Fairy Lake Service Team: held the fourth regular meeting of 2020-2021

It is still warm in Shenzhen at the end of November, and the comfortable sunshine on theservice是什么故障灯 earth makes pemeeting是什么意思中文翻译ople feel very comfortable.meeting是什么中文意思 On November 29, 2020, the fourth regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Xianhu Service Te拉克丝的法术棒am for 2020-2021 was held in Sichuan Cfairy怎么读hamber of Commerce, Hongsong Building, Futian District. The preparatory staffourth是什么意思f arrived at the venue early in the morning and decorated the venue witmeeting腾讯会议hregularity flowemeeting腾讯会议rs, balloons and other items to welcome thfairy怎么读英语e regular meeting with tregularlyhe theme of "Caring lion friends, Happy birthdayfairytale Party" in the afternoon.

Zhao Hui, chairmmeeting是什么意思an of zone 4 of Shenzhen Lions Clubfourthly, Tang Xueyong, chfourth怎么读airmeeting是什么意思中文翻译man of Zone 18 of Shenzhen Lions Club, Ye Wenqin, special assistant of president, Li Zhou, Li Chungang, founder Sun Xufang, former leadteamers Li Rong, Huangheld中文 Xiaoru, Chen Weiwen, Huang Zeqin, Shan Liyue and other 20 lregularion friends attended the meeting. Zhou Zhihui, chairman of the sixth zone, Li Jun, captain of the New Security service team, Fan Meirong, captain of the Lily service team and Tong Yan, captlakeain of the bright pupil service team attended the meeteamworkting. The meeting was chaired by Li Zhou and presided over by Ye Wenqin as executive chairman.

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Ye Wenqin, executive chairman of the regular meeting, introduced the guests and lion friends and extended warm welcome and thanks to them.

First of all, Wenqin Yip shared her story with the Fairy Lake Servicfairylande team, and thanked everyone for their support and company, so that he could feel the great love spirit of the Lions Club and the warmth of the fairy Lake family. He said he would拉克丝 continue to work with the Fairy Lteams会议ake sfairyervice team on the road to public welfare.

Figure 2. JPG

Captain Li Zhou summed up the Sichuan Weiyuan Bright action activity in Octoblake怎么读er and thservice怎么读e stroke health lecture. She proposed to cooperate with the district council and other service teams to build the stroke health lecture into an influential brand series of lectures, so that more people can understandserviceman stroke, umeetingnderstand stroke, actifairytale是什么意思vely prevent stroke, and learn to care for themselves and the people around them.

Figure 3. JPG

Zhu Lin Shan shi Sregularityister to make financial reports, so that each lion friends have a clear understafourth造句nding of the financial situation and the direcregulartion of each sregularly意思中文翻译umlaker of money. Her rigorous, responsible and serious workifourth的基数词ng attitude makes every lion friend feel relieved anmeetingtencentcomd satisfied.Chairman Zhao Hui, Huan拉克丝的法术棒g ZeqinFormer captain,Captain Fan Meirui shared the activities of Sichuan Weiyuan Bright Travel respectively.Peace postersMember of theIntroduction by Shan LiyueThis year,Peace postersProgress of the solicitation of works,Affirms the impolake怎么读rtance of the peace poster campaiglakers是什么意思n for children and families.The seventh Stone RockThe streetChan Wai-man, executive Chairman of caring Activities of Occupati拉克丝的法术棒onal Hservice的名词ealth CentreintroduceOccupatiheld的意思是什么onal health center care activitiesmeetingContent and timing, welcome lion friendstheTo participate in theactivityIn the.

Chairman Zhao Hui introduced the origin of Huasheng Award, donation and reward methods, etc., and called on lion friends to actively plakerledgeservice的名词 to donate huasheng Award and rfairy怎么读aise more service funds for the service team.

Tong Yan, the leader of bright Pupil service team, introduced the activity plan of "Eye health into campus", and hoped to have the opportunmeeting腾讯会议ity to coopregular的名词erate with Fairy Lake Serfourthlyvice team and add "eye health" link in the educaservicemantional activities of Fairy Lake servfairy是什么意思ice teregularam. Li Jun, the leader of the Xin 'an Service team, introduced the distance teaching service project of SOUTH University of Science and Technology, and hoped to make joint efforts wservice是什么故障灯ith xianupheld Hu ameeting腾讯会议nd other service teams to implemeetingment the distance teafourth缩写ching project of South University of Science and Technology. Quasi lion friend Lei Bo said that he hoped to grow up with the lion friends of the Fairy Lake servicservicebioe team and do charity toregular什么意思gether.

Chairmanheld Zhou Zhihui, Chairman Tang Xueyong and team lteamviewereader Sun Xufang respectively made a summary speech on this regular meeting, tfairy怎么读hanking chairman Li Zhou, Executive Chairman Ye Wenqin and all lion friends for their participalaketion and dedication. I hope that by participatiservicemanng in every activity, we can lead The Team towards a better and mregular的所有形式ore elake是什么意思xcellent goal. We look forward to every lion friends happy public welfare team.

After the meeting, we held a warm birthday dinner for the lion friends whose birthdays were in Novemteams手机版ber and December.

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Article/photo & have spent Contrilakebuted by Fairy Lake Service Team

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