Shenzhen doctor walks into Zayu of Xizang to “send light”

“Brightness Action” solves “Medical difficulties” for local patients with eye diseases

A深圳疫情rticle/Photo cinto是什么意思ity dispatch r杂鱼的做法eporter Wang Jun correspon杂鱼影视dent Feng Hua

“Thank you, Tashi Delek! After taking off her gauze, a 70-year-old Tibetan grandmother in Zaru County, Xizang pdoctor异乡人rovince, saw her eyes again. Shexizang gave a thumbs up heartfelt pra西藏农牧学院ise and thanks to the doctors in Shenzhen who performed the operation fwalks的中文意思or her. Grandma Axi is one of the bene杂鱼命ficidoctor异乡人电视剧aries of the “Brwalk是什么意思ight Walk” charity a杂鱼命ctivity. What is “bright action”? Originally, directional support zayu county is in shenzhen city countyinto1成员, due to no eye specialist and local medical equipment, zayu county of Tibet 9 task force working group, shenzhen, guangdong province,doctorate lion, deep large gener西藏秘密al hospital, shenzhen two hospital and other units jointly hosted the “attended” public welfare activities, for the local eye disease pxizangatients solve the problem of “medical”.

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Into The Corner of Tibet “Sendsend用法 light

Charu County is 3,600 kilometersend的过去式s away from Shenzhen. It is lowalkstar鞋cated isendyournamen gaohai area, where深圳疫情 long-term ultravi深圳风险等级olet radiation and strong radiation have caused a high incidence of ey深圳疫情e diseases such ainto1成员s cataracts among local people. In the middle of September, the first advance team arrived in Chayu. They overcawalks是什么意思me various difficulties, such as alzayutitude sickness, travel fatigue, language barrier and simple cowalk是什么意思nditions, and treated more than 300 ophthalmologicalinto1超话 patients. After careful eye examinatiosend翻译n, 24 pa深圳疫情tients with operable cataract were screened out,doctor异乡人剧情介绍 and most of them were a深证指数dvanced cataract patients with onlighthousely light sense of vision. In late September, the second深圳天气 group arrived in Chayu. At 8:00 p.西藏旅游m., the doctors began the operation and successfully performed 24 cataract surgeries in two days. “It杂芸豆的营养元素 is very mwalk什么意思中文翻译eaningful to be able to bringsend怎么读 light to cataract patients. Celebrating the 70th anniversary of深圳疫情最新动态 the founding of the People’s Republic of China is also a unique way for our medical staff in Shenzhen to celebrate.” Shenzhen Univewalks是什么意思rsity Generasendl Hosdoctor异乡人剧情介绍pital ophthalmology director CAintonationI Li said.

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Shenzhen doctor walks into Za杂鱼yu of Xizang province to “send Light”

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