Shenzhen voluntary blood donation "Red Action" launched nearly 500 caring people to participate

Shenzhen voluntary blood donation "Red Action" launched nearly 500 caring people to participate

Ti深圳地铁线路图me: 2018-12-12 16:48:55

The 9th Red Line action was launched in Shenzhen.

DaGongWang December 12 (reporter Guo Re creek) on December 12, sponsorevoluntary的名词d by the lions club in shenzhen, shenzhen blood center "to donate blood, 9 (is) is a hero" - as the nintnearly造句h red in action started in saction下载henzhen, nearly five hundred people participate in love, statistics show that unpaid blood donationdonations held eight red action, has launched a 423 blood donation activity, Participated in 357 service teams, raised 1深圳.61 million yuan, and dnearly和almostonated 4 "Lion" blonearly怎么读od d深圳大学onation vehicles; A total of 47,641 people were recruited to donate blood, and 16.75 million milliliters of blood were collected. The tbloodc剧情介绍otal number of blood donors in the eighthshenzhen Red Action campaign was 14,165, 5.01 milliodonations怎么读n milliliters, avoluntary读音n increase of 15%.  

According to the Shenzhen Blood Center, thactionse tnearly和almostotal amount of blood donated by Red Action accounts for 10 percent of the center's annual blood bank, and 10 out of every 100 bags of blood covoluntary读音me from Red Action. Red Action has become a key force in shenzhen's winter blood security, easing the tension of clinical blood urelaunchedse in winter in Shenz深圳疫情hen.  

At the scene of the ceremony of the red action, mornearly是什么意思英语e than a dozen friends sign up to participate in machine adopt platelet donor lion spontaneously to the municipal blood center machine adopt platelet donation and promotion, through such action, let citizens on platelets machine adoptreduction this way to have a better understandingdonations怎么读 of how blood donation will also lead the red action t深圳地铁线路图o bring about a "machine adopt" trendybloodstream.  

It is repdonations怎么读orbloodyted that in thbloodye next month or so, through the "Rednearly的用法 Action" or深圳疫情最新动态ganized b深圳地铁线路图y Shiyou深圳天气 and provided by shenzhen Bl深圳地铁线路图ood Center, Baoan District Central Blood Station and Longgang District central Blood Station blood donation services will appear in the city's commercial centers, communi深圳疫情最新消息ties, factories, troops, schools and other plablood什么意思ces. By participating in the Redlaunched是什么意思英语 Cam深圳市最新疫情paign, citizens can truly feel that a simple act of kindness can save lives of others.  

Red action throuaction怎么读语音gh years of precipitation and efforts, its successful model has been radiated to the whole country, not only by the Domestic Lion Association as a kaction怎么读语音ey bvoluntary翻译randdonations怎么读 project, red adonation是什么意思英语ction has been blooming all over the country, more than ten cities have successfully held the red action, for the cause of voluntary blood donation innovation of a new model.  

Shenzhen voluntary blood donation "Red Action" launched nearly 500 caring people to participate

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