Improving leadership skills for future Development -- Shenzhen Lions Club held the 2020-2021 Potential Lions Leadership Training

From April 16 to 18, 2021, shenzhen Lions Club's 2020-2021 Potential Lion Friends Leadership Training was successfully held in Zhongxing Hetai Sea深圳疫情最新动态view Hotel, Yantian District. A total of 56 first vice clions英语怎么读aptains of each service team of Shenzhen Lions Club attended the training and completed the course successfully. The 17 lecturers, including wang Danya, vicskills怎么读音e lecturers Jiang Xiezhen, Zhou Fuhui and Li Chunchang, participatedleadership的定义 in on-development是什么意思site teaching, teaching assistant and logistics services. During the three-day training, under the guidance of instructors, studleadership英文解释ents successfully completed 12 courses深圳风险等级 and achieved excellent results.

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On the morning of 16th, the students wedevelopmentre divided intoleadership的四种类型 6 groups andheld的意思是什么 playimprovingyourmemory课文ed the ice breakinimprovingyourmemory课文g game -- magic pedal under the guidanheldce of general lecturer Huang深圳疫情 Yiqun. We cooperate with each other, communicat深圳市最新疫情e and communicate actively, and acco深圳疫情最新动态mplish tasks efficientlyimproving翻译. In a very short time, an efficient, orderly alions读音nd trusting timproving怎么读eam has been formed.

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At the opening ceremony, Wang Danya rang the bell to start the lesson. The opening ceremony wasclub怎么读 attclub翻译ended by Guo Yongyong, the first vice President of shenzhen Lions Club for 2020-future2021development的用法和搭配, Peng Daojian, the second vice President, Tan Fei, the dep深圳疫情最新动态uclub是什么意思ty supervisor, Wang Danya, the depskillsuty secretary general, and Huang Ylionsgateiqun, the former head of the 16th Division and teaching consultant of Shenzhen Lionslions是什么意思 Club. The ceremony was chaired by Wang Danya and prleadershipesided over by Jiang Xiezhen. Jiang Xiezhelions的音标n, deputy head of the lecture group and head teacher, introduced the leaders and guestskillshare官方网站s, and extended a wafuture bassrm welcome to all of them.

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Guo Yongyong, the first vice president, made a spelionsech, highly prleadership是什么意思ashenzhenised the lecturers' hard workdevelopment怎么读英语 for the traleadership的定义ining. He hopes that the students will participate in深圳风险等级 the trlions是什么意思aining with full enthusiasm, and deeply expldevelopment是可数名词吗ore and improve their leadership skills. He hoped that the sclub用英语怎么说tudents would make great achievements in their studies, cultivate more excellent teams askillsnd lay a good foundation for the development of Shenzhen Lions Club. In conclusion, he wisheld怎么读的hed the training a complete success.

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Then, Chief lect深圳疫情最新消息urer Huang Yiqun introduced the Leadership trheldenaining system of Lions Clubfuture, and introduced all the courses and深圳 corresponding lecturers of the training. The leadership training of Potential Lion Frifuture basseclub怎么读nds aims to cultivate and explodevelopment怎么读re the leadership ability of service team leaders and prepareskills英语怎么读 them for leaderimprovingship posclub翻译itions at the servicleadership的四种类型e team level. As the first ELLI trimproving翻译aining for potential Lions held by Shenzhen Lions Club, this training mainly targets at the fheld的中文意思irst vice leaders of each servilions怎么读ce team.

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In the followinglions是什么意思 three days of training, Lecturlions是什么意思er Fang Fei Yu shared the course "Lions Club past, present and Future", which described the mheld中文ajor historical efuturelearnvents of lions Club, suskills翻译mmarized the lion culture and valuclubse systskillsem, and taught the studeskills怎么读nts how to evaluate the needclubmed官网预订s of the commulions英语怎么读nity. Lecturer Fleadership英文解释ang Mansong sharedfuture糖果 tleadership需要具备哪些能力he course "Change Managemleadership翻译ent", describing the stage of accepting change, explaining how "aclub怎么读ssumptions" prevent change and how to apply Lewin's change model to malions翻译nage change. Lecturer Huang Kiclub是什么酒t Ling shared the courseleadership是什么意思 "Supporting Lions Club Team", introducing the four stages of team development, strateheld的中文意思gies to support the team and assessing the effectiveness of the team; Wu Zijian, fofuturelearnrmer head of the team, shared the course "Discudevelopments翻译ssion on the Current Situation of the Service Team", analyzed the currenleadership英文解释t situation of the service team, int深圳疫情最新动态roduced the path to improve the comprehensdevelopment造句简单带翻译ive ability of the service team, animproving怎么读d let students share their best experience. Former head zhang Shijun sleadership需要具备哪些能力hared the course "Communication" to help students find a good way to communicate and stressed the importafuturehendrixnce of being an active listener. Zhou Fuhui, deputy head of the conference, shared the coursefuture糖果 "Organizing effective Meetings", elaborated the management stage of high-quality meetings, identified the elements oclub用英语怎么说f effective guidance of meetings, taught participants how to ensure the effectiveness of meetings; Directskillshareor Wang Danya shdevelopment是可数名词吗ared the course "Diversity", which made students understand the various aspects of diversity, assimilation and diversity, and guided students to support the diversity of Lions club. Lecturer Yao Li Wen shared the course "Lion Friends Guiding Activities", explaining the conheld过去式和过去分词cept of guiding activities,深圳 explaining the benefits of guiding activities, and aimprovingllowing students to design feasible activity plans; Wu Zefuture糖果wei shared the course "Promoting the Success of the Service Team", described tskills翻译he characteristics of the keynote speech, introdu深圳市最新疫情ced how to prepare the outline of the keynote speech and the use of speech skills and other practical methods; Lecturer Xue Yong Tang shared the course "Creative Thinking", which enables students toheld是hold的什么形式 use the process of creative thinking to enrich their thoughts and stimulate creative ideas. Li Chunchang shared the course "Lions Foundation and Fund" and led the students to have a comleadership是什么意思英语prehensive understanding odevelopment同义词替换f Lionheldens International Foundation, China Lions Federaheld过去式和过去分词tion Service Fund and Shenzhen Lions Club Service Fund. Lecturer Lin Huang shared the course "Ensuskills英语怎么读ring the Success of service teams", introduciimprovingng the characteristics of outstanding service teams, the obstacles to service team success, and how to use service team transformleadershipation activities to achfutureieve service team succeheld的意思是什么ss.

The thclub怎么读ree - day course is very tifuture翻译ght, stufuture是什么意思dents are hiclubmed官网预订ghly focused, afraid to miss every knowledge point. "The tradevelopment怎么读英语ining effect is very good, not only imfuture糖果prove t深圳heir leadership, but also let themselveskills英语怎么读s learn how to serve th深圳地铁线路图e lion friends, to serve the society." Phoenix Servicskillsharee team first vice capt深圳疫情最新消息ain Wu Xiaoyan lion sister is very satisfied with the training. "The training is more targeted and purposeful than before, and the method taugfuture怎么读音ht in the course is very practical, which is very hefuturelpful for fulfilling the duties of the team leader in the future. Thank you for your hard work", Luo Junshi, tfuturehe monitor of the trainees and the first deputy leader深圳天气 of the Bright Pupil Service Team said excheld是hold的什么形式itedly.

In classleadership, students listen carefully and interact with each other frequently. Under t深圳市最新疫情he guidance of lecturers, they finish each class assignment with high quality. During the inteimproving翻译rval of the course, the lecturers of the group timely review tclubmanhe course, analyze the course effect, put forward matters for attentleadership怎么读ion, and strive to present the best quality course. From the lecturers' comments on the recognition ofheld怎么读的 students' homeworfuture bassk, we can see that the effect ofleadership翻译 the training has far exceeded expec深证指数taclub怎么读tions. Meanwhile, the limproving是什么意思ecturers' professionalism,skills翻译 diligence, meticulousness and pursuit of excellence also left a deep impression on the students.

At the graduation ceremony on the afternoon of 18th, head teacher Jiang Xiezhen led the students to review the whole training through VCR. Wang Danya, head of the team, made a concluding sskills怎么读peech, congratulating all lion friends for successfully completing the training task. "The edevelopment造句简单带翻译nd is a new beginning," she said. "I look forward to putting what I have learned into practice andfuture是什么意思 contributing to aleadership的定义 better future for Shenzhskillshare官方网站en Lions club." Later, Ms. Wang danya awarded certificates of completioleadership的定义n to the students and certificates of appreciation to the lecturers, teaching assistants and office officers.

Wimproving怎么读ith thlions怎么读e successful condevelopments翻译clusion of the first Shenzhen Lilions是什么意思ons Club Potential Lion Friends leadership training, it means thatleadership翻译 shenzhen Lions Club training system will move towards a more multi-level and all-round direction. Further improvement of the trainiclub翻译ng system will empower the leadership team oleadership英文解释f Lions Club Shenzhen and inject new vit深圳地铁线路图ality into tleadership是什么意思英语he development of Lions Cldevelopment翻译ub Shenzhedevelopment同义词替换n.


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