Exclusive interview with president and general coordinator of the 2021 New Year Charity Gala

Over the past 18 years, under the leadership of shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation, thecharity是什么意思 Lions Club has been working closely with Shenzhen. No matter in earthquayearningke, mudslide, hail, flood and other natural disastepresidentr relief, or actively reinterviewers怎么读spond to the nationewgroundsnal call to participate in xinjiang aid construction, poverty alleviation, building a beautiful new countryside, etc., Lions Club of Shenzhen has spontaneously organized donations, demongeneral翻译styear函数rcoordinator中文翻译ating a hgeneralizeigh sense of social resnewgroundsponsibility.

Every year, shenzgeneral什么意思中文hen Lions Club invests tgeneralens of millions of yuan in social services, making a positive cyearningontrinew是什么意思bution to building a harmonious society. Mcharity-mindedost of these funds come frinterviewingom donintervieweeations from lion friends acoordinator是什么意思nd caring entrepreneurs, and cyear函数ome from the New Year charity gala of Shenzhen Lions Club, an annual event. On December 29, 2020, thcharity音标e annual New Yinterview翻译ear charity gala of Shenzhen Lions Ccharity音标lub will be heldinterviews aganew的反义词in in the warm winter season. The theme, unique style and mysterious anewuction items of the gala are ageneralizell eagerly awaited. Each item carries thyear是什么意思e lion friends' public welfare feelings, and every sign raising is a true portrayal of lion friecharity宽容的爱nds' selfless dedication. In theyearcon是什么牌子的 exciting New Year charity party is about to unveil the mysterious veil,charity the reporyearcon是什么牌子的ter of Shenshi News Agency interviewed brother Guo Yongyong, tgeneralisthe president of the conference, and Brother Nie Xiangdong, the general coordinator of the New Year charity party.

Visit guo Yongyong, chairman of the Conference


Reporter:The prepacoordinator是什么职位rations for the 2021 New Year charity gala are well underway. Wyearbookould you please tell us abcharityout the overall arrangements and preparations for the gala?

Guo Yongyong:The 2021 Shenzhen Lions New Year Gala will be held on December 29 at Shenzhen Bao 'anyear翻译 Treasure Cube Hotel. This year is a special year, becauscharity怎么读e of the influence of the outbreak, we met many difficulties in the implementation of the party a location, from shenzhen, shenzhen convention and exhibitinewson center to the new international exhibition center, from the gyear造句ym tointerview的名词 shenzhen's hotyear是什么意思el, we visited the place no fewer than 10, thrcharity形容词ough on-the-spot investigation, practical issues such as securinterviewity, epidemic prevention and controlyear造句, parking, Finally, I chose Shenzhen Bao 'an Bao Cube Hotel. In responinterview什么意思se to the call of epidemic prevention and control, we will add green code verinews可数吗ficationpresident是什么意思中文, disinfection and temperature detection during the entrance of the party. In terms of security, wpresident造句e have doublnew balanceed the manpower input compared with previous years to promote tgeneralisthe successful holding, splpresidentialendid presentation and safe landing of the party. I wgeneralizationas the chairinterviewman of the partypresident是什么意思中文, peng Daojian, Lai Zhuoni, Nie Xiangdong, Deng Yi, Zhnewsang Jian and CAI Min were the vice chairmen of the party, nie Xiangdong, CyearnAI Min, Du Peng, Li Li and Zhao Hui were the executive chairmen, Nie Xcharity-mindediangdong wnew是什么意思as the general coordinator, and CAI Min and Zhao Hui were the deputy general coogeneralize是什么意思rdinators. Under the preparatorynewspaper group, there are 11 working groups including auction group, ainterviewers怎么读uction site tracking group, fundraising group, sponsorship group, party gcharity的内涵意义roup, conferenews可数吗nce afpresident和chairman区别fairs group, etiquette group, reception group, financial group, picketcoordinator是什么职位 group and publicity group to cooperate witinterview的过去分词h the preparation work of the party.

Party fundraising includes two aspects: hua Shi Award plpresident是什么意思edge and auction. In order to encnew balanceourage the service team to donate China Lion Award, 70% of the total amount pledged by our service team will be dircharity怎么读ectlypresidential allocated to the service fund account of the service team, which will bcharity的内涵意义e used to support the service activities of the service team; The recharity宽容的爱maining 10% of the total amount will be used for the district council to caryearcon是什么牌子的ry out all brand services in the next year; 20% will be left to the Shenzhen Lions Club for emergency major project expenditures. As of Decembercharity和love区别 15, 89 service teaminterview什么意思s of Shenzhen Lions Club havpresident前面加the吗e pledged 1,003 Huayearcon是什么牌子的shi awards. Among them, happiness, Yitian, Mingjia Shanpin three service teams 100 percent plnewedged to huashishi award, Yapresident怎么读ntian, Huashangeneralistg service team per capita pledged more than 1.

Reporter:What do you feel mpresident和chairman区别ost about tyearnhe preparation of the New Year charity gala?

Guo Yongyong:newsThe preparations for the 2021 New Year charity party are progressing in an orderly way. I am very grateful for the help and support of the lion friends, as well as the donation of huashu Awcharity怎么读ards and auction items. In the auction collection, lionpresident什么意思中文翻译 friends of the great spirit of lovyeare let me myearcon是什么牌子的ove. Here, I have to say a Shanghai lion friend Li Qun donated auction items. At the beginning, Li Qun donated a one-square-foot paintingcharity的内涵意义 worth more than 100,000 yuan. Later, she felt that the painting was too small, so she rushed to Shenzhen from Shayear翻译nghai with paintingyear怎么读 tools and mounting materials to crinterview的名词eate a lcharity和love区别arger painting on site and donated it to the charity party. He hopgeneralizees that this painting with a story will win the favor of the lion friends and gueyearnsts, and contribute more service fgenerally翻译unds finterview什么意思or the shenzhen Lions Club to carry outpresident翻译 social services. There were also a lot of love stories and gifts, both items and love, that kept me busy with the preparaticoordinatorons.

I joined liinterview的名词ons club in 2012, and I have been growing and moving in this organization. I give our service team's slogan "I pay I am happy" to you, I hope you always belcharity是什么意思ieve that all the pay is worth, is happy, is happy, binterviewsut also look forward to in everyone's joint efforts, this party can achieve the goal of raising 10 million.

Bageneral什么意思中文sed on thegeneral轮胎什么牌子 excellent experience of previcharityous years, tcharity的内涵意义his evening party will make appropriatnews可数吗e adjustments in style and seek innovation in inheritance. Let us meet 2021 Neyear是什么意思w Year charity party, together, to syriza love, dedication of love, spread lion locoordinatorve.

Visit general coorinterview的名词dinator Nie Xiangdong


Reporter:As the general coordinator of the conference, would you please talknew balance tocharity宽容的爱 us about the highlights and innovations ofyear怎么读 this evening party?

NieXiangDong:This year, due to the epidemic, many lions club activitiesgeneral have been greatly restricted. In order to respond to the call of epidemic preventinterviewingion and control, this year's chacharity形容词rity gala will be scaled down. Howegeneral翻译ver, as the charity auction, the highlight of the gala, cannot be conduyear函数ctpresident是什么意思ed online, winterviewinge will make ayearbook bold attempt this year to select some reyear是什么意思presentacharity宽容的爱tive quality services for lions to donate. Tnews可数吗his can not only stimulate more lion friends to participate in the auction activities, but also better promote the fund raising work of quality service projects, which is also a highlight of the charity evening.

Reporter:Auction collection is inseparable from theyear函数 lion friends of the love ofcharity的动词 donation, but also inseparable from the auction group's hard work. How about thpresidente auction collection for this yegenerallyar's party?

Nnew balanceieXiangDong:news可数吗Chayearbookrity auction is the embodiment of lion friends' love, the lion friends competing for the first donation of auction goods so that our whole preparation group is verygenerally moved. In terms of sales solicitation, has so far rcoordinator是什么职位eceived loving people and lion donated nearly 60 pieces of high qualiintervieweety items, items group will strictly control the items quality, strive to bring you more surprises, is also looking forward to positive sign for love lion the friends, for the New Year to devepresident怎么读lop assistive, poverty alleviation, such as student service to rpresident翻译aise more funds. After so many charity evening party, lion friends' art appreciation level also had very big promotion, in order to satisfy lion friends' diverse cocharity-mindedllection dyear怎么读emand, lot goods group will sccoordinatorreen differenewlynt forms of art and collection as far as pinterview什么意思ossible, bring lion friends more expectation and surpryear怎么读ise.

Thank you very much for your silent efforts ageneralize是什么意思nd strong support to the preparatory work. Thank you for continyear怎么读uing to supponew是什么意思rt public welfare underyear是什么意思takings and actively carrying forwardyear翻译 the spirit of "Four Out" under the impact of the epidemic. Here, I also hope tnewspaperhinterviewers怎么读at the lion club will continue to contribute to the healthy developmentcharity翻译 of Shenzhen Lions Club.

Every wonderpresident翻译ful presentation is inseparable from the silent dedication of countless people. With a grateful heart, we pay tribute to everygeneralbutch lpresidentialion friend who has done his/heyear是什么意思r bepresident前面加the吗st for the public welfare cause, pay tribute to every ordinary persistence, payear是什么意思y tribute to every extraordinary pay!

Dear friends, younew的反义词r attendance and card raising is the biggest support for the party! Let's meet at Treinterview翻译asucharity的动词re Cube tointerviewer怎么读 send our best wishes for the New Year charity pageneralizerty and look forward to the wcharity怎么读onderful presentatioyearbookn of the party! Wish the shenzhen Lions club 2021 Necharity音标w Yeargeneralize Charity Gala a complete success!

【 Text 】 Cheninterview Meihong & NBSP; Luo yan

【 Edit 】 Anne & NBSP; Ma Huijuan &president造句 hinterviewave spent Lin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Offinewsce

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