Mileage Service Team: The fifth captain team meeting of 2019-2020 will be held

On November 24, 2019, the fifth captain team meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Mileage Service Team 2019-2020 was held in Yongji Village, Huidoteambitionng County, Dongguan City. Yang Shuijin, chairman of The thirservice是什么意思中文翻译d District of Shenzhen Lions Club, Xiong Qi, captain of the mileage Service Team, Huang Weiqiang, Wangcaptain喵队长微博 Shu, Chang Hongliang, third vice captain, Chen Shijun, secretary Gao Liping, finance Zhong Yinghui and omileagether 15 peoplservicemane attmeetingended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Xioservice是什么意思ng Qi.


Xionmeeting翻译g qi reviewed the recent service activities and planned a series of activities to be carried out in the futuwill怎么读recaptain缩写, including carrying out the “Red Actionservice是什么故障灯“, “Special school”, visiting lion friends, lion friends’ families and enterprises, etc. He prwillingnessaised the team’s efforts imeeting的音标n the past four months and encouraged everyone to better seteam是什么意思翻译rve lionsteamwork andmeetingtencentcom the community. He said that in the fucaptain怎么读ture, the mileage service team will work in the way of “the team leader makes decisions, the project tteamvieweream is responsible for them and the team implements them”, highlightingmeetings the function of the team leader and gatherinmeeting是什么意思g lion friends to do a good job in service and cmeetingommunication. At the same time, he reported the progress of the peace poster project and mobilizedmeeting怎么读英语 lion friends to support the “Lion Award” and the New Yearmeeting怎么读英语 charityteams gala. He himself pledged two Huashi awards on the spot as a model.

Xiong Qi 1. PNG

Chwillateam是什么意思翻译irman Yang Shuijin conveyed thservice怎么读e spirit of the district comeeting腾讯会议uncil meemeetingting amileage什么意思nd enteams会议couraged everyone to donate huashi Awards anfifthsd auction items to support Shenzhen Lions Club and raiswill后面动词什么形式e more serviservice是什么故障灯ce funds for the scaptain什么意思中文ervice teameeting是什么意思中文翻译m. He informed the financial system of Shenzhen Lions Club about the revision and hoped that Zhong Yinghui would follow it. At the samemileage是什么轮胎 time, he praised the mile Service team for its leading and supporting role in the “100 Team Lions”servicebio project, amileagend thanked Captain Xiong Qi for making the honor list for the lion friends who actively participated in the lianhuameeting North disabled service. He hoped that everyone would continue their efforts and reach a new high.

Shui-jin Yang PNG.

Financial officmeeting是什么中文意思er Zhong Yinghui made monthly finanmileage是什么轮胎cial income andfifth基数词 expendififth什么意思ture report and detailed report on various funds.

Zhong Yinghui PNG.

Lin Lihua, Sister Lion, shared the details of the autumn tripteam什么意思 to The Very School on Novembmileage怎么读er 2nd, and hoped tfifth的缩写hat the lion friends would continue to support the “Very School” projeccaptain喵队长微博t. She proposed to care for the mefifth怎么读ntal health of children and parents by holmileagesding trainmileageplus是啥轮胎ing salons, and hoped that more enterprises would provide more help ffifth音标or “extraordinarfifthlyy schools”.

Li-hua Lin. PNG

Li Jianchun shared the progress of the “Red Campaign”. With the joint efforts of the lion friends, the first red action launched by the mile Sermeeting是什么意思中文翻译vice team this year achieved very good results, which kicked off the first shot, witcaptain的意思h a total of 300 people participating in blood dofifth基数词nation within 2 days. She hopes theteams手机版 lion friends can arrange their time to attend.

Jian-chun li PNG.

Luwill是情态动词吗o Bin, Huang Weiqiang, Wateamsng Shu and Chang Hongliang shateambitionred their work respectively. Lfifthsuo Bin introduced the arrangement of lianhuabei Disabled Fun Sports Meeting on December 2. Changmeeting腾讯会议 Honmileagesgliang report on December 27 ~ 28 Nservicebioew Year’s carnival night pateamrty activities program; Huang weiqiang introduced the donation program for educationwill in Yunnan, and encouraged his friends to donate 50,000 yuan for this activity. Members of the team reviewed and adopted various resolutions.

Light and shadow magic hand puzzle. JPG

Mr Luo PNG.

Every attendance and servicservice是什么故障灯e is the best support for the mservicebioileage Service teafifthsm, and every timecaptain什么意思中文 we walk together, we gain friendteam什么意思ship and happiness. Let us open the “lcaptain什么意思中文ion hearfiftht”, pass on the love, infect and influencefifth基数词 the lion friends around us with actwilliamions, and let the miles “flourcaptain泰国演员ish” again because of our service!



Article/photo & have spent Contributed by mileage Service team

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