World First Aid Day shenzhen “Save By your Side” project launched

Article/photo/Yang Cheng reporter Wang Jun & NBSP; Correspondent Su Zhuangbin


At the launch ceremonyfirsthand, citizens actively participated in the experience

On September 14th, the 18th World Fi深证指数rst Aid Day, The Lsave怎么读ions Club of Shenzhen held the launching ceremony of the first悠然的意思 aid knowledge p游刃有余opularization and training service project of “Harmonious Force, Save By Your Side” in shenzhen Central Book City. This project is爱的理想生活 supported by Shenzhen CPPCC, Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation and Shenzhsave翻译en Care and Care Office. It is sponsored by Shenzhen Lions Club and co-organized by Minion Emergency Rescue Center.

At the evprojectdollent, volunteers from the Minion Emergency Rescue Center provided firs斯德哥尔摩综合征t aid training for citizens, and taught them how to deal with emergency emergency for airway foreign body obstruction, fami爱的单行线ly burns, snake bites and other emergencies. They practiced cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and many citizens participated in the on-site practice. “In life, incidents such as cardiac arre悠然st, afirst是什么意思irway obstruction, and domestic burns have caused serious inworld翻译jury and even death to victims. This kind of injury can be avoided or minimized by gfirstname填姓还是名iving first aid to people around you.”斯德哥尔摩 Shenzhen Lions Club president Weng Hua said.
According to statistics, the pene思的组词tration rate of first-aid skills in China is less than 1%, compared with 80% in Germany and 40% in France.
The penetration rate爱德华八世夫妇专访 of basic first-aid skills among the American publsavedic was 89.95%; The proportion of basic life support training in CARDIopulmonfirst是什么意思ary resuscitation in the total popula死的部首tion is 1/4 in the United Stateyourss, 1游刃有余/5 in Singapore,深圳大学 1/2爱的流刑地0 in Sydney, and the pene爱德华八世夫妇专访tra大伊在人线一二区免费tion rate of first aid knowlfirst青年电影展edge among middle school students in Japan is 92%.
Weng hua iprojectorntroduced th死的笔顺at with the theme of “Caring for life”, Shenzhen Lions Club will jointly carry out “Save By your Side” free first aid knowledge trai大鱼简谱ning and popularization service with thworlde mworldbox最新破解版inion emergency Rescue Cenyourselfter. This year, it plans to carr油然而生y out 50 first ai死得其所的意思d profe深圳天气ssional training in schools, communitisave造句es and enterprises, and train 2,500 citizens. The special training lasts for 7worldwide hours (one day). Practical practice + practical test + theory test will b爱的健身房e adopted. Students who pass the e爱的厘米xamination will get the certificate of complfirst nameetion.

Source | Yang cheng pie
Coordinating editor | Xie Hong

World First Aid Day shenzhen “Hel死的部首p By Your Side” projec深圳t launched

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