Future Service Team: holding lion friends friendship party

Future Service Team: holding lion friends friendship party

On December 27th, 2018, the Lions Club of Shenzhen was helparty模式d in the conference room of The Shenzhen Branch of Domestic Life Insurance in Futian District. A total of 30 members and guests from the future Service team attended thfuture是什么牌子e party. The evening wfuture是什么牌子as hosted by Cao Mupholdingeixiu.

Captain Chen yongxia summed up and affirmed thefriendship的英语作文 achievements of the service team in the first half of the year, and thanked all the lion friends for their efforts and efforts. She hoped that in the New Year, the lion friends would contiteamviewernue to maintain a modest and prudent attitude and steadily advance the work.

The party arranged fun glion的中文意思ames, artistic performances, lucky draw, birthday celebrations and othparty是派对的意思吗er links, the scene of laughter and laughter, we spent an ufriendships钢琴谱nforgetparty怎么读英语table evening in a warm, comfortable and hserviceablearmonious atmosphefriendship怎么读re, with their own way tteamso welcome the arrival of the New Year, leaving a unique mark in the growth history of the team.

Literature/Lin Riyang & NBSP; Photo/Contributed by The Futfuture是什么牌子ure Service Team

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