehabilitation institutions at the grass-roots level, the renovation of barrier-free fplus和pro的区别acilities in the hplus是什么意思翻译汽车上omes of th斯德哥尔摩综合征e disabled, and assistive de斯德哥尔摩综合征vices for the disabled.

As soon as the jiudu Sunshpreprintine service team came back from the disaster front line, the disaster situation in Yushi village in Gosupportivengquan Town was very serious. Due to the geograpsupportassist戴尔hical environment, the official relief is still in place, especially in need ofplus是什么意思翻译汽车上 rice, flour and cooking oil. Peng Changjun, director of yibin immediately decided that three local service teams to further verify the situation, immediate relief, and the value of more than 30,000 yuan of urgently neprinteeded food to the victims of the village.

At present, the list of special funds received by the Sichuan Repr四的笔顺esentative Office for the Yibin Earthquake on June 17 is as follows:

Domestic Lion Associat斯德哥尔摩ion:support翻译 100,000 yuan; Lionplus是什么意思翻译汽车上s Club ofplus是什么意思 Shenzhen: 50,000 yuan; Lions Clubhardly of Guangdong: 50,000 yuan; Dalian Representative Office: 50,000 yuan; Qingdao Representative Offisupportce: 50,000 ysideuan; Beijing Representative Office: 50,000 yuan; Sh斯德哥尔摩enyang Representative Office: 50,000 ysupporteduan; Shaanxi Representative Office: 50,000 yuan思的组词; Harbin Representative Office: 50,000 yuplus怎么读an; Siplus怎么读chuan Representative Office: RMB 150,000; Hainan Representative Office: 30,000 yuan; Yunnan Representative Office: 30,000 yuan; Jiangsu Reprereprintsentative Office: 30,000 yuan; Jilin representative Office: 10,000 yuan, a totalsupportassist戴尔 of 761,500 yuan, etc., hereby, Sichuan representative office to the domestic Lions Association, each district and caring people's kindness to express the most sincere thanks,support是什么意思中文 thank you for the earthquake strsupport什么意思icken areas to pay. We look forward to suggessupportassist戴尔tions and suggestions for post-earthquake cpreprintonst死的笔顺ruction assistance in Csupport用法hangning.

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