Notice | held about shenzhen lion lion festival series of activities of the third China notice

Notice | held about shenzhen lion lion festival series of activities of the third China notice

Dear Leo,

In ordfestival怎么读语音er to carry forward the spirit of the Chinese Lion Festival and pay tribute to the donnoticeors of the Chinese Lion Award, Shlionkkenzhen Lions Club willactivities音标 hold the third Chinese Lion Festival from March to深圳疫情最新动态 April 1, 2018. The series of activities will provide sports for lion fans to keep fit, expand tlion怎么读he vision of lion culture, and promote the friendship of lions.

This year's Huashu Festival mainly includes: the carnival party in the main hall and the activities in the sub-hall such as ba深圳市最新疫情dminton, tug of war, table tennis and other sports friendly competition, "the most Beautiful Moment" photography competition, calligraphy show of lion friends, captain forum, altogether sevenoticen activities. The schedule of activities is as follows:

From March 5th to March 16th, "The Most Beautiful Moment" photography competition will be held.

On March 17, the opening ceremony of the third Huashi Festival and table tennis friendseries函数ly competition was held.

On March 24th, the 3rd Huashi Festival bseries是什么牌子adminton friendly competition was held.

On April 1, the third Huashi Festival carnilions英语怎么读val party, photo exhibition, Shiyou Calligraphy show,The captain o深圳风险等级f the BBS, tug-of-war.

Please refer to the notice of the seven activities foactivities是什么意思r detailed arrangements. We look fofestival是什么意思rward to the participation of lion lovers, their familiethird怎么读英语s and would-third翻译be lion lthirdovers.

Shenzhenlion怎么读 Lions Clubheld的原型

Tian Wangxing, president of the association for 2017-activities思维导图2018

Weng Hua, president andabout翻译 secthird的基数词ond Vice Pabout是介词吗resident of the Conference

Zheng Guoping, Li Fe深圳疫情ng, Huang Lisheng, Wu Jian,aboutcg Executive Chairman of the Congress

March 5, 2018

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