Beishan Service Team: Held the fourth regular meeting of 2018-2019

Beishan Service Team: Held the fourth regular meeting of 2018-2019

On October 20, 2018, the fourth regular meeheld过去式和过去分词ting of Shenzhen Lions Cl悲伤逆流成河ub Beishan Service Team for 2018-2019 was held in haifangyuan Northeast Dumpling Restaurant, Xili Tongsha Road, Nanshan Districtupheld. Beishan seteambitionrvi悲伤逆流成河ce team third vice captain Hou Shanguang, team leader Jiang Xiezhen, forregular翻译mer captain Wang Mingkuan, secretary Gao Yanmin and other 12 peopregular的所有形式le attended the meeting. Mr. Li Chunchang, chairman of 10th District of Shenzhen Lions Club, attended the meetinmeetingg. The mmeeting是什么中文意思eeting was chairteamviewered by Hou Shanguanheld的中文意思g as the chairman of the conference.

At the meeting, Hou Shanguang and Zhong Meiqiang summarized the educational aregularssistance activities背上长了很多红痘痘是怎么回事 in Xingning during the National Day and hoped that tteamviewerhe service team and Yfourth是什么意思ucai Education Group could carry out more comprehensive and diversified cooperation in educational assistance.

Jiang Xiezhen, whservice翻译o just returned from the “Lion Love Journey: Ret北上广依然相信爱情racing xuanzang’s Journey” charity walk, steam什么意思hares her thoughts oservice怎么读n the “I walk, You donateregular” charity walk. In this activity, she attracted 108 lion friends and caring people and r背上长了很多红痘痘是怎么回事aised 22,282 yuan forservice和serve的区别 the service team. After returning to Shenzhen, Jiang xizhen sent handwritten poheld是hold的什么形式stcards to every donor with her heart, expressing her sincere thanks to everyone for their kindness. On behalf of the service team, Wang Mingkuan presented beautiful flowers to Jiang Xiezhen and welcomed the wfourth-gradearriors to their triumphant return.

Later, the lion friends discussed about the “Larheldenk” project, and everyone offered their ideas for collecting books, hopingmeeting的音标 to present a more wonderful picture world for children.

Hou Shanguang carefully prepared a double-layer birthdayteampro cake, we send blessingfourth翻译s to the lion friends birthday this month.

With our concerted efforts, Beishan Service team will become better and better.

By Dan CAI

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