Warm heart! They walked into Tibet to send “light” to cataract patients

2019-09-30 20:12 Doute reporter Luo Liqiong correspondent Feng Hua Wen/photo

After takingwarm怎么读语音 off her gauze, a 70-yeaheartilyr-oldinto1小跟班 Tibetan grandmothewalked翻译r in Zaru County, Xizang procataract是什么意思vince, saw her eyes again. She gave a thumbs up heartfelt praise and thanks to theartfelthe doctors in Shenzhsendyournametomarsen who performed the operation for her. Grandma Axi is one of the beneficiaries of the “Bright Walk” charity activity. Zayu county is shenzhenthey和them的区别 directional support county, due to no eye speheartilycialist and local medical equipmlightning接口ent, the ninth zayheartu county of Tiinto1超话社区bet task force working group, shenzhen, guangdonwarm是什么意思g prlighterovince, lion, general hospital of shenzhen university, shenzhen second pheart是什么意思中文eople’s hospital, zayu county health select committee, zayu county hesendyournametomarsalth service center held the “attended” public wewarm怎么读lfare activities, Solve the problem of difficult medical treatment for local patients with eye diseases.

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Charu County is 3,600 kilometers away from Shenzhen. It is located in gaohai area, where long-term ultraviolet radiation and stroncataractsg radiation hwarm的名词ave caused a high incidence of eye diseases such as cataracts among local people. In mid-Seheartbrokenptember 2019, Feng Hua, an attending ophthalmologist from Shenzhen University General Hinto1超话ospital, arrived in Chayu with Shiyou as the first grheartbrokenoup of advance team members. We overcame the difficulties of altitcataractsude sickness, travel fatigue, language barrier and simple conditions, and treated more than 300 ophtsend用法halmological patients. After careful eye examination, 24 patientsheartbeat with operable cawarmthtarawarmthct were screened out, mowarmthst of whom were advanced cataract patients with only light perception.

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In late September, CAI Li, director of ophthalmology department of Shenzhen University General Hospital, Dou Xiaoyan, director of Shenzhen Second People’s Hospital, Wu Xiaojun, dthey的宾格irector of Stibethenzhen Nanshan People’s Hospital, ophthalmology staff and Swarmthhi You arrived in Chwarmlyayu. After asend翻译rriving in Chayu after a long journey of more than 3,000 kilometers, ophthalmologists from Shenzhen immediately bsend翻译egan to adjust the microscope and olightning接口ther surgicheart什么意思英语al equipment to make the best preparatiosend的过去式n for the operation. At 8:00 p.m., the doctors began the operation and successfully performed 24 cataract surwalked是什么意思geries in two days.

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A Xi grandma is 70 years old thislightning year, due to poor eyesight caused by catwarmingaracts in both eintolerableyes, life can not take care of themselves, by family supportsend的过去式 to the county hospital. Director CAI Li found that she not only had cataracts in both eyes, but alssend的过去式o had severe hypertenssendyounametomars官网ion, with blood pressuwalkedre as high as 200/100mmHg, which could lead to acinto1超话cidewalked怎么读nts at any time. With the joint eheartfeltfforts of the physician and Director CAI Li, Grandma Axi’s cataract operation was successfully completed. When thelightroom手机版 doctor ttheyook off the gauze for her, axi, wwarm反义词ho had regaisendyounametomars官网ned her sight, gave a thumbs-uheartworkp and said, “Thank you, Tashi Dele!” Patients anwarm怎么读d their families who regained ththeyre怎么读音eir sight like Asi sincerely thank the authorities, the Lions Club and the Angels in white for their white hada, which turned themthey的宾格 into “snowmen”.

“It is very meaningful that we can bring light to cataract patients in Chayu on the eve of celebrating the 7they0th anniversary of tthey怎么读英语he foundlightering of new Korea. This is also a unique way for our medical staff to celebrate the National Day.”send翻译 Shenzhen University General Hospitlighthouseal ophthalmology director CAI Li said.

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