Help is at your side! 50 shenzhen Lions Club first aid knowledge popularization training sessions were conducted in schools, communities and enterprises

After nosebleed, the original head hemostasis is more dangerous, the correct method is to lower the head slightly, with the悠然的拼音 thumb and index finger pinched on both sides of the nose 5-10 minutes; After scaldihelpfulng, do not apply medicine, soy sa深圳疫情最新动态uce, vegetable oil, should immefirstdiately wash with cohelp的用法ld wate死的笔顺r or cold comprshenzhenes爱德华八世夫妇专访s the scalded area for 15 minutes; If you fold your arms and open your fingers, close your ey爱的健身房es and co深圳大学unt for 10 seconds before one of your hands drops, you may have a cerebral infarction…


On Septemb死的部首er 14, the 18th World First Aid Day, the first aid knowledge popularization and training program of “Harmonious Ffirst怎么读ohelp的用法rce, Save By Your Side”, sponsored by Shenzhen Lions Club and co-organized by Minion Emergency Rlions翻译escue Center, was launched in Shenzhen Cenclub用英语怎么说tral Book City. “I hope more and more social forcesclubman是什么牌子车 can join the popularization of first aid, when others need first aid, there are people around to save, dare to save, the vi深证指数ctim is saved.” Shenzhen CPPCC standing Committee, the clions读音ity CPPCC social legal and ethnic and religious committee director Li Zhenhclube said.


According to statistics深圳天气, the penetration rate of the爱的迫降 first aid skills of the public in China is less than 1%, while in死的笔顺 the United States and Germany, this figure reached nearly 90% and 80% respectively悠然, France and Australia also have 40%; The proportion of basichelpful是什么意思 life supporthelping training in C深圳疫情ARDIopulmonary resuscitation in the total population is 1/4 infirst name the Unihelperted S深圳tates, 1/5 in Slionsingapore and 1/20 in Sydney. In Japan, the pe死的拼音netration rate of first aid knowledge among middle school students alone reaches 92%.

“In daily life, the深圳天气re are many cases of serious injury or ev爱的健身房en death to victims due to serious accid深证指数ehelpingnts such as cardiaclionsgate alions怎么读rrest, airway obstru斯德哥尔摩ction, and domyour怎么读estic burns. This i友人a什么意思njury can be avoided or minimized by giving first aid to those around you.” Weng Hua, president of the Shenzhen Lions Club, said itfirstname填姓还是名 was meaningful to educate the public about first aid.


Weng Hua introduced, the “Save by your Sidehelpless” free first aid knowledge training and populariz爱的厘米ation services, is committedclubman to improving the nationwide first aid penetrat深圳大学ion rate and firsclub是什么酒t aid awareness, so that more people participate in the first aid knowledge training and practice. This year, we plan to carry out 50 first-aid professional training in schools, communities and enterplions翻译rises, and train 2,500 citizens. The special training lasts for 7 hours (one day). Pralionsct死的部首ical practice + practical test + thelplessh悠然的意思eory test will be adopte斯德哥尔摩d. Studhelplessents who pass the examination will get the c爱的健身房ertificate of completion.


It is reported th爱的理想生活演员表at the project was proposed by the Silver Lake Service team of the Lions Club of Shenzhen in 2017 and jointly launched by the Minion Emergency Rescue Developmenlions读音t Center. With the theme of “Caring for life”, the project integrates professional organizations and talents. Starting from the lions Clclubmanub, the project is committed to popularizing first aid and promoting first aid to the whole societyfirst怎么读英语. By September 2019, a total of 55 events悠然 had been held, directly benefiting 3,400 people.

On the same day, volunteers fromhelpful是什么意思 the Mclub怎么读inion Emergency Rescue Center also conducted fifirst翻译rst-悠然aid training for citizens, teaching them how to deal with emergency cases such as airway obstruction, family burns and snaklion是什么意思e bites, and practicing cardiopulmonary resuscitation, which attracted many families to participate.

[Reporter] Zhang Wehelpfuli

[Correspondent] Su Zhuangbin

Original link: “Help” at your side! 50 shenzhen Lions Clions怎么读lub first aid knowledge popularization training sessions were cond爱的理想生活ucted in schools, communities and enterprises

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