Notice | notice about serious shenzhen lions general election discipline

Fellow lions:

To further do a good job in shenzhen lions 18th member representative assembly election work, discipline, serious election upholding democracy, rule of law, fraternity and uprigdiscipline是什么意思啊ht election culture, in aseriousnessccordance with the relevant provisions of theabout翻译 “articles of association of shenzhen lion”, by the shenzhen lions deliberated and adopted at the third council from 2019 to 2020, will now be serious elections disciplingeneralize是什么意思e matters related to notice the followinserious的形容词g:

A, & have spent From the date when shenzhen Lions Club issued the candidate registration notice, the general election officially began. Each member and candidate should consciously regulate their woelection翻译rds and deeds, and maintain and create a democratic, fair, righteous and harmonious election atmosphere.

Second, & have spent The serviceabout teams shall carry out the work ofelections selecting member representatives in strict accordanceabout是什么意思 with democratabout翻译ic procedulion是什么意思中文翻译res and accept supervseriousnessision. No organization or indivnotice作文idual shall interfere ingeneral什么意思中文 any way with the free exercise of voting rights by members or rlion是什么意思中文翻译epresentatives of members.

Three, & have spent In order to ensure the smooth election of the 18th Congress of Lions Club shenzhen and the free exercise of electors and electees’ right to vote andseriousness stand for election, any one of threelectione following situations as confirmed by the Eserious翻译lection Preparatory Committee shall be deemed as an illegal act:

(1) Bribing voters with gifts of property, transfer of benefits or official wishes, including but not limited to inviting guests and gifts, cliquing culture, soliciting wishes, sending red enveldiscipline全集资源opes through wechat groups, don深圳疫情ating service funds to service teams, etc., hindering members深证指数 or members’ representatives from freely exercising their right to vote and stand for election;

(2) obsabout是什么意思tructing members or their representatives from深圳地铁线路图 freshenzhenely exercising深圳疫情最新动态 their right to volions翻译中文te and stand for e深圳地铁线路图lectiogeneralize是什么意思n by violence, threat, deception or other illegal means;

(3) slandering, denigrnoticedating, disparaging or damaging the reputation of a voter by deliberately fabricating or spreading fictitious facts;

(4) using his position to forcilions翻译bly solicit or persuade votes;

(5) forging election documents or falsely reporting the number of electoral votes;

(6) cracking down on, suppressing or retaliating againstseriously tnotice是什么意思hose who raise objections, complain or expose electoral irregularities;

(7) distributing personal publicity materials or leaflets at the site of the congreaboutcg网站ss.

If an electornotice作文 who commits any of the abdiscipline4boysove electionabout是什么意思 violations is elected, his election shall be invalid; If the circumstances are serious, the electee and other members who assist the elserious的比较级ectee in carrying out election violations shall be expelled from the memaboutbership; If the case constitutes a cdiscipline第三章陵罪rime, criminal responsibility shall be investgenerallyigated according to labout是什么意思aw.

Four, & have spent Any objection, complaint or accusation made by a candidate shall be submnotice过去式itted in writing to the electinoticeableon preparation committee in an orderly manner within the public notice period. No inforseriouslymation that may negativnotice是什么意思ely affect the voters shall be releadiscipline动漫多少集sed without autlions英语怎么读horization or深圳风险等级 through others before bnotice的固定搭配eing confirmed by the authority of the functional dediscipline翻译partment.

Five, & have spent If the election preparatory Committee discovers or rediscipline零无修版ceives reports of anyabout怎么读语音 of the above-mentioneabouttime免费观看d irregularities, it shall promptly investigate and handle them according to law. Those who need to be investigated for legaserious的比较级l responsibility shall be transferred to the relevant authorities for handling in a timely manner. The dedicated email address for reporting is


Please keep the mission fielection翻译rmly in mind, abide by the principles, respect others, keep the bottom line, an深圳d jointly practice tserious怎么读音he principles of fairness, justiabout翻译ce and openness to ensure that the general election of the 18th Lions Club Congress of Shenzhen is condunotice是什么意思cted in a standardized and orderlylions翻译 manner.discipline全集资源


Preparatoabout翻译ry Committee for the election of the 18th Lions Club Congress of Shenzhen

25 December 2019 & NBSP;       &nnotice的形容词bsp;                  

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