Stay True to the Original Aspiration, Follow the Party, keep in mind the Mission and Develop -- The Advisory Committee of the President of Lions Club of Shenzhen studied and implemented the spirit of the 19th National Congress

Stay True to the Original Aspiration, Follow the Party, keep in mind the Mission and Develop -- The Advisory Committee of the President of Lionfollow怎么读s Club of Shenzhen studied and implemented the spirit of the 19th National Cparty是我家ongress

On November 1, 2017, in order to further study and implement the spirit of the 19th Nastay歌曲tional Congress of Lions Club shenzhen and discuss the future departy是什么意思velopment direction of the club, the advisory Committee of the chairman of Lions Club Shenzhen held a seminar on the sporiginalirit of the 19th National Congress of Lions Club Shenzhen in Yalde Club Hall, 19th flooparty是派对的意思吗r, Central Business Building, Futian District, Shenzhen. Foundoriginally形容词ing President Xie Jianwen, former president Lin Tao, Wu Xiaoming, Su Zeran, Zheng Degang,true和false Xiao Xingpfollowinging, Zhang Guojun, Sun Yun, Sha Shuyu, Dai Tongxin attended the seminar, while The 2017-2018 President Tian Xingwang and Secretary General Zeng Shiyang of Lionminds Club shenzhen attended the seminar. Sun Yunkeep健身app, chairman of advisory Committee of lions Claspirationalub of Shenzhen for 2017-2018, presided over the seminar. Participants carefully studied the report of the 19th Natiomission的意思nal Congress of the Communfollow翻译ist Party of China (CPC) and delivered speeches on their understanding of the spirit of the report.

Sumission是什么意思英语n Yun, former preside民调局异闻录之勉传nt of Lions Club of Shenzhen, said that the 19th National Congress of the Communist Pmissionary歌词mvarty of China is a very ikeep健身appmportant conference he民的拼音ld in the decfollow翻译isive stage of building a moderately prosperous society in all respemissioncts and the key period of socialism with Chinese characteristics entering a new era. It is one of the important tasks of Lions Club of Shenzhefollowingn to study, puoriginally形容词blicize and implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Comission的意思mmunist Party of China. The chairman's advis民的部首ory commitmindstee shouldfollow什么意思 toriginal什么意思ake the lead in organizistay upng good staspiration是什么意思英语udy, and drive all lion friends to take action, and rise to study, publicize and implement thkeepe spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party upsurge.

Tian Wangxing, Chairman of CCCCB pointed out that General Secretary Xi Jinpinkeep的用法g's report closely focused on the grand goal of tfollowshe Chinaspiration是什么意思英语ese nation's great rejuvenation, followed the trend of The Times, responded to the aspirations of the people, and issued a political declaration for the new era. On the one haspiration怎么读and, it has pointed out to us the question of what path we should take. We need to strengthen our confidence in the path, theory, system, and culture, secure a decisifollow什么意思ve vmission的意思ictory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respecparty是我家下载mp3ts, and strifollowingve for the great successaspiration的用法 of socialikeep怎么读sm with Chinese characteristics for a new era. We must study the spirit of the report from a political perspeoriginal造句ctive, follow the guidance of the new view of The Times put forward in the reportrue和falset, practice the principle offollows "we seaspirationrve", unswervingly uphold the leadership of the Party and the guiding role of Marxism, and make greater contributions to the cause of the Party and the people.

A former President of Zhang Guojun believes that domestmind用法ic characteristic socialism in the new era, social principal contradictions of ourparty模式 country has been converted to民调局异闻录之勉传 people the growing demand for a better life and the contradiction between thestaycation inadequate develo民调局异闻录之勉传pment of unbalance. We must recognize that the evolution omindsetf the principal c民的笔顺ontrafollowingdiction facing Chinese society i民调局异闻录之最终篇章s a historic change that affects the overall situation. Shenzhen Lions Club shouldmindset re-understand itself, who to rely on for development? In order to who? This is the breakmindfulthrough of the current dekeep下载安装velopment bottleneck, but also the key to whether Shmission品牌enzhen Lions club can continue to play a role of model in the country, leading the nkeep下载ational lion friends.

The founding President of jian-wen xie think, report established domindmestic xi new era charactparty英文意思eristic socialism, upholding and developing dmindfulomestic system answered new era characteristics of the overall goal of socialism, in addition, general layout, strategmind用法ic layout and the development direction, development mode, development power, strategic staspiration和ambition的区别eps, external conditions, the basic problems, such as political guarantee It poriginal软件uts forward the principal contradiction of Chinese society in the new era, expounds thparty模式e basic strategy and draws a grand blueprint. Tofollow怎么读 study and implement the spirit ooriginal和initial的区别f the 1aspiration是什么意思英语9th Natiooriginallynal Congress, we should, under the guidance of the Party, combine the problems existing in the development of Shenzhen Lions Club with the goals for the fuparty是什么意思ture, give full play to thefollow怎么读 vanguard and exemporiginal和initial的区别lary role of party members, actively promote the top-levelparty是我家下载mp3 sysfollow罗生门tem construction of Shenzhen Lions Club, and set devfollow罗生门elopment goals for five, ten or even fifteen years.

Xiao Ximind用法ngping, former chairman of ccPIT Xiamen, believes that the report of theaspiration 19th CPC National Congress includes "social organizationparty英文意思s" in consultative democracy, community governance, environmental governantrue翻译ce, grassroots Party building and other aspects, so that the institutionalization of social organstay翻译izations' participation in consultative democracy is moreparty是我家下载mp3 predictableoriginal造句. On the other hand, we should strengthen the const民调局异闻录之勉传ruction of smissionary歌词mvocial governance system, improve the social govetrue是什么意思rnance system under the leadership of the Paoriginal造句rty Committee, official responsibility, social coordaspiration翻译ination, public participation and legal guarantemindfule.true We are required to set a medium - and long-tekeep奖牌rm service orientation, take roriginaloot in the community, and expastaynd the influence of Shenzhen Lions club among citizens, officials and the media.

Zheng Degang, former chairman of the Pkeeparty, believes ttrue怎么读hat under the leadership of the Party, China has exper民的部首ienced standing up, becoming rich, and then becoming strong. To acstay uphieve a moderately prosperous society in afollowing的意思ll respects, achieve modernization and become a strong socialist country, the state should control overall development from a broader perspective. The advisororiginal是什么牌子y committee of the chairmoriginalan of Taspiration翻译he Lions Club of Shefollowsnzhkeep是啥意思en should also play its advisory role, draw a blueprint okeepf 15 years for the Lions Club of Shenzhen from a long-term perspective, discuss how to develop in the next 15 years, and take the road of socialist Lions club with Domestic characteristics.

Dai Tkeep健身appongxistay upn,keep的用法 former CHAIRMAN of CCCHAIRMEN, believes that it is crucial to improve members' politicalmind literacy to pay full attention to and study General Skeep是啥意思ecaspiration是什么意思英语retary Xi's speech carefully and study how to implement the spirit of the 19th Noriginal的名词ational Congress. Individuals should also carefully consider how to implement the spirit of the 19th National Congrekeep下载安装ss inkeep健身apptostay是什么意思 thtrue的副词eir own work posts, to carry out the work, in practice summary, reform in the summary, innovation in the reform, practice in innovation, constantly improve work ability and quality, to toriginal翻译heparty是派对的意思吗ir own high standards, strmissionict requirements, diligent steadfast work.

Wu Xiaoming, former chairman of the CPC, believes that the report of the 19th CPC National Congress has found the "soul" of the Chinese people atruelovend given the whole nation confidence. As far as the development of Lions Club shenzhen is concerned, the member code of conduct should be implemented as soon as possible. The responsibility of the lecturers is not only to introducfollowede the history of Lions Club Shenzhen, but also to enhance the sense of honor amissionary翻译nd self-discipline of the members.aspiration翻译

Lin Tao, former chairman of ccPIT Xiamen, said the rkeepeport was inspiring, reflected the wisdom of the whole nation, reflected the Party's truth-seeking and pragmatic style of work, and enhanced pparty是什么意思eople's confidence in a betteraspiration的用法 life. In the drafting process, the report has always been closely combined with民的拼音 the investigation and reseapartyrch work. It is necessary to ckeep健身appombine the new situation, make a comprehensive and in-depth inparty英文意思vestigation, formulate the devetruelovelopment plan of Shenzhen Lions Club, and build a socialist lions club with domestic characteriparty是什么意思stics.

Changsha Haiyu, a former member of the Congress, believes that the successful convening of the 19th Natoriginal的名词ional Congress of the Communist Party of China (originalityCPC) has also had a wide and far-reaching impact on the international community. The evacuation of Chinese nationals and the protection of their personal safety all reflect the improvememission怎么读nt of domestic and international status, and the Chinese people are proud in front of the whole world. Shenzhen Lions Club should overmission的意思come all difficulties and forge ahead.

Former Chairman Su Zeran believes that listening to the report benefited a lot. To implement the spistay是什么意思rit of the meeting, Lions Club of Shenzhen umind用法rgently needs to find the right position, focus on the service projestay是什么意思cts supported by the government,keep的用法 further promote the work of the community, do practical and good things for the residents, and build its own btrue翻译rand. Ttrue的反义词imely change top-level deskeep是啥意思ign, formparty是我家ulate long-term strategic plans, and actively face various challekeep奖牌nges.

The meetingfollowbrazzers lasted nearly two andaspiration的所有变形 a half hours, and the participants were still fumission英语ll of enthusiasm and enthusiasm. Chairman Sustay怎么读n yun said that the forestay怎么读sight and insightful views of the former chairmen made the meetitrue翻译ng an excellent forum. Under themission英语 guidance of the spirit of the 19th National Congress, Lions Club shenzhen wilkeep是啥意思l adhere to the leadership of the Communist Party of China, stay true to its original aspiration and mission, seize development opportunities,party actively respond to challenges, forge ahead, plan a blueprint for sustaintruely和truly区别able development, and provide experience and model for the daspiration的中文意思eveloporiginally形容词ment of lions Club shenzhen and other regions.

【 Text 】 Wu Meiyun

[Photo] Liu Shenxstayedathome中文意思i

[Editor] Zeng Shiyanoriginalg, Ma Huijuan

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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