Shenzhen doctor walks into Zayu of Xizang province to deliver “light”

Zhao Hongfei, reporter of Dk/Shenzhen Business Daily

On the eve of National Day, a 70-year-old Tibetan grandmothdoctors电视剧er in Zaru County, Xizang province, asi regained her sight. Sh杂鱼e gave a heartfelt thumbs-up to praise and thank the shenzhen doctors who performedlightroom手机版 her operation.

Zayu county in Tibet is s杂鱼命henzhen directional support杂鱼的做法 coulightnty, due to no eye specialist and local medical equipment, the ninth zayu county of Tibet task force working group, shenzhen, guangdong pro西藏旅游vince, lion, general hospital of shenzhen university, shenzhen second people’s hospital, zayu count深圳市最新疫情y health select committee, zayu county hewalk什么意思中文翻译alth service ceninto1超话社区ter h杂鱼影视eld the “attended” public welfare activities, Solve the problem of difficult medical treatment for local patients with eye diseases. Axi grandma is one of the beneficiaries of the “Bri深证指数ght Walk” public welfare activit西藏的石油储量ies.

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Charu County is 3,600 kilomprovince英语怎么说eters away fromintonation Shenzhen. It is located in gaohaipu area. Due to long-term exposu深圳地铁线路图re to ultraviolet radiation, loca杂鱼影视l people suffer from cataracts and other eye diseases. In milighterd-September 201deliver是什么意思9, Feng Hua, an attending op深圳疫情最新消息hthalmologist from Shenzhen University General Hospiwalks是什么意思tal,walks是什么意思 arri深圳疫情ved in Chayu as the first group of advance teamwalk是什么意思 members. Overcome various difficulties such as altitude sickness, travel fatigue, language barrier and simple conditions, and treated more than 300 ophthalmic patients. After careful eye examination, 24 operable cataract pa杂原子tients西藏大学研究生院 were screened out, most of which were advanced cataract patients with only light sense of vision.

In late September, Pan Z西藏民族大学研究生院hiping, chairman olightf Shenzhen Lionsprovince的形容词 Club blindness Prevention Committee, CAI Li, director of Ophthalmology department of Shlightroom安卓版下载enzhen University General Hospital, Dou Xiaoyan, director of Shenzhen Second西藏欲经插图版pdf People’s Hospital, Wu Xiaojunprovince怎么读, director of Shenzhen Nanshan People’s Hospital, ophthalmology staff and Lion friends arrived in Chayu. The long jodeliver名词urney of more than three thousand kilometers arrived in Chayu. At 8 o ‘clock in the evening, dlight的反义词octors in Shenzhen began the operation and successfully performed 24 cataract surgeries in two days.walks怎么读

Axi grandmprovince怎么读a is 70 years old this year. She cannot take care of herself due to poor eyesight caused by cata杂鱼racts in both eyes. Her family helped her to the county hospital. Director CAI Li found that slightroom安卓版下载he not only had ca杂鱼命taracts in both eyes, but alprovince怎么读英语so had severe hypert西藏的石油储量ension, with blood pressure as high as 200/1deliverable00mdoctoratemHg, which could leinto1成员ad to accident杂鱼命s at any time. Undlightroomer the supervision of the physician, Direcintotor CAI Li and Docto深圳风险等级r Feng Hua successfull杂原子y completed th杂芸豆的营养元素e cataract op西藏民族大学ewalks的中文意思ration for Grandma Axlight翻译i.

Read and create editor Zhao Hongfei

Original li杂鱼命漫画nk:Shedoctoratenzhen doctor walks into Zayu of Xizang province to deliver “light”

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