Lion Enterprises Share Prosperity and Enjoy people's Livelihood -- Lion Enterprises Service Committee enters Into Minsheng Bank

On April 28, 2021, the 9th session of lions Club service Committee of shenzhen 2020-2021 was held in Minsheng Bank Building, Futian District. The exchange was organized by Lions Club she砂仁nzhen, licommittee是什么意思ons Enterprise Service Committee, Minsheng Bank Shenzhen Branch, lions Club Shenzhen 2020-2021 second vice captain teamenjoy用法. The purpose of this exchange meetingcommittee和council is to砂仁 let lion friends lservice的名词earn advanced enterprise management culture, understand the financial knowledge of encommitteestcommitteeerprises, and promote the communication between lion friends enterprises. The exchange meeting includes commendation, exchacommittee中文意思nge and sharing.

Lu Zhiqiang, Chairman of shenzhen Lions Club for 2020-people翻译2021, Fang Shilei, Deputy Secretary General, Zhao Hui, Chairman of Zone 4, Yu Hui, Tang Xueyong, Chlion怎么读airman of Lions Club Services Committee, Li Xuegang, Chairman of Lions Club Services Cenjoy翻译ommittelion是什么意思e, Yu Xiaoping, Chairman of Environmental Services Committee, More than 50 people atpeople英语怎么读tendedcommittee是单数还是复数 the meeting, including Xia Jing, assistant to the president of Minsheng Bank Shenzhen Branch, Xu Zhuobin, General Manager of Personal Finance Department, Deng Zhiwpeople翻译ei, General manapeople英语怎么读ger of Small and Micro Financelivelihood Department, Huang Shungshareduang, president of Science Park Sub-branch andcommittees representatives from various service teams. The meeting was presided over by Fu Xiao, with Huang Jiankang as chairman and He Dongzhuo as exshare微博ecutive chairman.enjoy

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Chairman Li Xuegang introduced the leaders and guests and extendedpeople英语怎么读 a warm welcome to all of them.

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Lu Zhiqiang, president of Shenzhen Lions Club, first thanked China Minsheng Bank for its support and sponsorsprosperity是什么意思hip of "One Million Chopsticks" service project. Many lions club meprosperity的形容词mbers are small, medium and micro entrepreneurs and also neprosperity的用法ed strong support from China Minsheng Bank. We hope to find a meeting point through this activity to promote the development of Lcommitteesions Club.

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Fang Shilei, deputy secretary general, shared the cultural spirit of Lienjoy翻译onlivelihoods Club shenzhen. He said that Lions club is an entrepreneur from all walks of life. Learning banking knowledge is helpful to the development of enlion复数terprises.

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Mr. He Yajun, the general coordinatpeoplesor of the "One Million Chopsticks" service project, introduced the themeshared and vision of tcommittee怎么读he "one Million Chopsticks" service杀人蟹 project, and shared the significenterprise是什么意思英语ance of using chopsticks, saving food, cleaning and garbage sorting, adventerprises怎么读ocating every hoenjoyableusehold to use chopsticks. Han Genjoy翻译uangyu and Ouyang Lianghan from Minsheng Bank shared their knowledge on VIpeople的复数形式P service and corporatpeople是单数还是复数e financing, and let lion friends learn more banking knowledge.

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Later, Xie Yiqian, aenterprises翻译n employee of Zhong Xueli, plaprosperity怎么读yed a gu Zheng sonenterprises翻译g, which won warm applause.

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Mr. Guo Jiafeng, senior tax accountant and financiallivelihood翻译 planner, shared the knowledge of tax law in the Civil Code and answered questions for lion friends.

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Lu Zhiqiang, Chairman of CFC, presented a certificatecommittee是什么意思 of ap砂仁的功效preciation to Scommittee和councilhenzhen Branch of Minsheng Bank for sponsoring the "One Million Chopsticks" service project of Shenzhen Lions Club as a carservice的名词ing enterprise. President Li Xuegang presented a commemorative certiflionicaenterprise是什么意思英语te tpeople翻译o the behind-the-scenes staff in prepacommittee和commissionration for the event,prosperity是什么意思 thanking them for their qusharediet efforts.

Xia Jing, a杀人蟹ssistant president of The Bank, warmly wpeoplesellion是什么意思comed the arrival of Lion Fpeople是什么意思riends. He said that charity is a cause that MINsheng Bank has blion复数een adhering to, which coincides with the public welfare philosophy of Shenzhen Lions Club. He hoped that in the future,service和serve的区别 more exchanges and cooperatiocommittee翻译n could be made withserviceable each other to jointly promote the development of Lion Friends and contribute to the public welfare.

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The timenterprise是什么意思e of gathering i砂仁s always short, and the lions have gained a lot in this exchange. I would likservicee to tlion复数hank the bank staff for providing us with the exquisite afternoon tea. I would also like to thank the lion f砂仁ripeoplesends for their silent efforts in this exchalions英语怎么读nge meeting.

&nprosperity反义词bsp;Wechat picture _20210430140103.jpg

[Text] Shen Shi News Agservice翻译ency Chen Xinhong

[Photo] Provided by Minsheng Bank Shenzhen Branch

【 Edit 】 Ma Huijuan & NBSP; Hu Lei

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Clupeople是什么意思b Office

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