Public | shenzhen lions the 19th issues related to the second session of the member representative assembly of the public

Dear fellow lions,

According to the opinions of Shenzhen Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, in combination with the relevant provisions of the articles of associatmember可数吗ion and work rules of Shenz深圳风险等级hen Lions Club, and after delibesessionstorageration by the first board of directors of shenzhen Lions Club in 2021-2022, the second meeting of the 19th Member Congress of Shenzthoughherelated翻译n Lions Club is decided to be hel童话故事d. Passed the resolution on the by-election of Guo Yongyong, president opublic翻译f The Shenzhen Lions Club in 2021-2022, peng Daojian, first vice president of the Shenzhen Lions Club in 2021-2022 asmembers是什么意思 the director of the Shenzhen Lions Club深圳大学 in 2021-202session是什么意思2,issue是什么意思中文翻译 and member of the Shenzhen Lisecond缩写ons Club Representative Conferencesession过期 T褪黑素he representative recommends the method of generation “, now will the above dorelated的用法和搭配cumenthints to asessionll members widely sopublicize翻译licit opinions.

Publicity time: Alions是什么意思ugust 8, 2021 to August 12通货膨胀下什么最保值, 2021. We invite your valuable commenpublicizets and suggestions apublicizefter a detailed rlions读音eview of the document. If you have any objection to the above documents, please send your comments to the email of Shenzhen Lions Club at szlions_purelated是什么意思 during the publicity period. Tel: 0755-25688567. Those who fail to reply within the time limit shall be deesecond怎么读med to have agreed.


1. Resolution on the by-eleclionsgatetion of Guo Yongyong, Chairmasession的工作原理n of Shenzhen Lions Club in 2021-2022 as director of Shenzhen Lions Club in 2021-2022

2. Resolution on the by-election of Peng Daojian, The first Vice President of Shenzhen Lions Club in 2021-2022 as the Director of Shlionsgateenzhen Lions Club in 2021-2022

3. Method for The Generation of Recommendationlions of Member Rerelated和relevant的区别presentatives of Shenzhen Lions Club Mesession怎么读mbership Congress

Shenzhen Lions Club

August 8, 2深圳大学021

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