High-tech Service Team: The fifth captain team meeting and regular meeting of 2019-2020 will be held

On November 27th, 2019, the fifth captain team meeting and regular meeting of Shenzhen Lioteamsns Club Hitechnology翻译gfifth的缩写h-tech Seregular的名词rvice Team 2019-2020 was held in Melio Health Center, Bao ‘an North Road, Luohu Distservicerictteam. Deng Yi, supervisomeeting腾讯会议r of Shenzhen Lions Club, Bi Yongtao, advisor, Wei Chengqing, executive chairman of Shenzhen Lions Club, Ma Huada, leader of High-tech Service Tmeeting怎么读英语eam, Wen Yanmei, fhighlyirst vtechnologyice leader deng Xin, former leaders Chen Qunhao, Zhang Shengxing, Liu Kameeting是什么意思中文翻译ineng, Wang Bo, Luo Lidan, Secrethigh怎么读ary Liu Meijiao, Finance Wang Wenxian and other 22 people attended the regu特长lar meeting. Zhang Xuwen, leader of the Central Service Tregular的所有形式eam, attended the meetservice翻译ing. The meeting was chaired by Gu Lihua.






      &nbspmeetingyou是什么意思; In the team meeting, Wei Chengqing summarized the “Bright Action” service activities of Na Yong Lezhi in Guizhou. He said 21 lion friends partihigh翻译cipaservice怎么读ted in the event and 86 cataract operations were performed. The service cost was 60,000 yuan. The activity received strong support and high attention from the Provinmeeting的音标cial Disabled Persteams手机版ons’ Federation of Guizhou Health Commission aservice是什么意思nd nayong county officials. He suggested that high-tech service teams go into more remote mountainous areas to carry out fixed-point services.

&nbhighlightsp;       At the meeting, Captain Majada discussed with thighwayhe lion friends the acfifth翻译tivity plan and funds of the high-meetingtencentcomtech servhigherice team “Red Action” in December.

        Supervisor Deng Yi conveyed the service plan of the district council. Menhighttor Bi Yohigh怎么读ngtao proposregular的所有形式ed that the liohighwayn club doregular的名词nate 100% of the lion award to raise more service funds for sheteamviewernzhen Lions Club and better carry ouhighlyt public welfare and charity activities.

Wen Yanmei, the former team leader and Luo Lidan, the former team leader, put forward many valuable suggestions for the lion work activities of the high-tech service team. Captain Zhang Xuwen shared some practices and experience of the central District Service Team in carrying oumeeting翻译t service activities. Zeng Hanfeng, Pan Wei, Gu Lihua and Chen Zhongqiong respectively shared thmeetingeir feelings abouttechnique participating in the Bright Action activihightties.

  &nbscaptain音标p;     After the regular meeting, former cfifthaptain Zhang Shengxing invited the overseasteampro medihigh翻译cal doctor of Melio Health Center to give a vteam什么意思ivid and valuabfifth的缩写le lecture on health knowlecaptaindarkdge to lion friends. The doctor introduced the “secret book” of health and longevtechniqueity, advocated the concept of “preventionservice的名词 is more important than cure”, and gave warm tips on how to avoid the “pit” on the road of health.


&nbhighsp;       Finaserviceablelly, lion friends celebrate the birthdays of Lin Tao, Luo Lidan, Zhang Shengregular的所有形式xing and Liu Kaineng in November.


By Liu Meijiao

Photo/Zhcaptain喵队长微博ang Shengxing


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