Stay True to your Original Aspiration and be grateful for your journey -- Pingshan Service Team's 2017-2018 inaugural Ceremony was successfully held

Stay true to why you started. Gratitude counterparts

-- The inauguration ceremony for the 2017-2游刃有余018 teaspiration是什么意思英语rm change of pingshan Service Team was succejourney歌曲ssfully held

On August 18,游刃有余 2017, the inaugural ceremony of pingshan Service Team of Shenzhen Liontrue是什么意思中文翻译s Club wajourneys successfuljourney翻译ly held in the banquet hall on the 4th floor of Leanju Hotel in Pingshan District. The 2017-2018 Pserviceableresident of Shenzhen Lions Club Tian Wangxing, the second vice President Weng Hua, the former president Dai Tongxin, the General Director Peng Daojian, the Deputy Secretary General Li Feng, the chairman of the Fifth Zone Nie Xiangdong, the chairman of the zone Huang Shaofang, Wang Daoming, Wen Yaoli, Huang Lishenggrateful和thankful的区别, the Deputy director of the Art Troupe Lin Xiaohong, Mojourney游戏re than 600 people attended the ceremony, including the legratefullyader of pingshan Sejourney的复数rvice Team, Wu Zecjourney游戏huan, the last leader, Ho Coriginalityhunservice和serve的区别g-wai, and the pioneer laspiration的所有变形eader, Chen Yuan-xiang. The ceremony was presided over by Yan Xing and Fang Jie.

Mrs Wong gave a welcoyour怎么读me speech and tolled the bell to annouservice和serve的区别nce thoriginal是什么牌子e commencement of thtrue怎么读e ceremjourney风之旅人ony. On behgrateful造句alf of pingshan Service Team, heyour extended warm welcome and heastay怎么读rtfelt thanks to all the leaders and guests present.

He Zhongwei, the former t坪山区人民政府eam leader, made a summary of the work ooriginalf 2016-2017 around the lionaspiration什么意思 work, servoriginalice activities andservice honors of Pingshan Segrateful是什么意思rvice Team. He said that as a teamstaycation leader, he should not onl平山县y set an example, but also protrue是什么意思mote the daspiration的中文意思edication of lions club and help more people, so as to live up to the trust and trust of lions club members. He then honored the outstanding members of the yeservicear 2016-2017悠然的拼音.

Mr. Weng Hua, the secondtrue和false vice President of Pingshan Service Team, gave a speech on stage, thanking the lserviceableion friends for their great love and the lion friends' famyoursilies fororiginal什么意思 their strong support to the workjourney是什么意思 of Lions Club. He wished pingshan Serviceaspirational翻译 team to continue to deliver positive energy and injourney游戏heryoursit great love in the New Year.

Then caservicebiorried out a solemn and grand handoveservice和serve的区别r ceremony, in wenjourney是什么意思g Hua, Daiaspiration的用法 Tongxinstay歌曲, Peng Daojian, Li Feng, Nie Xiangdong, Wang Daoming and other leaders lion friends and guests w平山天气预报itnegrateful翻译ss, he Zaspirational翻译hongwei will be ribbon and scepter handed over tpingshano Wu Zechuan.

Captain Wu Zechuan then delivered his inaugural speech and iyour怎么读ntroduced the annual work plan.   He said that since its esstayedathome中文意思tablishment, pingshan Service tejourney怎么读am has been adhering to the litrue的副词on spigratefulrit of "we serve", practicing the spirit of "fouservice翻译r out", and actively carrying out a series of public welfare activities such as helping the disabled and orphans, loving the people and respecting the eldergrateful翻译ly,坪山疫情 and serving the community. In the New Year, he will loriginal是什么牌子ead the servstay的过去式ice te平山天气am to hold regular meetings of the council and lion strueervice training. Strengthen fellowshtrue和falseip with other service teams undaspirationer the guidance of district clubsyour怎么读; Actively carry out community activities, education平山县al atrue是0还是1ctivitgrateful和thankful的区别ies, and "Bright actstay的过去式ion" and other medical and health services; Regulaservice是什么意思中文翻译r lion friendly fellaspirationowship activities are held.

Chairman Nie Xiangdong led the new membstay的过去式ers ojourney翻译f the council to solemnly swear, And坪山 Captain Wstay怎么读u Zechuan issued letters of appointment for the members of the Counciljourney歌曲. Pjourney翻译resident Wang Daoming led the new lion friends to take thstay是什么意思e oath, weng Hua, the second vice president of the new lion friends to wear the badge.

Pingshan service team lion friends, Pingshan Community Foundation chairman Jiang Wetruely和truly区别iming spoke on stage, highly recognized the pingshan service team "based on Pingshan, seoriginally形容词rvice community" of caring spirit andaspirational翻译 variougrateful什么意思中文翻译s lion wserviceableork.

President Tian Wapingshanngxing gstayave a speech on the stage, affirming the achievements made by Mr. He zhongwei, and expressing high hopes for Mr. Wu Zeserviceablechuan's work in the New Year. He hoped that the servipingshance team woyoursuld make more achievements and jointly push the development of Shenzhen Lions Club to a new height.

Article/Contributestayingd by Tuping Mountain Serviceaspiration的所有变形 Team

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