Send care during Spring Festival -- The Party branch of Shenzhen Lions Club carried out a condolence activity for members in difficulty

On February 8, 2021, the Party Branch of Shenzhen Lions Club carried out the activity of visiting and visiting party members in thbranch怎么读e "one-to-onbranchinge" community, visiting impoverished Party members andcareless senior parfestival怎么读英语单词ty members in Jinlong Community, Nanyuan Street, Futsend翻译ian District, andsendyounametomars官网 timely sen深圳ding the Partybranch organization's holiday blessings and condolences to them. Hou Yisha, secretary of the Partduringon是什么牌子的轮胎y group and director of Shenzhen Disabled Perbranchessons' Federspringcloudatiduring是什么意思on, Li Weihua, Secretary tian Wangxing, member Lai Zhuoni, Deputy Secretary wang Yonghong, Deputy relionsgatesearcher Li Yuanyuan, Secretary Luo Dejun of Jinfestival怎么读语音long Community Party Committee, and Li深圳天气 Xiangsheng, rspringmvc的工作原理epresentative of difficult Party members attended the activity. The activity donated 1000 yuduring是什么意思an of consolation money and two cans of protlionsein powder for each of the two party memberslions in need.

At the forum, Li Xiangsheng, who lives in Jinlong Clion是什么意思ommunity and is originally from Anshan, Liaoning pr深圳地铁线路图ovince, said that with the yearning forduring是介词吗 a better life, he responded to the call of the Party and came to shespringcloudnzhen to support urban construction as an infrastructure engineering soldier, for which he felt particularly happy anbranches英语怎么读d proud. In the fight against cancer, he rlionseceived the warmth and care of the organization and community family, and hduring是什么意思elpbranchesed solvbranches是什么意思e the difficulties in life anfestival前用on还是atd medical treatment. In the future, he will continue to exert his strength as a Partlions翻译y member, paduring用什么时态rticipate in moresending public welfare activities, and make more contributions to the society.

Construction corps in listen to thparty英文意思e whole historical facts about to participate in the construction of shenzhen, hou hfestival英语怎么说er director, said the construction corps made a historic contribution for the construction of shenzhen, is tsendyournamehe pioneer of the construction of the shenzhen special zone,care shenzh深圳地铁线路图en today's brilliant depefestival怎么读语音nds on every one in the land had shed sw深圳大学eat, is worth us more respect, cherishcaregiver and care. Members of the party asked him about his health and daily lparty是派对的意思吗ife, encouraged him to build up confidence in life, and told him that the Party organization wcare怎么读ill always be a solid rely on and the warmest home for party members. Difficult old party members of the comfort group of careful care expressed veryduring happy, thanks to the leadership in a bfestival的音标usy schedule to take time to visit condolences, let him feel the care and love of the Party organization.

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Comrade Hucarelessang Shaoji, a veteran party member, has a difficult life because of his heart bypass operation and a mentally disabled daughter who needs long-term care at home. On the way to visit C深圳疫情omrade Huang Shaoji, the old man was suddenly unwell and needed to go to the hospital for treatment. Chairwoman Hou Ylions翻译中文isa and the participating party members learned of the elderly's situatibranch怎么读on, and told the responsible comrades in the accompanying streets and communities to convey the orfestival是什么意思ganization's concern and symbranchpathy. At the same time, they also pointedfestival怎么读语音 out that weduring should attach great importance to thelions英语怎么读 lives of the impoverished Party members, apartynextdoornd give more care and help to the elderly, so tparty是我家hat they can always feel the Care and warmth oparty复数f the Party.

Learned, according to the offlion是什么意思中文翻译icial shenzhen municipal party committee organization dlionsepartment ansendyounametomars官网d the shenshenzhenzhen deployment of discare是什么意思abparty英文意思led persons' federation, the lions club party brlion是什么意思中文翻译anch in shenzhenshenzhen futian district south strcarefuleet brocade and the dragon pair to build community, take concrete actions to carry out the "one to one" hanginglionsgate point supporduring英语怎么读t, focus on jin dragon community of persons with disabilbranch造句ities and the party member to solve practical difficulties, close party-mass relationship, enhance the party's cohesion and centripetaparty复数l force, To help families in need warm the winteduring英语怎么读r and Spring Festival.

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