Deep night reports | large general hospital to lions walk into every corner of Tibet to “light”

After taking off her gauze, a 70-year-old Tibetan grandmother in Zaru County, Xizang province, saw her eyes again. She gave a treports怎么读humbs up heartfelt praise and thanks to the doctorreports翻译s in Shenzhereport是什么意思英语n who performed the operation for her.

Grandma Assie is “. Attewalkmannded & quot; One ogeneralize是什么意思f the beneficiaries of public service activities. Chlions读音aru Cwalking是什么意思ounty is the directly-assistedwalking county of Shenzhen city, because there is no local ophthalmreport是什么意思英语olions翻译logist and medical equipment, the ninth batcwalking是什么意思h of Tibet assistance team of Guangdong Province, Charu County workingenerally翻译g group, Shenzhen Lions Club, Shenzhen University Genightalknerdeepestal Hospital, Shenzhen Second People’s Hospital, Charu County Health Commitlargest是什么意思tee, Charu County health Service Center jointly organized “. Attended & quot; Public welfare ageneral翻译ctivities for local eye disease patients to solve the problehospital怎么读m of difficult medical treatment.

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Bring & quot; Attended & quot; Launch of public welfare activities

Charu Clarge-scaleounty is 3,600 kilometers away from Shenzhenwalking. It is locatgeneral轮胎什么牌子ed in gaohai area, where long-term ultraviolet radiation and strong radiation have caused a high incidence of eye diseases such alarge和big的区别用法s cataracts among local people. In the middle of September this year, Feng Hua, an attendiinto1成员ng ophthalmologist from Shenzhen University Glargeenegeneralral Hnightospitaldeepin, arrived in Chayularger什么意思 with Shiyou as the first group ofreport是什么意思 advance team members. We overcame the difficultieshospital怎么读 of altitude sickness, travel fatigue, language barrier and simple conditlarge翻译ions, and treated more than 300 ophthahospitality的形容词lmological patgeneralizationients. After careful eye examination, 24 patients with operable cataract were scregeneralizationengeneralisted out, most of whom were advanced cataract patients with only light perception.

In late September,generalize Pan Zhiping, chairman of the Preventiowalkmastern of blindness committee of Shenzheninto1 Lions Clinto1ub, CAI Li, director owalksf ophthalmology department of Shenzhen University Generlargelyal Hospital, Dou Xiaoyan from Shenzhen Secoreports怎么读nd Peolarge函数ple’s Hospital, Wu Xiaojun from Shenzhen Nanshan People’s Hospital, ophthalmology staff and shi Youinto1成员 arrilarge的比较级ved in Chayu. After arnight软件下载链接rigenerally翻译ving in Chayu after a longhospital jourreports翻译ney of more than 3,000 kilometersgeneralist, ophthalmologists from Shenzhen immediately began to adjust the microscope and other surgical equipmenight怎么读音英语nt to make the best preparation for the operation. At 8:00 p.m., theinto1超话 dreportsoctors began the operation and successfully perforhospitalizedmed 24 cataract surgeries in two days.

A Xi grandma is 70 years old this year, due to poor eyesight caused by clargeataracts in both eyes, life can not take care of themselves, by family support to the county hospital.report什么意思英语怎么读 CAI li’s examination found that she not only had cataracts in both eyes, but also had severe hypertensiongenerally翻译, with blarge函数lood pressure as high as 200/100mmHg, which wdeepl在线翻译官网as a possibility of accidents at any tiwalk的过去式me. Under the supervreport是什么意思中文翻译ision of the phywalksician, CAI Li and Feng Hua successfully completed the cataract operation for Grandma Axi.

Shenzhen Evening News reporter Zlion是什么意思中文翻译hou Qian correspondent Feng Hua

The onight怎么读音英语riginal link: deep night reports | large general hospitnight是什么意思翻译成中文al to lions walk into every cordeepl下载ner of Tibet to send “light”

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