In January 2013, the regular meeting of riverside Service team was held smoothly

            On January 13, 2013, the Riverside Service Team of Shenzhen Lions Club and Citic Property jomeeting是什么意思intly organized & LDQteams手机版UO; The 1st Citic Property Blood Donation Week & RDQUO; In citic Manshuwan community as scheduled, citic Property staff and community owners awashedctively participated inmeeting腾讯会议 the blood donaregular是什么意思英语tion activity. Riversidemeetings Service team held theirriverside怎么读 January 2013 regular meeting in mangrove Bay Clubhouse during lunch break. Chen Xiaofan after the stage of self-cultivation of the lion sister also attended the regular meeting, lion friends and her nearly half a year did not see, see her good state of mriverside自行车ind lion friends exprmeeting是什么意思essed sincere joy.
&nbsjanuary翻译p;   &nbspheld是hold的什么形式;           Inregularization meetings, xiao-wei sun, summed up the 2012 half a year’s service work, aregular翻译nd on the completion of each project: Augumeeting怎么读英语st to joint into close stationery to GaoLang Village binhe service Gao Lang prriversideimary school a group donated 30000 yuan worth ofmeeting是什么中文意思 stationery, December riverside service donated leizhou GaoLang Village elementary school 48985 yuan worth of children’s amusement facilities have been installed and put into use. Went to Liuyan School in Changde, Hunan province to make a return visit to the use of the donated electric classrooms; The electric classroom donated by CEIB 103 was installed and put into use, and the school senwashingtont a letter of thanks. 10,regular的所有形式000 yuan donated to the earthquake-stricken areas in Yunnregular什么意思an; In response to the call of the district Council, iupheldt signed a contract with Huangbei Community Vocational Health Ceteamsnter. Red Lion service station service agreement, and carry out service acwashtivities; Hold & owash怎么读ther; Citic Blooriverside翻译d Donation Month & Rregularly意思中文翻译DQUO; Service activities, 2service怎么读00 people donated blmeeting是什么意思ood, blood collected 71,500 ml; Participate in peace posters; Participregular的名词ated in five lectures of “The Journey of Youth Growth company”; Actively pledged 5 Huashi Awards and 1 Maowen Zhongshi Award.

 ucriverside     By Xing Fei

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