Join hands to Build a Dream Voyage -- Shenzhen Lions Club held the third special Council meeting of 2021-2022

On December 14, 2021, the third Special Council of Lions Club Shenzhen for the year 2021-2022 was held in the Lions Club office in Shenzhen. T深圳大学he meeting deliberated and adopted the 2021-2022 financial and administrative funds and service budget adjustment, the sbuild的名词econd batch of prospective membhandsome是什么意思ers, "Care for Huaqingyuan Community, Service starts from the side" community transformation and care for residents service activitieclubss, the development of the liwei system and other resolutions. They also reported the fund-raising and recognition of the '99 Charity Day, member development and retentihandson, preparations for the 2022 New Year charity Gala, the settlement of the 2020-2021 tribute and 2021-2022 Inaugural Ceremony, flood relief and post-disaster reconstruction in Henan, and the implementathands-onion of funds from July to November.


Shenzhen Lions Club presidentupheld Guo Yongyong, first vice President Peng Daojian, secondheld怎么读的 vibuildce president Nie Xiangdong, secretary General Lai Zhuoni, Chief Financial Officer Xulion是什么意思 Qiubin, Chief financial officer Tan Fei, chief picket officer Li Zhou, executive deputy secretary General Zhao Huheld过去式和过去分词i and other 35 directors attended the meeting. Supervivoyage法语sor Tian Xingwang, supervisors Zhu深圳天气 Feng, Hhandshakeuang Shaofang, Zhang Zheqin, information Technoljoin的过去式ogy Committee Chairman Yao Li, director General Ma Huijuan attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Tan Fei.

Xu Qiubin chief financial officer, according to the actual situation to adjust the service budget this yelions的音标ar, mainly is the cojointmmuclubman是什么牌子车nity service, peace, environmental protection projejoinmembercts, accurate assistive poster, rurhandsome翻译al revitalization, student youth support, medical helpbuilding, support for other area, unpredicbuildertable (disaster) emergency nine aspects, such as money,voyage and do the detail; A report was made on the implemevoyageur是什么意思ntation of administrative and service expenjoin翻译ses from July to November.

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Peng Daojian, first Vice President of CCPIT Xiamen, read out the list of the second batch of prospective members and the dejoin的用法velopment and retention of members. Asbuild过去分词 of December 13, 2021, the Lions Clubshenzhen Shenzhen Office has received a total of 128 applications for the second batch ofheldback prospective members from 48 service teams.

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Shenzhen Lbuilding翻译ions Club haheld的中文意思s been working in Huaqingyuan Communupheldityhelden for 18 ylions怎么读ears. Dheld的原型ue to the fact that the meeting and service activities are often arra深圳风险等级nged on weekends, residents in theclubman coclub翻译mmunitydream头像 are affdream我的世界ected to some extentlions英语怎么读. Nie Xiangdong, the second vice Presibuilddent of Huaqing Yuan, injoinmembertroduced that huaqdreamboat什么意思ing Yuan Manvoyage是什么牌子agement Office submitted the "Application for Funding for Upgrading and Renovation of Huaqing Yu深圳天气an Community" to Shenzhedreamingn Lions Club on October 9, 2021. According to the application of Huaqing Yuan Management Office, it plans tobuilding是什么意思 carry out the "Care for Huaqing Yuan Community, Service starts from theheld是hold的什么形式 side" community renovation and care for residentsbuilding是什么意思 shands翻译ervice actijoinmembervities.

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In order tolions读音 standardize the development of lion service worclub怎么读k, facilitate the sejoin的用法rvice team leader tovoyage什么意思 organize meetings and applicatheld怎么读的ion activities, and effectively count and display the situation of "four out" lion friends, President Guo Yongyong, First Vice President Peng Daojian and second vice president Nie Xiangdongclubs proposed the development of liodreamboat什么意思n se深圳疫情最新消息rvice system. Presidentdreamboat Yao Li introduced in dheldetail the design pvoyage什么意思rinciples of "Shensh深圳风险等级i Internet" sdreamweaverystem, "Shenshi Data" management and data analysis, "Shenshi Affairs" process electronization, "public service" promotion and pubclubmed官网预订licity visvoyageualization and other aspectsupheld, hvoyage和journeyohandsome翻译ping to improve the efficiency of various lion services through the successful operation of the system.


Guo Yongyong President bulletin 99 good day love PengCheng "lion" fundraising and arvoyage和journeyrive of the project, thehandsome怎么读 project raised can be usclubmeded for 2深圳疫情最新动态061520.1396 yclubmanuan, this is shenzhen lions fvoyage小说or the first time to partjoin怎么读iciheldpate in tencent's 99 public welfa深证指数re project and get good grades, thank you for the joint efforts of all friends lion, will hold the commendation meeting, inspire more people on the public road hand in hand.


Peng Daolions读音jian, the first Vice Presidentjoin翻译 of CCPIT FCCPIT, briefed the settlemenvoyage和journeyt of the 2020-2lions翻译021 trvoyage和journeyibute meeting and 2021-2022 Inaugural Ceremony, and introduced the 2022 New Year charityhelden party to be held in March 2022. He called on all revoyage什么意思gions to actively pledge the Huasheng Award to prepare for slions读音ufficient service funds in the coming year.

On July 20, 2021,voyagersally extreme heavy rainfall causebuild的名词d floods in Henan Province. The Lions Club of Shenzhen immediately set up a project preparation team, raising a total of 3,281,016 million yuan, and distributed flood materials worth 1,992.05 million yuan to Henheldbackan province. At present, the district Council isclub怎么读 planning to carry out the reconstruction wo深圳rk after the floheld的意思是什么od in Henan province. Nie Xiangdong, the second vice prbuilding是什么意思esident of the District Council, called on t深证指数he service team that has not donated to the district Council to make the transfer as soon as possible, and jointly build a better home in Henan Province.


On behalf of the Board of Sheldbackupervisors, Mr. Tian Expressed his opiniondream我的世界s ondream the deliberation and notification of tjoinedhe meeting one by one. He praised the efficient holding of the meeting, congratulbuild过去分词ated the successful adoption of various topics, and thdream我的世界大逃杀anked thedream我的世界 directors and supervisors for pra深圳疫情cticing the spirit of "four out" as aheld是hold的什么形式lways. He suggested that the directors take a stronger sense of responsilions翻译中文bility and think more before making decisions to ensure thehandspank的视频vk orderly development of the深圳天气 lion work of Shenzhen Lions Club.

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President Guo Yongyong concluded his speech by thanvoyageking the council深圳天气 membedreamboatrs for their support and callihands-onng on them to take stronger responsibijoin的过去式lities and take morbuilde practical measures to complete the next step of lion work arranlions翻译gement.



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