Shenzhen's ninth "Red Action" launched arm in arm blood donation warm Pengcheng

Shenzhen launched the 9th "Red Action"

Arm in arm blood donation warm pengcheng

Source: Shenzhen Business Daily & NBSP;       Decembreductioner 13, 2018 & NBSP;       Edition: A13

Shenzhen Business Daily: (actionableReporter Zhao Hongfei, correspondent Zeng Qianyi) On December 12th, the launch ceremony of the 9th "Red Action" was held in The North Square of Shangmeilin Zhuoyuehui, Futian District, Shenzhe深圳天气n. The ebloodc剧情介绍vent was organized by Shenzharmoren Lioshenzhenns Club, Shenzhenlaunched怎么读的 Blood Center, Bao 'an District Central Blood Station, Longgang District Central Blood Station, and nearly 100 service teams of Shenzhen Lions Club.

It is reported that siactionscriptnce 2011, the "Red Action" project has gone through a full eight years of love. I participated in 357 servicedonation可数吗 teamsarmy, raised 1.61 millionwarm yuan, donated 4 "Lioaction下载n" blood donation vehicles,深圳市最新疫情 l深证指数aunched 423 blood donation activities, attracted a total of 47,641 peopledonations是什么意思 to participate in voluntary blood donation, collected 16.75 million milliliters of blood in total.

Accordingdonation怎么读 to the Shenzhen Bloodbloodmallet Center, red Action's blood donations account for 10 percent of the centblooder's annual blood bank, and 10 out of every 100 bags of blood come from Red Action. "Red Action" has become a key force in shenzhen's winter blood securitblood什么意思y, eabloodmalletsing the tension of clinical blood use in winter in Shenzhen. At the launch ceremony on December 12, 107 people donated bloodninth翻译. On the afternoon of thwarm反义词e same day, 13 "armslion friends" came to the headquarters of shenzhen Blood Center and successfully donated "platelets".

Shenzhen laninth还是nineth区别unched the 9th "深圳疫情最新动态Red Action". Arm in arm blood donation warm pengcheng

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