Future Service Team: Held the eighth regular meeting and New Year reunion of 2018-2019

Future Service Team: Held the eighth regular meeting and New Year reunion of 2018-2019

On February 26, 2019, the eighth regular meetingeighth什么意思 and New Year reunion of Shenzhen Lions Club Future Service team was held in Red Lantern Restaurant, Baiupheldhua 4th Road, Futian District. Sheng Baihua, former team leader and foundinmeeting的音标g team leader, Yanregularly意思中文翻译g Dehua, first vice captain, Zhao Qeighth翻译iu, third vice captain, Cao Meixteam是什么意思翻译iu and other 18 people attended the meeting. Du Peng, chairman of Zone 4serviceman of Sfuturelearnhenzhenewsn Lions Club, and Li Chao and Wen Shuxian, dheld中文irectors of Future Service team were present at the meetinregular什么意思g. The meeting was chteambitionaired by Yang Dehua.

The meeting conveyed the spirit of the thireighth基数词d District Councheld是hold的什么形式il meeting of Shmeeting是什么中文意思enzhen Lions Club 2018-2019. Tang Jianrong made the financial work report of the service team; Wen Yonghong maeighth怎么读de a compreheteams手机版nsiveeighth基数词 summary of the red action of the club on Janumeeting的音标armeeting是什么中文意思y 12. He praised and thanked the lion frienew的反义词nds who performed well in the activityeighths. Chen Xuehua is responteamprosible for verifyingyear函数 the list of substitutfuturee teachers in the new semester, and paying the fmeeting翻译inancial aid on a timely basis accordinteam是什么意思翻译g to the students who have difficulties. Cao Meixiu called on lteam是什么意思翻译ion friupheldends to pay attention to student activitieseighths, and suggested that everyonregular是什么意思英语e go to Zhaotong to suppeighth怎么读ort; Sheng Baihua explained the next step of the lioeighth怎么读音发音英语n friendfuture翻译ly activity plan, hoping thheldat through the deveeighthlofuture翻译pment of the activity, we can stimulate the spirit of “foteamsur out” and enhance the centripetal forteam是什么意思翻译ce and cohesion of the team.

Du Peng, president of the service team, affirmed teighthhe standard operation of the service team. He expressed his willingness to play the role of “waiter” and provide help to the service team whenever and wherever possible to grow together.

Li Chao and Wen Shuxian are pleased with the contiteamsnuous progress of the servifuturece team in the past two years, whnews可数吗ich is the result of the joint efforts of all lion friends, and wish the sereighth音标vice team greater and better acheighth音标ievements in the Nregular的名词ew Year.

After the meighth基数词eeting, we arranged the New Year’s group worship and celebration activityear翻译ies for the birthday of liomeetingyou是什么意思n friend that month. Zhao Qiu, the convenor of the meeting, entertained the participants. While tasting the delicious Huainan dishes, we talkheld的中文意思ed about what we had seen and felt durinmeeting腾讯会议g the Spring Festival, and looheld的原型ked forservicebioward to the career planning of the New Year. We were happy to meet the challenges of the New Year with a warm and happy atmosphere.

Literature/Lin Riyang & NBSP; Photo/Future Service Team

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