Party | shenzhen lions party branch specialized organization party history study education and life

On August 6, 2021, the Party Branch of The Lions Club in Shenzhen held a special organizing meeting on Party history study and education to thoroughlyhistory的形容词 impbranches是什么意思lement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech at the Party history study and Education Mobilization meeting and the important seducationalpeech at the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. Conveystudy第三人称单数 the implementation of thspecialized中国官网e shenzhen municipal party committee and shenzhen municipal federation of party historspecialized闪电官网y study on life education project organization, solid party history study educlionsation work, guide the branch party members and t深圳天气he leducation怎么读英语ion friends party member to further enhance the consciousness of "four", "four confidence", "two maintenance", eff深证指数orts to promote party history learning education to practical results.


At the meeting, Secretary Tian Xingwang introduced that the orgeducation可数吗astudy和learn的区别nizational life is mainllions怎么读y to organize branch members and lion friends to share the harvest since the party history study and education, find their own gaps and deficiencies, and guide branch membereducation可数吗s and lion friends to constantly ieducational翻译mprove political judgment, political understanding, political execution. Secretary Tspecialized闪电官网ian Xingwang reported the work of the party branbranchch in the past six months, especiallstudy是什么意思y tbranchhe study and education of party history, and examinhistory系列ed theparty模式 existing problems and deficiencies.


Branch members of the exchange of learning general Secretary Xi Jinping "July 1" important speech spirit of experience, and closely combineducationaled with their own ideological dynamics, work and style of practice, against the party history learnorganization动词形式ing and education requirements for a deep analysis of problems, in-depth finspecializedd gaps.


In line with the principle of "unity - criticism - unity", the party members of th深圳e brparty是派对的意思吗anchlion是什么意思 and lion friends carried out critistudy和learn的区别cism and self-criticism, opened their hearts and spoke freely,study和learn的区别 and sincerely exeducationchanged ideas, and made clear the direction of efforts in the future in the exchange.


Thrpartyough this project o深圳大学rganization life, branch party history study further go deep real education, guide the branch party members ahistory2是非nd the lion friends party member to unify thoughts and actionseducation怎么读英语 to jinpinorganization是什么意思g general sehistory2是非cretary of the important speech spirit, keep striving attitude, stbranches翻译imulate creative tension, combine lions club party history study education and service activities, to ensure that the real learning and doing, We will strive to bring all our wobranch翻译rk to a new levlions翻译中文el.

Tian Wangxing, secr深圳疫情etary of the Party branch of Shenzhen Lions Club, Lai Zhuoni, secretary general, Liao Ronghparty是派对的意思吗ui, Secretary of the functional Party Brapartynextdoornch of The first Zone, Lao Lina, liaison officer, Zhang Jian, publicity officer of the functeducation翻译ional Party Branch of the second Zone, Li Weihua, Ma Haixia, Hu Lei and other party members attended the meeting. The meeting was chaireorganizationald by Tian Xingwang.party是什么意思


[Text] Zhang Chenxi

[Photo] Zhparty是我家anparty英文意思g Chenxi

[Edit] Ma Huijuan

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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