Tiancheng Service Team: held the ninth regular meeting of 2018-2019

Tiancheng Service TeamHeld:2018-2019.The ninth annual regular meeting

On March 12, 2019, the 9th regular meeting of 2018-2019. of Shenzhen Lions Club Tiancheng Service Team was held in Tiancheng House, 2507, Building A, Meilin Zhuoyuehui Office Building, Futian District. Tiancheng service team captain Chi Minghui, the first vice captain Cheninth英语怎么读n Hengbing, the second vice captain Wu Manqiong, the third vice captain Car Yongjin, secretarymeeting腾讯会议 Shen Xuedan, financial stickservice的名词 Yida and other 14 people attended. The meeting was chaired by Li Hui.

Sheheld是hold的什么形式n Xuedan reported the progress of the last team meeting. I plan to make a return visit to Huaiji this Saturday and Sunday. At present, the application and docking wteam是什么意思翻译ork have been completed. I hope everyone can make preparations in advance and be ready to start at any time.

Viscosida reported its February financial results. Ma Yujie explained iteams会议n detail thmeeting是什么意思中文翻译e visit to Huai天秤座最怕什么星座ji in March. The plninth翻译an is to gather familregularityies together for a return visit, have dinner with parents and children, and give each family a gift and condoleninth什么意思nce moneteams手机版y. For the new object, one by one home visit, a detailed understanding of the situation, the evaluatninth翻译ion of the family is eligible for futianchengnding conditions and then issued comfort money. The specific work was arranged by Ma Yujie and Shen Xuedan. The route an天秤座男生性格d family situation had been confirmed and arranged天秤座和什么星座最配 by the local village repninth什么意思resentati天秤座和双子座配对ve.teamwork

Yao Yong made arranregular是什么意思英语gements for the selection of spring outing to beservice是什么故障灯 held in April. Spring outing will be held at Luofu Mountain. Registratininth还是nineth区别on and checkninth的基数词-out will be carried out one after another. All lion friends are invited to participmeetingtencentcomate activemeeting是什么意思ly.

Lninthly翻译i Hui gave a detaile天秤座和什么星座最配d explanation on the sninth-gradechedule of meizhou tour and Tibet seteamprolf-driving tour, which will be held in June in honor of the last天秤座最怕什么星座 captain.

At the end of the meeting, Li Hui announced that the bell rang and adjourned. Al天秤座女l the participants celebratedservice shiyouservicebio‘s birthdninth怎么读ay in March. The ceremony was simple and warm.

Artimeeting翻译cle/Gong Hui & NBSP; Phheld过去式和过去分词oto/Chi Minghui

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