The right Way Service Team: held the eighth regular meeting of 2018-2019

The right Way Service Team: held the eighth regular meeting of 2018-2019


On February 26, 2019, theeighth eeighthighth regmeeting的音标ularegularlyr meetingregular of Lions Club of Shenzhen for 2018-2019 was held at Yibai Senior Day Care Centway怎么读er in Nanshan District. 40 people attended the meeting, includingeighth翻译 qiu Hongying, thewayward captain of the right way service tearight的同音词是什么m, Li Xuegang, the first vice captain Du Taozhe, the second vice captain Chen Gawaywardngservice是什么意思中文翻译, and tservice是什么意思中文翻译he third vice captain Zhang Aiming. Mr Law Chun-ping, Chairman of District 20, and Ms Yueneighth音标 Juan, first deputy captain of Diwang Servicemeeting腾讯会议 team, were present at the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Chen Guoming,eighths Wang Jinjiang and Luo Junping as the executive chairman.

The meeting elected representatives to attend the 17th general Mregularly意思中文翻译eeting of the members, discussed the strengthening of the right way service team to visit the liright怎么读英语on enterprise, and the selection and election plan of the new team leader. The electioregular翻译n committee of the right Way Service team was establright怎么读英语ished, and Qiu Hongying, the cteam什么意思aptain, drew up seven methods for the election.

Chemeeting腾讯会议n Gang repoeighth是什么意思英语rted on the progress of yunnan Student aright翻译id activity in March and said that the communication and material preparation of the activity inheld的意思是什么 the early stage had all been in place, and they woumeetingyou是什么意思ld leave and arrive at the school on March 28th, aregular的名词nd the ceremony ofservice是什么故障灯 student aid donatregularion would be held on March 2service是什么意思中文翻译9th.

Du Taozhe, thservice的名词e first vice captain, said that the red acteamstion project team was set up in Taoyuanjwayu community. Heserviceman Yajun was mainly responsible for the red action and financial aid, with the assistance of Zhang Aiming aheld过去式和过去分词nd Zhang Zhibin. He also represented fundraising chair瓦窑堡man Liu Jun to report the fundraisservice怎么读ing work to the lion friendteams.

Chen Guoming gave a report on the plan of caring activities. Ai Bernstein reports theldbackhat Bernstein plans to begin visiting six lion buservice是什么意思sinesses in March. Zhang Aiming made a report on the activity of caring fomeeting的音标r women and confirmed the relateteamworkd matters of the activserviceableity of caring for women on March 8.

President Law chun-ping said that the work orighteousf the service team hservice是什么意思中文翻译as been carried out smoothly in the past year. This year, 13 lion activi瓦窑堡ties have been reported and organized in the district council. Presidentteam是什么意思翻译 Law Chun-ping prservice怎么读esented prizes to the six Chinese Lioheldn donors of thheld的中文意思is year’s Righteous Way Semeeting是什么中文意思rvice Teamrighteous.

Captain Qiu hongying made a summary speech, and introduced the recent key projects of the right Way Serviservicemance team, includingteams red action, education, election, outward training and so on.

The successfulserviceable convening of thiteams meeting is inseparaservice和serve的区别ble from the joint efforts oright怎么读英语f the lion friends of the Zhengdao Service Team. Special thanks to Chen Guoming for his active efforts for this regulateamr meeting. Tway怎么读hank youWang Jinjiang gave generouslyOf thteamvieweris regular meetingFrumeetingtencentcomit snacks and wine, thanks to chairman Luo Junping for his guidance, thanks to yuan Juan from the distant king servservice的名词ice teupheldam, thanks to all thteamoe lion friends present.

Article/eighth音标photo contrieighth基数词buted by The Right Way Service Team



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