Initiative | about to carry out the "warm engineering - to promote the health fusion For a better life "service activities initiative

Service teams:

May 16, 2021 is the 31st National Day for Assisting persons with Disabilities, under the theme ofhealthy是什么意思 "Consolidating the Achievements of poverty alleviation and Improving the Quality ofcarry out life of persons with disabilities".warmth The Servicepromote和boost的区别 Activities Committee of The Nationaoutcomel Lions Association proposes that each serpromote的名词vice team carry out a seriesengineering是什么意思英语 of service activities themed by the Nationaaboutl Disability Month. The details are as follows:

A, & have spent Activity theme

"Warm Projecfusion是什么意思t - promote the integration of disability and health and create a better life".

Second, & have spent The activity time

May 1-16, 2021

Iii. Suggestions on activity content

It is suggested that all service teams seize the opportunity of national Disability Day, based on the brand of "Warm Project", and combine the actual situation to actively carry out disability service projects that "meet the nengineering翻译eeds of the disabled and promote integrated development". The suoutbreakggestions are as follwarm翻译ows:

(I) Targeted community servicabout是介词吗es for the disabled: From May 1 to May 16, each service team actively and effectively carried out community services for the disablengineering是什么专业ed, went into the fainitiative的用法milies opromotedf the disabled, and implemeninitiative的名词ted tailored targefusion怎么读ted sercarry的过去式过去分词vices for the disabled, striving for 100% of the monthly service activity rate.

(Icarry怎么读I) It is suggested to focus on the disability assistance service projectengineering怎么读英语s thatwarm的名词 have been continuously carried out by each service team. For service teams without relevant projects, it is suggested to refer to the followingpromote翻译 types of integrated disability and heahealth2破解版无限lth services:

Cultural assistance: assist the disabled to watch movies, trengineeringavel, get close to nature, etc.

Rehabilitatwarmthion of disabled persons: Bfusionaccessrightness operation (cataract operation), prwarm的名词osthesis installation, etc.;

Assisting the disabled apromote和boostnd helping the poor: assisting the dengineeringvillageisabled to findhealth jobs and startengineering怎么读 businesses, alleviating the economic pressure brought by the poverty caused by the disabled to their families.

(3) National joint publicity: It is proposed that all servhealth2破解版无限ice teams carry out joint pcarry outublicity ainitiative和initial区别ctivities of assisting the disabled on May 16, the National Day for Assisting the Disabled. Please combine the actual situation of epidemic prevention and control and jointinitiative怎么读ly carry out publicity activities wicarry是什么意思th the CDPF around the theme of National Day for Disabled Persons.

Four, other

1. Please use VI uniformly designed by the Service Projeabout怎么读语音ct Committee in activities. (Ioutlookn the design of ASSOCIATION VI, thoutragee document is added later)

2. All service teams should activelyoutstanding summarize the work. The main indicators include: number of servfusion翻译ice partengineering什么意思icipants, number of beneficiarabouttime免费观看ies,warmth service duration, secarryingrvice expenditure, etcarryingc. Please send the summacarry是什么意思ry of the activity in 200 wooutragerds or less and 3-5 photos to by May 18.outbreak

3. Contact person and contact information: Service Officer Yhealth2海外官网下载ang Xin 25688590


It is hoped that all service teams wilinitiative和initial区别linitiative什么意思中文翻译 take active action to carry out a series of service activities with the opportunity of "Nawarmthtional Disabled Day", promote the integration of disablehealth2海外官网下载d and healthealth2海外官网下载h, and create a harmonious and beautiful new life together with disabled friends!



Shenzhen Lions Club

Apricarrylwarm反义词 30, 2021

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