Riverside Service Team March 2013 regular meeting and general election meeting

              March is spring flowers, grass and warbler fly, suitable for outings iriverside翻译n a good season! Shenzhen Lions Club riverside Service teelectionsam organized lion friends ameetingsnd their families to shenzhen Dapeng on 23rd. Ive tower & throughout; Ecological farm, personally picgenerallyk vegetables, stove fire, stew soup and stir-fry real aftertaste ofmarch缩写 a childhood suburban & LDquo; Picnic & throughout; And held the rucriversideegular meeting and general election meeting ielectionn March 2013. There were 18 peoplgeneralizee participating in this activity, including Sun Xiaowei, premeetingtencentcomsident of riverside Service Team, Gao Zhou, Huang Yulu, Xing Fei, Zheng Kewelection是什么意思ei, Huang Xiaoxregularityia, Zhu Fangggeneralbutchuimarch三月怎么读 and a friend, Wang Xianchun, Zhang Jing and her son.

              &nservice怎么读bsp;meetingtencentcom   The party arrived at 10:30 that morning. Ive towriverside翻译er & throughout; Ecological farm fellowship dinnservice是什么故障灯er. Subsequently, the ligeneral什么意思中文on friends of riverside Service team held the regular meeting in Marregular反义词ch 2012-2013 and the electioservicen meeting of service team. Xinggeneralization Fei and Gao Zhouregular respectively reported the shenzhen Lions Club 2012march怎么读音英语& MDash; The main topics of tmarch是什么意思he third District Affairs Meeting in 2013, and the situation of the igeneralize是什么意思ncident reported by Narada to the Bodhi Service Team; Sun Xiaowei reported that Binhe Sgeneral翻译ervice Team won the 2011-2012 Outstanding Service Teamregular什么意思 award of Lions Club International, Hua Xiao Shijie won the 2011-2012 member Achievement Award of thregulare president of the International Federgeneralbutchation, the finanservice和serve的区别cial income and expenditure of this service year, and the progress of the plan to donate a set of security monitoring equipment to Huayangmeeting是什么意思 Special Children’s School; Xing Fei announced that the 8th congress of Lions Association in China was held in Shenzhen on May 27 anelection怎么读d the 11th district Annual conference of Lions Club in Shenzhen was held on April 20.
&nregularbsp; &nbspserviceman;                 The meeting elected The 2013marching-2014 president of Riverside Service Team, Mr. Huang Yuru, as well as the council members, three representatives of the district annual meeting (Sun Xiaowmarch音标ei, Huaserviceng Yurumeeting翻译, Zheng Kewei) and three deputy representatives. Through the riverfront service team service funded & LDquo; Peace Pmeeting是什么意思中文翻译oster & RDquo; A resolution of ten thousand yuan for activities.
After the meeting, lion friends and their families visited the farm and bought some fresh veggenerallyetables for each family to take home. Time passed quicklgeneralbutchy and everyone set foot on the return journey with laughter.

Article/Xing Feitu/Sun Xiaowei

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