The joint meeting and sodality of Zone 2 was held successfully

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— The joint regular meeting and sodality of Zone 2 was helheldbackd smoothly

On December 8th, the 2018-2019 Joint meetingzone什么意思 and sodality of The 2nd Zone of Shenzhsuccessfully怎么读en Lions Cheldbacklub was held in Chaoyue Family, 5th floowash怎么读r, Sanuojointly Wjoint effortisdom Buzone什么意思ilding, Nanshan District. At the meeting, on the basis of sharing service projects and lion service experienmeeting腾讯会议ce, lion friends further strengthewassupned interaction and communication, enhanced friendship between lion friends, enhanced team cohesion, and laid a good foundation for future service activities anheldd lion service construction.

Nie Xiangdong, chairman of the second zone, Wen Yaoli, Chairman of the zone, Li Zhou, Ru Chunxu,zones Fang Shilei came on stage togsuccessfully造句ether to ring the bell foheld的意思是什么r the meeting. Chzoneairman Nie Xiangdong introduced the guests and gave a welcome speech. He thanked the 28 seheld过去式和过去分词rvice teams in zosuccessfully怎么读ne 2 for their support to the joint meeting. He hopjoint efforted that all the service teheldbackamsuccessfullys couldzones strengthen communication, help each other ajointsnd grow together through various joint services and rich fellowship activities, swasteo as tmeeting翻译o pass on the lion love.

In the ice-breaking interactive session, the instructor Yizone什么意思车上的什么按钮 Dongsheng led the lion friends to interact with eacsodalityh other through the game of “Chinese Zosuccessfully翻译diac”. The lion frwasteiends osuccessfully是什么意思英语f different Chinese zodiac signs came on stage to share stories about Chinese zodheld是hold的什么形式iac animals or imitate animals of Chinese zodiac, creating a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere.

Leaders and representatives osuccessfullyf 28joint造句 service teams in Zmeetingone 2 introduced their brand projects and lion activities in a unique way. Excellent service projects, such as “Dream book Rafting”, “Communjointedity Film”, “Bright Eyes Action”,jointly “Care for the poor children”,held的原型 “five-bodsuccessfullyy course education”,wasn’t “Mountain education trip”, “the most beautiful Sanitation Wormeeting翻译ker”, have received positive rewas怎么读spjointlyonse from the audience. The service team leaders exprjoint翻译essed their desire to strengthen cooperation with other service teams and learn from each other’s experience in jozonesint services.

Weng Huameeting怎么读英语, the first vice president of CcPIT Xiamen, introduced that the target of this year’s Huasheng Awards is 1000. So far, more than 800 huasheng awards have bmeetingtencentcomeen collectedWe hope that all the service teamsheld中文 will acwastetively mobilize and strive for the “100% Huashishi Service Team Awarmeeting是什么意思d”.

The last president of Neptune came back from out of town to attenmeeting腾讯会议d the meeting. He called on all previous service team leaders to give full play to their role ofzoneturf “mentoring”, fully support the work of this year’s team leaders, work together, do a good job of service, and jointly inherit the lion culture.

President Ma Minjointed praised the work of the service teams. She pointed out that the five zones of Shenzhen Lions Club have their own characteristics and many excellent service projects. She hoped that the servwashice tejointam would actively discuss and communicate withheld是hold的什么形式 each other and carry out the work of this year in an orderlmeeting是什么意思中文翻译y manner. At the same time, she said that she woumeetingtencentcomld go to Nanjing together witjointheclub是谁h President Nie Xiangdong to attend the donation ceremony of “Yi Lu Love Deep Lion Action”, and expressed her gratitude to the 75 service teams for theirwashington strong sjoint effortupport.

At that time, the domestic Lions Ajoint是什么意思ssociation advanced customized course “Sersuccessfully patched是什么意思vice change and Effectivenezone是什么品牌手机ss” was held in Shenzhen, the vice president of the Domestic Lions Association Huang Wei and students from aheldenll over the country were invited to participate in thewash怎么读 sodding. Vice President Huang Wei thanked Shenzhen Lion Friends for their kind invitation, appreciated the cohesion and team spirit of Shenzhheld的意思是什么en Lion Friends, andheldback called on everyone to actively donate “Hua Lion Award”, “MAO Wen Zhsuccessfully造句ong Shi Award” and “Zhonmeetingg Lion Award”, and strive to raise more service funds for the next lion year.

With the successful conclusion of the regular meezone是什么品牌手机ting, the lion club offiwashingtoncially kicked off in the “cartoon Show” performed by 15 lion friends. After more than 10 days of hard rehearsals, more than 100 lion friends pheld的原型resented a wonderful artistic performance, such as “Goddess Show”, “Huangmei Opera”, “Victoriasuccessfully是什么意思英语‘s Secmeetingyou是什么意思ret Show”, “Time Show” and other shows, each show talent, the atmosphere was warm, climax repeatedly, the audiencjoint是什么意思e calledzone是什么品牌手机 “tmeeting怎么读英语oo wonsuccessfully怎么读derful”.

Domestic lion federation vice-chairman Huang Hui, President of shenzsuccessfully是什么意思hen lions in 2018-2019, Ma Mheld的意思是什么in, the last President of tian wang, fiheldenrst dejointheclub是谁puty chairman WengHua, former President of ShiJianYong, secretary-general Du Hengkun, chief financial officezone护眼r LuoJinSong, lojoint是什么意思ng picket Peng Daojian deputy secretary, deputy secretary-general Zheng Hehua, Eva is static, Liao Ronghui, chmeeting是什么中文意思airman of the zone, NieXiangwasteDong, Xu Qiubin, Du Peng, Tan Fei, chairman of the partition, WenYaoLi, Li Zhou, RuChunXu, Fang Shilei, supervisors chue-fun Chen, WuYuQiong, the sheld过去式和过去分词econd section 28 lion friends omeeting腾讯会议n behalf of the service, and from guzonesangdong, zzone是什么品牌手机hejiang, shenyang, dalian, Qingdao, Beijing, sichuan, hainan, yunnan, shaanxi, Harbin, jiangsu, jilin, the leadership of the lions, friends and morheld怎么读的e than 200 people attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Wen Yaoli and Cao Yan.

[Text] Du Shaoheng

【 Image 】 He & NBSP;   Xin Du Shaohang

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

【 Typesetting 】 Yang & NBSP; &nbspwassup; hin

[Issued] Shenzsuccessfully造句hen Lions Cljoint造句ub Office

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