Xixiang Service Team: held the eighth captain team meeting and regular meeting of 2018-2019

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February西厢记 28, 2019, Xixiang Service Team of Shenzhen Lions ClubThe 8th captain team meeting and regular meetcaptain怎么读ing of 2eighth基数词018-2019 was held in Bagua 3, Futian DistrictRoad,Meeting Room 501, Buildinmeeting翻译g 429. Sheteamsnzhen Lion西乡塘区s club former president Wu Xiaoming, supervisor Cao Haihong, Xixiang service team captain Wen Shaochu, third vice cservicemanaptain Peng Jianyue, teaeighth英语怎么读m leader Chen Juregularlyndong, former tea西乡县mcaptain翻译 leader Lin Qingloneighth怎么读g, secretary Jin Yanfei, financial Li Kaiyan and other 12 people attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Peng Jianyue as the chairman of thregularlye conference.

Captain Wen Shaochu briefed the progresscaptain什么意思中文 of the last teaeighth英语怎么读m meeting. All the work in January has been completed. In February, we plan to carry out the Anglo-German Light Travel and student assistance activiheld是hold的什么形式ties. In March, we visited yangjiang for school donation. Theeighth west Township Service team plans to elect a new team leader on March 15. Li Kaiyan oncaptain喵队长微博 the financial situation in February.

After the meeting, we went to the rteam什么意思estaurcaptainonthebridgeant and had a wonderful afternoon happily.

wen/ figure & have spent Jin Yanfei

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