The 12th captain's team meeting and regular meeting of the year 2020-2021 was held by The Red Litchi Service Team

Jade reed attack green boat race, red Dragon Boat Festival qi huan. On June 13, 2021, the 12th cap退婚后大佬她又美又飒tain's Team and rthegular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Red Li Service Team for 2020-2021 was held in Nanyang Changsheng Restaurant, OCT Building, Nanshan Distcaptaindarkrict. Shenzhen lions long picket zhang jian, chairman of themeeting sixteenth partiticaptainonthebridgeon Huang Yiqun, domestic lion federation, dmeetingeputy director ofteam什么意思 the education commission training teaching RongJing, lion friends care committee, executive chairman of yan-hue wang, red li servicregular反义词e captain Wu Guicheng, the previous captain Long Yali, first deputy captain Liang Yidong, second deputy captain brinton, former captain xiao-ning liu, He Yongan, high full bin, Tang Wenping, Wang Showashedujun, Seregular什么意思cretary Liang Wenjuan, financial Yang Li, picket Chen Lixin, gecaptainonthebridgeneral affair陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿s Xiao Jian and other 24 people attended the meeting. Lecturer Luo Junping and guest speaker Yang Manxia attended the meetteamproing. Long Yali served as the preyear造句sident of theteam什么意思 meeting and presided over.

Illustration 2- Team leader meets. JPG

After experiencing the tea culturregularizatione activities carefully prepared before the regular meeting, the meeting offteams会议icially began.

Captain Wu Guichwashedeng briefed the lion friends at the meeting on the recent lion work and the later work deployment. Mayregular的名词 27 hongli Service Team caring nanshan Diyear翻译strict Special Children Center; From April to June, Captain Wu Guichengyear怎么读 and shenzhen Lions Club captains visited and cared for the former president of Shenzhregular的所有形式en Lions Club. Before June 3, the dicaptain怎么读strict council completed the application of the second stage of outstanding serviwasce team and outstathinnding captain. In additionyear, with the strong swasupport of all members,year翻译 the red Litchi Service team has completed the collection of next year's membersmeetingtencentcomhip dues before May 20. In terms of financial aid, the financial aid donation activity in Guizhou, which was originally planned by Hongli Service Team in mid-June, was cancelled again due to the recent severe epidemic situation. In Juteamone, the district council will complete the annual selection work of the declaration; Make all-out preparations for the replacement of the Hong Lmeeting翻译ai Service Team in July.

Illustration 8- Captain Wu speaking. JPG

At the meeting, Yang Li made a financial report, repowas怎么读rting the income and expenditure, usagwashe and b同花顺alance of all funds to everyone.

Yang Li financiameeting的音标l repyearlyort on the preparation for the transition of hongli Service team. The term change of this year is scheduled on Jregular的所有形式uly 11th, and it is planned to hold regular meeting of term c桃花源记hange in Nan 'ao, Shenzhen. The team leregularityader of Hongliwas怎么读 Service Team haregular什么意思s already checked out the site some time ago. This meeting confirmed the pcaptain的意思rocess ayearlynd content of the whole term change work, and made arrangements for the divisicaptain什么意思中文on of labor and work procaptain喵队长微博gres童话故事s.

Luo Junping,teams会议 former leader and lecturer of Shenzwashedhen Lionteam是什么意思翻译s Club Charity Collection Service Team, expressed his pleasure to participate in the theme ryearlyegular meeting of Hong Li Club acaptain音标nd thanked thecaptain缩写 tea culture teacher for his wonderful sharing. This time,桃花源记翻译 I participated in the regular meeting of Red Litchi Service Team and felt the practice of "three hearts and three senses" in red Litchcaptain缩写i Service Team. The "three hearts" are the heart of awe, the heart of positivity and the heart of gratitude. The "three senses"captain缩写 are the sense of gain, happiness and security. "Three hearts and three senses" have been integrated into the regular meetingsteams手机版, services and excregular翻译hanges ofyearly Red Litchi Service Team. I believe that excel褪黑素lent Red Litchi ser褪黑素vice team wiwaspll go furthemeetingtencentcomr and better.

Illustration 13- Brother Luo Shi shares. JPG

Teacher Ywas是什么意思ang Manxia shteams会议ared, she said that the lion frieyear是什么意思nds of The Reteamworkd Litchi Service team are "warm babies with electricity", glad桃花源记翻译 to see that the rmeetinged桃花源记翻译 Litchi servicecaptain音标 team is making progress and becoming more excellent.

Illustration 14- Shared by Teacher Manxia. JPG

The president of Longyali conference thanked Miss Yang for her wonderful tea sharing and warmth. The regular meeting endedwashington in a commeetingfortable and happy atmosphere.

 Illustration 19- Dragon Boat Festival group photo. JPG

 Illustration 1- Regular group photo. JPG

Article/Photo Hong Li Service Team, Licaptain音标ang Wenjuan, Shencaptainonthebridgeshi News Agencregular的所有形式y

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