Doctors in Shenzhen celebrate National Day in a unique way

Source: Crystal News & NBSP;       October 06, 2019 & NBSP;       Eunique是什么意思英语翻译dition: A07

Crystal News (reporter Luo Dan correspondentnational怎么读 Feng Hua) removed the gauze, 70 years old Tibetan grandmother In Zaru County, Xizang, Xi regained her s深证指数ightdoctors音标, she happily thumbs up, praised and thanked for her operation in Shenzhen doctors. Zaru Cocelebrate怎么读unty is one of shenzhen‘s directly-assisted counties. Since there are no ophthalmologist and medical equipment i瓦窑堡n zaru County, the ninth batch of Tibetan assistance team of Guangdong Province, the Zaru County working grocelebrate用法搭配upunique翻译 and Shenzhen University General Hospital jointly organized蛙泳 a public benefit activity called “Bright Action” to solve the problems of local patients with eye diseases. Grandma Axi is one of the beneficiaries of the “Bright Walk” charidoctorsty activity.

Charu County is 3,600 kilometers away from Shenzhen andunique怎么读 is located in a high-altitucelebrate是什么意思de area. In mid-September 2019, Feng Hua, an ophthalmologist from Shenzhen University General Hospital, and Shiy蛙泳的正确姿势视频ou, as the first group of advance team members, arrived in Chayu and treated more than 300 ophthalmology patients. After careful eye examination, the advance team screened 24 operable cataract patcelebrate和congratulate的区别ients, and most of them were advanced cataract patients with onnational dayly light sense of vision.

In大鱼简谱 late September, pan Zhiping, chairman of shenzhen Lions Club blindness Prevention Committee and other medical staff and lion frienunique前面用a还是ands arrived in Chayu. Ophthalmologists from Shenzhen idoctors音标mmediately began to adjust microscopes and other surgicadoctors电视剧l equipment. At 8 o ‘clodoctors翻译ck that nighwayst, the docto深圳天气rs started the operation and successfully performeddoctors电视剧 24 cataract surgeries in two days. G大鱼海棠randma Axi is one of them. Ccelebrate是什么意思AI Li, director of ophthalmology departmen大运通天t o大英公务员f Shenzhen University General Hospital, found that she not only ha大赢家d cdoctors韩剧全集国语版ataracts in both eyes, but a大鱼简谱ls深圳大学o had severe hypertension, with blood pressure as high as 200/100mcelebrate怎么读mHg, which could lead to accidents at any time. Under the supervision of thdoctors韩剧全集国语版e physician, CAI Li and Feng Hua successfully completed the cataract operation for Grandma Axi. When the doctor took off thdoctors异乡人e gauze for her, axi, who had regained her sight, gave a thumbs-up and saidnational翻译, “Thank you, Tasnationalstadiumhi Dele!”

“It is very meaningful thatnationalstadium we can bring light to cataract patients in Chayu as we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of new Korea. This is also a unique way for our medical staff to celebr深圳大学ate the Natishenzhenonal Day.” Shenzhen University General Hospital ophthalmology director CAI Li said.

Doctors in Shenzhen celebrate National Day in a unique way

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