Hongli Service Team: The fifth team meeting and regular meeting of the year 2019-2020 will be held

On November 23, 2019, the fifth captain team meeting and regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Red Litchi Service Team 2019-2020 was held in Shenzhen Biofifth怎么读logical Industrial Park, Pingshan District. Shenzhen Lions Club Vice supervisor Zhang Jian, GLT executive chairman Rong Jing, disciplinary committee executive chairman Wang Yanhua, red Li servicregularitye team last captfifthlyain Liu Xiaoning, first vice captain Wu Guicheng, second vice captain Liang Yidong, thirservice的名词d vice captain Zhang Ying, former captain Wang Shoujun, Tang Wenping, Yao Xiaozhong, secretary Liang Wregular的名词enjuan and other 22 peopregularityle attended the meeting. Zhang Tong, lead红领巾图片emeeting是什么意思r of large cheng Service team of Shaanxi Representative Office, and Gu Weixia, executive chairman of Shenzhen Committee of China Lions Fund attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Long Jia as the president of the conferfifthlyence. After the meeting, the Red Li Service team specially organmeeting是什么意思ized a training activity of “public speaking”, whichserviceman was delivered by Rong Jing.

The chairman of the conference opened

Long Jia, president of the conference, welcomed Captain Zhang Tong and President Gu Weixia to guide us.  

Welcome guest (Zhang Tong, leader of Shaanxi Dacheng Service Team).jpg

Welcome guest (Teacher group Gu Weixia Shi Jie).jpg

Secretary wen-juan liang generation Long Yali captain red li and district are summarized recent lion will service work, this paper introduces the shafifth翻译anxi large joint student, sh红领巾简笔画angbu bright eyes action, district will love sanitation workers the preparatory activities, red action, deep lions, yonhap news agenteamcy reporter night, diabetes campaign award ceremony, the first phase of the educational training and other activities, In addition, the prservice和serve的区别eparatory work of guizhou education assistance and “Red Action” was also arranged. Thanregular翻译ks to Yfifth怎么读in Shan and Yao Xiaozhong for their supyear怎么读port to tserviceableheservice和serve的区别 red Action.

Brother Yao Shi speaks

Zhang Jian, the general coordinator of Shaanxi Student Aid, Rong Jing, the executive chairman, Zhang Tong, the leader of Dacyearningheng Service team and the lion friends of Hongli Service team who participatedregular什么意思 in the student aid enthusiastically shared the bit by bit of student aid and lion affairs exchange activities. Thanks to all the lion friends of the preparatorregularlyy group for theiteam什么意思r hard work and joint efforts, and thanks to all the lion friends and their families for obeying the command, obeying the diteam是什么意思翻译scipline and helping each other in the pmeeting是什么意思中文翻译rocess of eteamoducation. Thanks to shaanxi Lion Friends for their warm hregularospitality.

Zhang Jian speaks. JPG

After the meeting, Ronteam是什么意思翻译g Jing conducted a training on the theme of “public speaking” for the lion friends. Gu weixia shared the knowledge and skilfifth怎么读英语ls of meditation. In addition, hongli Sfifth基数词ervice team provided free colorectal cancer early screening service sponsored by Longjia’s Qishengbo Life Technology Company. Finally, we had dinner together and had a party to celebrate the birthday of the lion friends.


Article/photo Contributed by Hong Li Service Teaservicemanm

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