Notice | about specification of shenzhen lions “into the campus” activities of the notice

Notice on regulating “Campus Entry” activities of Shenzhen Lions Club

Service teams:

According to relevant laws and regulations, the domestic lion federation, the competent business unit and the requirement of the registration administration organ, combined with the relevant provisions of the articles of associat深圳风险等级ion of shabout怎么读enzhen lions clubcampusno1, after the Ministry of Education office abcampus翻译out pspecification翻译中文rohibit commercial adveaboutcgrtising, commercicampus复数al activities in the primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in emergency notification (teach hall letter [2018] no. 77) “(hereinafter referred to as the” emergency notice “), In order to further standardize the service activities carried out by the service teamnotice是什么意思 in primarnotice的固定搭配y and secondary schools and kindergartens, the relevant requiremelions翻译nts are hereby notified as follows:

1.specification “Entercampus本子ingcampus的中文意思 campus” activities minto是什么意思ust be filed in advance

In accordance with the spirit of “urgent notice”, for all kinds ofnotice的形容词 activities to enteactivities思维导图r the campus orcampus翻译 organize primary and scampusecondaractivities音标y school students, children in the park to participate in, by the county level and above elions怎么读ducation administrative departments for examination and approval, the implemelionsgatentation of record management. Any unapproved activiinto1小跟班ties are prohibited from entering the caactivities是什么意思mpus or organizing primary and secondary school studabout怎么读enlionsgatets and children in the park to participate.

When applying for service activitactivities怎么读iescampus本子 in primary and secondary schools an深圳风险等级d kindergartens, the service teamsinto1成员 shall provide the certifiactivities的中文cation documents that have been put on record in the education administractivities有哪些活动ative departments at and above the county labouttime免费观看evel.

2. Commercial advertisements and commercial activities “entering campus” are strictly prohibited.

According to the spnotice过去式irit of “urgent notice”, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools to carry out commercialcampus读音 activities, or the use of primary and middle school studcampus读音ents and young children’s teaching materials, teaching materials, teaching AIDS, school uniforms, exercise books, stationery, school bus, release or disguised advertisements, etc, to pay special attention to whether the red scarf for trademarks, commercial and business activities and its name, All kinds of “into the campus” acti深圳疫情v深圳疫情最新动态ities with commercial activities and other problems, found together, investigated together, resolutely put an end to深圳风险等级 ancampus的中文意思y commercial behavior erosion of the campus.

Please service carried out in primary and secondary schools and kindergartensnotice用法 service activities, must adhere to the principle of public welfare, commercial advertising, business activities are strictly prohibited “into the campus”, put an end to in any way relcampusesease for primary and middle school stucampus翻译dents and children’s physical and mental health of commercial advertising, shall not interfere with the school normal education teaching order, shall not acampus翻译dd extrlions读音a burden to schools and the teachers and students, to ensure that the scactivities怎么读hool side pure land.

Standardizing the service activities is beneficial to the healthlions的音标y and orderly development of shenzhen Lions Club, and also helps the service teams and lions to avinto1超话oid unnecessary risks. Please standardize the service activities according to the requirements.


Urgent Notice of the Generaboutcgal Office of the Ministry of Education on深圳疫情最新消息 Prohibiting Commercial Advertisements and Comabout后面动词什么形式mercial Activities from Entering Primary and Seconda深圳疫情最新动态ry Schools and Kilions翻译中文ndergartens (Letter of the Ministry of Education and Basic Edspecification是什么意思英语ucation No. 77, 2018)

Shenzhen Lions Club & NBSP;  

December 11specification翻译中文, 2018

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