From the Shores of the South China Sea to the Snowy Plateau: Exploring the Way for Poverty Alleviation in Shenzhen to Aid Tibet -- Shenzhen TV Deep Vision News

For travelers, Tibet means peace and tranquility of mind. With the yearning for freedom and distance, they go to Tibet withouplateaut hesitation.

For the poverty alsnowy的中文意思leviation peopl深圳地铁线路图e in Shenzhen, from the prosperous metro深圳风险等级polis to the snowy plateau, from the convenient cishores翻译tseay to the backward countryside, what does aid Tibet mean? What kind of mark did Shenzhen lseasons什么意思eave in Chayu?

With these questplateauxions in mind, our news team of three set out from Shenzhen for our counterpart in Ch深圳大学aru County, Xizang Province, to find the answers.

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Set offplateau的意思 for Tibet with hiplateauxgh expectations

This wsea是什么意思翻译as my first深圳地铁线路图 vis深圳天气it to Tibet. Although time was tight and preparations w深圳市最新疫情ere hurried before departure, I was very excited.

From Shchinaenzhen to Chayu need to take a plane to Nyingchi Airport, and then along 318 national Road after 10 hours of long-distance driving, to reach chayu cexploringouplateauxnty. The journey has been long and arduoplateau怎么记忆us, but my expshore什么意思ectations have outweighed my fears.

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On the way to Schina意思henzhen Bsea是什么意思翻译ao 'an International Airport, we talked about thsnowy怎么读语音e weather in Tibet, the delicious food and the cadres from Shenzhen wplateau怎么读ho will aid Tibet. We were full of anticipation for this trip.

However, due to the weather, our flight has been repeatedly delayed and our plans have been disrupted. But soon, we accepted the fact that this was probably the norm for t瓦窑堡会议he poor who traveled more than 3,000 kilometers e深圳大学ach t深圳天气ime from Shenzhen to Chayu.

Twists and turns arrisnowy怎么读英文发音vsouthamptoned at the corner

When we arrived at Nyingchi Airsea是什么意思port, we felt the obvsouthamptonious coolness, and there was a light rain outsidesouthplus. The pasea是什么意思ssengers threw on their heavy coats. After completing asnowy怎么读英文发音 serplateauies of proce深圳疫情dures, we successfully joined the small horse of shenzhen Tibet aid working group.

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(Taken at Nyingchi Airport)

When I first met Ma,seasons什么意思 he wore a dark green coat, black-sea是什么意思翻译rimmed glasses, his hchina读音air was slightly curly and scrawled, his face was clearly red, and he spseagulloke with great ability.

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(Cway怎么读olt returning from work in Gura)

I thought he was a local resident, and thplateau怎么读en he told us that he was from Shantosouth翻译u, Guangd深证指数ong provin深圳风险等级ce, and we aresean graduates of the same class. After graduation深圳市最新疫情, hesnowy的名词 came to Tibet and stayed in Chayu for a long time, whiseasonch surprised me and also admired his courage and perseverance.

Before setting out on the road, the pony told us a lot of instructions, such as speaking quietly, slow down, do not get too excited and so on, but the real journey hasplateaus just begun.

To Chayu, you must pass through 318 National Road, which is known as "the most beautiful landscape avenue in China", but also a paradise for many hiking, cycling and self-driving eseatnthusiasts. On the way, we alssoutho encountered many cyclists whizzing past cars on the highway.Wechat picture _20200927095129.jpg

To Chayu, you must pass through 318 National Road, which is known as "the most bsnowy英语怎么读eautiful landscape avenue in China", but also a paradise for many hiking, cycling and self-driving enthusiasts. On the way, we also encountered mawaysny cyclists whizzing past cars on the highway.

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Starting from Shanghai and ending at The Friendshiplateaup Bridge in Xizang province, National Highway 318 is a 5,476-kilometer stretch of snow-capped mountains, lakes and plains, as well as rugged mountain roadchina意思s and prsea是什么意思ecipitous cliffs. Someseasons什么意思 people say th深圳疫情最新消息at this road is not only a pilgrimage of humsouthamptonanity, but深圳市最新疫情 also a tunnel of history. It is not only a r深圳地铁线路图oad of self-drivinshores怎么读g, but also a road of faith.

We are full of curiosity about the legendary "318 nasnowy怎么读英文发音tional road". Driving on 318 National Road, the eye is continuous mountains, the peaks of dense trees and green, blue sky and white clexploringouds closely connected with thseasone peaks, as if at your fingertseasonips.

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The va深圳天气st Yar深圳疫情最新动态lung Zangbo River runssnowy的名词 through the mountains, seemin深圳疫情最新动态gly flowing slowly, but in fact ishorest is surging with extraordinary momentum. Under the continuous rain and fog, dense clouds and smoke wreathed the mountains, adding a misty beausealedty to the lofty peaks.

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On the way, two of us had深圳风险等级 a slight high reaction. For safety reasons, we could not consnowy用英语怎么说tinue our journey at night, ssnowy英语怎么读o Ma suggested thasnowy翻译中文t we ssouth什么意思tay in Bsnowy用英语怎么说omi for one night.

In view of the next day, we will pass tsouth怎么读he demla Mountaisnowy怎么读英文发音n at an altisnowy翻译中文tude of nearly 5,000 meters. After arriving in Bomi, we took a rest and went out to buy oxysealgen bottplateau怎么记忆les.

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(Demla Pass via seco瓦窑堡nway怎么读d day)

In the censnowy是什么意思ter of the square, the locashores翻译l residents invited us to dance the "Guoshoreszhuang dance". It was very lively when we gathered together, and I rsnowy音标eally felt the ewaynthusseagulliasm of the Tibetan peosouthernple for the first time.

Early the蛙泳怎么游得快又轻松 next morning, we set out for Chayu. D深圳市最新疫情uring our six-exploring是什么意思hour journey, we encountered a situaway怎么读tion: residents were harvestsnowy翻译中文ing peas in th深圳疫情最新消息e fields. Piles of peas were piled up in the middl深圳风险等级e of the road, making itsouthplus impossible for cars to pass.

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After waiting for nearly two hours, traffic police coordination, just passsea, arrived at the corner of the time hasways been repeatedly postponed. Ma saidseal that this section of the road is prone to accidents, rockfalsnowy用英语怎么说ls, landslides, mudslides are common, often resulting in traffic jams.

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However, beautiful scenery ichinas always on the way.

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Along the way, we pplateauxassed thexploring是什么意思e blue wave of Ranwu Lake, glaciers extendinsnowyg from the depths of the mountains and snow-covered mountai蛙泳ns. Although only深证指数 the tip of the iceberg, we could gechina意思t a glimpse of the whsnowy英语怎么读ole, and imagine its spectacula蛙泳r and beautiful. I marvel at the nature of the uncanny workmanship, but also sigh at the unique gift of nature.

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After several twists and turns,plateaux we finally arrived at Chawaywardyu around five o 'clock in theplateau翻译 afternoon. When the shenzhen tisnowy英语怎么读bet-aid working group presented the white Hada to us, we felt very warm, just like in Shenzhen.

Chayu,southern a county of Nyingchi City in Tibet, is one of the three corners of southern Tibetsnowy的中文意思. Because of its low alshores翻译titude, river valleys andsouth什么意思 pleasant climchina翻译ate, chayu is known aplateau的意思s the "Little South of the Yangtze River in Tibet". Shenzhen and Chayu are inseparable,snowy用英语怎么说Since July 201深圳疫情最新动态6, Shenzhen has provided single support to Ch深圳大学aplateausru County and Chayu Farm as a whole.

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Over the years, dozens of Tibetaexploring怎么读音n cadres a深圳大学nd talented person, from the s深圳疫情最新消息outh China sea to the snowy plateau, acroswayss more than 3000 kiexploring是什么意思lometers, is active in every corner of the massif, with their sincerity andchina hard work with more than 30000 warsouth翻译m every cshore什么意思orner of the people, and help zayshores怎么读u county all at the end of 2018 from poverty to p瓦窑堡会议ick a hat, a vivid interpretation of the shenzhen people's responsibility and bear for poverty allway怎么读eshore什么意思viation深圳市最新疫情.

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Day and night, oplateausnly for you to see again

After taking a rest in Charu County, we followed liu Zh深圳疫情最新动态enchun, the deputy secretary of charu County Party Committee, and Liu Zhenping, the deputy director of Charu County Health Committee, to the operating room, where the ophthalmologist was深圳 performing cataract operations f深圳地铁线路图or charu people.

The front of the operasnowy音标ting room was crowded with local residents and their families waiting for the operation, their faces full of anxiety, worry and expectation.

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Finished the opsnowy是什么意思eration of chexploring是什么意思英语agyu people, holding the hands of shenzhen doctors, repeatedsouthly thaplateau怎么读nk, face is not hidden joy.

Wechat picture _20200927095202.jpg

Because of the high altitude and ultraviolet radiation, the incidence of cataracts inseafood Chayu people is very high.

In Charu County, where the medical conditions are psouthwestoor, the in瓦窑堡frastrshenzhenucture is n瓦窑堡会议ot perfect, there is no special ophtsouthhasouth怎么读lmologist, and深圳疫情 the residents suffering from eye diseases have not been treated for a long time. Therefore, the Working group of Shenzhen For Tibet cooperated with the Shenzhensouthern Lions Club shenzhen Bay Service team to carry out this public benefit acshenzhentivity.

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(Charu County depu深圳天气ty secretary Liu Zhenchun is asking about hiexploring是什么意思英语s condition)

Liu zhenping, deputy direcplateauxtor of the hospital,southern told us that doctors have been perforsnowy是什么意思ming cataract operations on local residents sisnowy的中文意思nce 6 am, because most of the patients are older and the operation needs to be more cautious, without taking a break in order to reach as many patients as possible.

Wechat picture _20200927095209.jpg

By 1 a.m., they had finished 40 catasouth的形容词ract operationexplorings that day. They were exhausted after the operatplateausion.

Wechat picture _20200927095212.jpg

(Gu Baoyu, Ophthalmolsnowy用英语怎么说ogist, Shenzhen General Hospital of Tradiplateau怎么记忆tional Chinese and Western Medicine)

Wechat picture _20200927095215.jpg

(A nurse from Shenzhen to Tibet & NBSP; Jun-xia li)

Since 2016, shenzhen Health Commission has sent a total of 53 cadres and medical technicians to Help Tibet.

Thrsnowyough the "group-tyseafoodpe" assistance, the workingexploring是什么意思 group has constantly improved supposnowy音标rting facilities and transported high-quality medical resources and talents, whicsnowy的名词h has greatly improved the medical levelsouth翻译 of Chayu County and ensouthplussuresouth的形容词d the health of the people in Cwayshayu County.

For the people of Chayu, every arrival of Tibetan medical tsea是什么意思eam is commendable.

At the stitches remosnowy的名词val ceremony the next morning, the familysouthwest members presented the hada for the doctor from Shenzhen to Tibet.

Wechat picture _20200927095218.jpg

At the moment of unwrapping the gauze, theway lips of the local residents were filled with haplateau怎么读ppiness, and I believe that no moment could have made them happier.

Wechat picture _20200927095222.jpg

An opsnowy翻译hthalmologist in Tibet said thsea是什么意思翻译at it is their misway怎么读sion to let the people ofplateau翻译 Chayu regain their light, and they are wor蛙泳thy of heart.

Such words, simple and sincere. See chaychinau people moist eyes, for thexploring是什么意思英语e深圳市最新疫情 first time, I瓦窑堡 feel empathy.

One particular patient is determined.

Deng, also knoway怎么读wn as Deng, currently has more than 3,000 people scattered in Chwaywardaru County, which has its own language. Deng, who prefers large, horn-shway翻译aped easearrings for both men and women瓦窑堡, is also determined by the深圳市最新疫情 establishment, wh瓦窑堡会议o says, "shore什么意思If there is no such thing, it is not determined."

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She said she was willing tosnowy take offexploring her earrings to cure her eyes "because I trust the doctors in Shenzhen," she said with a smile.south翻译

Wechat picture _20200927101017.jpg

Th深圳疫情eexploring怎么读音 niseagullght in the corner is quiet and long. In the following journey, I believe THAT I will not only get a baptism of heart, but also have a deeper understandi深圳疫情最新消息ng of the true love of poverty alleviation people.

Curing diseases and saving people is the belief of doctors, and I will learn to listen to the voice of the world with my heart, and truly record the beauty of the world.

Reporter: Pan Chunfeng Li Tian Yi Chen Nan
Editor: Yang Yangsnowychi xisouth africanrui

From the Shores of the South Ch深圳疫情ina Sea to the Snowy Plateau: Exploring the way for Poverty alleviation in Shenzhen to aid Tplateau的意思ibet

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