Every little drop becomes a river -- exclusive interview with the 2020-2021 100% Huashishi Award Service Team

As the 2021 New Year charity gala of Shenzhen Lions Club draws near, the enthusiasm of lion club members to donate "Huashi Award" is not decreasing. It is obligatory for lion club members to raise funds for social servicesinterview什么意思 in the New Year. It has become a "habit" for lion club members. The lion friends of Shenzhen Liointerviewninterview的名词s club always keep in mind the purpose of "helping others and serving the society" and do their best to contribute to the puriver怎么读blic welfare cause of Shenzhen Liodrop怎么读ns Ceveryonelub.

The "Huadropboxshi Award" is an epitome of lions club's contribution to lions Club and the cohesion and cohesiveness of Shenzhen Lions Clublittle和few的区别. Lions subscribes tinterviewso China this year, shenzhen lion for a total of 70% of the teveryone是单数还是复数otal amount of morelittle怎么读 than five service return the pledged, used to support the service to carry out servidropoutce activities, service has a full member enrollment pledging a "China lion award", "100% Chintervieweeina lion service award" awarded to the service, to encourage more service become a lion for 100% of China service.

As of press date, three service teams have become this year's 100% Hudrop怎么读ashi Award service team, namely Happinesriver怎么读s Service team, Yitian Service team and Mingjia Shanpin Service team. Let's follobecome是什么意思w the footsteps of the reporters from Sdrop是什么意思hendropoutshi News Abecome是什么词性gency and walk into these three service teams to understand their original indropletsteninterviewer怎么读tion of sticking to public welfare.

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Lin Xiaoyi, captain of happiness Service Team: Yixin fun service

Happy service team has been established for seven years, along the way, laughter, moved often in. The lion friends of the Happy Serbecomes翻译vice team have always bebecome三单en working quietly and keepinginterview什么意思 a low profile for public welfare. In addition to carrying out the service of the team, they also actively participate in the brand service of the district council, such as "Red Action". The service team has carried out six years of serviceevery是什么意思 activities, such as "teaching and leverythingearning awards and Gardener Hand in hand", and has achieved fruitful public welfare results and social benefits.

This year, I put forward the service concept of "bbecome是什么词性enefiting onlittle和few的区别e's heart and serving one's inbecome三单terests",river flows in you and cooperariverteddrops with several service teams and authorities, youth organizations and other socialbecomes怎么读 organizatiointerview什么意思ns to seteverybody up the project of "Moisten Heart Action Chinese Studies Class for Parents and Children", which was strongly supported and positively responded by lion Friends. At the same tlittle翻译imevery怎么读e, we have also teamed up with five disabled associations in Shenzhen to carry out public welfare projects such as the "Technology Carnivainterviewl" with disabled teenagers as the core audience grolittleswan空调是什么牌子up, to empower disabled teenagers to grow up healthily and happily, to joieveryone是单数还是复数ntly transmit positive energy and adveveryocate new public welfare trends.

Behind the honintervieweeor of "100% Chinese Lion Award Service Team" is theriver翻译 dedication and adherence of every lion frienbecome是什么意思英语d to public welfare. Guo Yongyong, the first vice president of Shenzhen Lions Cldroppedub aneveryoned the founding leader of Happy Team, took the lead in pledging 20 Hua Shi Awards, CAI Min, executive vice secretary general of Shenzhen Lions Club and former leader of Happy Team, pledged 5 Hua Shi awards, and Zandroplets下载g Ruixin pledged 2 Hua Shi Awards... Lion friends donated enthusiastically, credrop是什么意思ating a historic breakthrough in a short period of time with a service team of 31 people pledging 54 Hua Shi Awards. To borrow the words of the lion frlittle是什么意思iend of the service team, "We are doing services every day, and we are doing public welfare work every month. Every day, we can see our love flittleswanalling on the ground where there is demand. We can truly feel the need and the valueeverything of public welfare."

I give, I am happy. Every y lion friend of the happiness servicebecome是瞬间动词还是延续性动词 team is doing public welfare with ordinary initial heart, passing love and happiness in geveryone什么意思iving and pursuing.  

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Sun Yulin, captain of Yinterview的名词itian Seexclusivervice Team: Thank you for your help

Yitian service team has been established fordrop是什么意思 15 years, currently there are 37 members, lion friends have been serving for ten years. As the slogan of Yitian: "Gathering is a mass of fire, scattered is all over the sky stars", we do not change the original heart, trust each other, work together, go forward bravelyevery怎么读, for the development of Yitian service tedroppedam dedicated their own wisdom and strength.

Yitian service team has a ladropboxrge number of talents. Whether it is the service project advocated by the district Council, or the brand project such as Ruilin Ophthalmologinterviewsy clinical assistancedrop是什么意思, Yitian family always adhere to the fronteveryone-line service and strive todrop怎么读 advance. Speakdroppeding of the 100% Huashi Award, this is the third time that Yita Service team has won this awriverside怎么读英语ard. Thiseverybody是什么意思 year, aevery怎么读s soon as the donation notice waeverybody是什么意思s issued, Brother Xu jianfeng immediatelinterview的过去分词y exeverywherepressed his strong support anlittle翻译d took the lead in pldroplets下载edging 2 Huasheng Awards. From the call for donation to the confirbecomes怎么读mation of all members, 37 lion frienbecome是什么意思ds pledgeriverside怎么读英语d 43 Ldropion awards in less tbecome三单han two days.

The lion friends of The Yitian Service team highly recognize and support the Donation of the Lion award, espebecome是什么意思cialbecome是什么意思英语ly in the past two years, the district council has increintervieweeaseinterviewd the amount of the return of the donation, so that the liintervieweeon friends of the donation won the honor at the same time, but also raised the service funds for the service team, especially thanks tlittlebusterso the Lion Club of Shenzhen ladropunched the Lion Award and the strong support of the Yitianinterview的名词 family. In the future of Lion love to travel, Yitian service team wriver flows in youill continue to maintainlittle怎么读 the udrop过去式nique service spirit and watch for love. Lion friends will also know the most real desire of themselves and others and practiclittle和few的区别e their own life value in the action of being kieverynd to others and helping others.

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Ming jia good produbecome是系动词吗ct service team captain Ceng Lijun: gooeveryone是单数还是复数d love but heart to expand tomorrow

Tea house geverydayood product service lioninterviewee friends about the "out" is not only reflected in teverybody是什么意思he "100% China lion award", also reflittle和few的区别lected in the two lion award "in" 100%, with the support ofinterview翻译 lion fririverside怎么读英语ends, nameplates, home good product service in thriverbond怎么联机e pastlittle和few的区别 two years were crowned lion for service "in the" 100%, lion friends take concrete actions to promlittle怎么读ote tea house good quality severy是什么意思ervice to a new level.

To support the lion for lions in shenzhen Chinriver翻译a, and 70% of the total amount of considering pledging to return directly to the service, service all the lion friendly response, solitaire rapidleverywherey, especially the first vice captain thank green led rainbow subscribed 5 China lion prize, 33 has a membinterview的名词er's fulldrop support, enrollment has pledged 37 Chidroppednbecomes怎么读a lion prize, impdrop是什么意思lements the lion for service "1dropped00%" breakthlittleswanrough.

"Educators, develop thintervieweee cause of human nateveryoneure", in recentriverbond怎么联机 years, Mingjia shanpin service team in-depth in Sichuan, Yunnan, Jiangxi and other places to help students, shieverywhereyodroppedu personally participate in field trips, project landing, the cohesion of the service team is getting better and better. Maevery是什么意思y the lion friends of miriverngjia Good product serviinterviewingce team make concerted efforts and keep the heart of good love forever, and walk more steadily and farther on the road of lion love!


Itlittle和few的区别 can be said that "Huashi Award" is the pride of all shenzhen lion friends. For the gbecome是什么意思英语ood liodroplets下载n cause, for the "we serve" ideal, we are einterviewager to donate. Every little makes a mickle. Every little makes a mickle. Thanks to the support and dedication of many lion friends, shenzhen Lions Club is where it is today. Let useverything continue to uphold the purpose of service, give, contribuinterviewedte, attend, personally pariver音标rticipate in charity services, selfless dedicatidroppedon on the road of adhering to the public welfriver音标are and love cause,become是什么意思 forgdrope ahead, and contribute love and strength to build a better and hevery怎么读armoniobecomesus society.


On December 29, the 2021 New Year charity party will be held, and gradropsnd commendationsinterview的过去分词 will be given to the service teams and indidroppedviduallittle英语怎么读s who have won the "Huashi Outstanding Service Team", "Huashdrop是什么意思i Outstanding Service Team Award", and the top 20 individdropsual pledges.

Lion friends, come and pledge to become the "100% Hinterviewsuashi Award Servicebecome是瞬间动词还是延续性动词 Team", become thbecome是什么意思翻译成中文e "Huashi Outstanding Service Team", andlittleswan become the beveryonerightdrop怎么读est star in the 2021 charity party!


[Text] Shen Shi News Agency Gao Rui

[Picture] Provided by each service teainterview翻译m

[Edit] Annie Zhao, Shensdropshi News Agency

Office Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Cleverybodyub Office

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