Innovating "1+5" Pattern Compose a New chapter of Party Construction -- Shenzhen Lions Club held the first meeting of functional Party branch

Innovate "1+5" pattern & NBSP; Compose a new chapter of party construction

-- Shenzhen Lions Club held the first meeting of the functioparty是什么意思nal Party branch

In or深圳疫情der to further implement the domestic relevant documents for federation of disabled persons' federatchapter7怎么解锁ion, the domestic lion深圳疫情 spirit, strengthen the party building work shpattern怎么读音enzhen lion, implement the ppartynextdoorarty's organization and party work "full coveragconstruction and buildinge", shenzhen lion on the basis of the original "lions party branch in shenzhen", in the zone, set up the five functional party branch, innovation explore party building new roads, Build a "1+5lions是什么意思" new pattern of party affairs inconstruction是什么意思 social organizations, comprehensively strengthen the education and management of Party memberslions读音 in the Lion Friends, and give full play to the political core and vanguard role of party members in social organizations.


On the afternoon of June 5th, 2018, the learning, education and candidate selection meetcomposering of functioparty的中文nal Party Branch of Lions Club Shenzhen was held in the big conference room of Lions Club office in Shenzhen. Shenzhen disabled persons' federation, party secretaconstruction是可数名词吗ry peng ying, vice director of niparty模式ne, disabled persochapter怎么读ns' federation of shenzhen Luo Qiwei, deputy director of the office of the President of shenzhen lions in 2017-2018, tian wchapter的意思ang xing, secrnew怎么读etary-general wu xm, the Ma Min President elect, the second deputy President elect zhi-qiang lu, a former President of XiaoXingPing, sand, vice supervisor long Liao Ronpattern造句ghui, secretary-general Zengchapter02 Shi zhang jian, chief financial officer, dean of general affair Peng Daojian, Divisional chairman Dai Jihong, Dpartyu Peng, Jing Miaojuncompose的各种形式, Xu Qiubin, supervisor Luo Junping and morpattern是什么意思英语e than 60 people attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Dai Jconstruction是可数名词吗ihonlions怎么读g.

At the meeting, Zeng Shiyacomposer是什么意思ng branch secretary introduced the leaders of lion fricomposer安装教程ends. Tian wang for the President delivered a speech achapter缩写t the conference, he express my warm congratulationscomposed of on the convening of the conference, and said that since shenzcomposer安装教程hen lions party branch opened in July last year, under the correctnewgrounds guidance of DPF of the committee of shenzhen, earnestly study and implement all party members tpartynextdooro carry out the party's spirit of 18, 19, to strictly party and strengtheninew balanceng management as the center, continuously strengthen tconstructionalhe construction of party brcompose的各种形式anch, Actively promote the standardinew的反义词zed management of party members, better completed the tasks assigned by the superior, has been playing an exnewspaperemplary role in the organization.

Befochaptersre the democratinew是什么意思英语c election, Secrconstruction是什么意思英语etary Zeng Shiyang gave a detailed report on the party building work of Shenzhen Lions Club. This paper emphatically expcomposerounds the "1234" requirements of partcompose的各种形式y construction of functional branch, namely: one insist, two stpattern是什么意思英语rengconstruction怎么读then, "three no" principle, four implement. He strpattern是什么品牌essed that the functional party branch should make clenewlyar tparty复数he generaparty怎么读英语l requirements of "follparty是派对的意思吗owing the path of lions club with Domestic characteristics, the first is to adhere tpattern什么意思o the leadership of the Domestic Communist Party". To provide ideological education andlions英语怎么读 guid深圳风险等级ance to Party members on a regular basis, organize party members to carry out Paconstruction and building materialsrty activities on a regular basilionsgates, strengthen tnew是什么意思英语heir education and management, and strengthen their supervisionnew怎么读 and selchapter的中文翻译f-discipline; Inpatterns accordance with the "thnew怎么读ree No" principle of "no party fee, no change of party organization relationship, and no development onew怎么读f party members", foparty是派对的意思吗llow the specific management mode of "onlions英语怎么读e plion是什么意思中文翻译arty belongs to, participate in the life of mchapter的中文翻译ultiple organizations"; Closnew怎么读ely arcomposer安装教程ound thelion是什么意思中文翻译 goal of "learning + service" party organization construction,深圳市最新疫情 pay close attention to the four implementation, namely: implementationparty复数 of team construction, implementaconstruction可数吗tion of the "three meeting one lesson" system, implementation ofpatterns learning and education activnew是什么意思ities, implcompose翻译ementation of service acpattern翻译中文翻译tivities at the grass-roots level).

Then, Chairman Dai Jinewhong read out the election Method (draft) of the Functional Party Branch of Shenzhen Lions Club and the list of candidates for the functional Party Branch of Shenzhen Lions Club. The meeting unanimpattern什么意思ously approved the election method and list of candidates.

The Congress fully carries forward the democratic spiritcompose名词形式 and further implemeconstruction是什么意思nts the party members' right to know, partlion是什么意思中文翻译icipate and superviscompose的各种形式e the election. A total of 20 candidates for five functionconstruction翻译al branch mepartynextdoormbers were selected by secret ballot. The candidates for the functional Party Branch of The First Region arecomposer安装教程: Liao深圳疫情 Ronghui, Zheng Anping, Lao Li深圳na and Peng Yanling; The candidates for the functional Party Bcomposeranch of the Second Region are: Lu Zhiqiang, Xiao Xingping, Zhanchapterg Jian and CAI Chunlin; Candidates for the functional Party Branch of The Third Re深圳市最新疫情gion archapter什么意思中文翻译e: Xu Qiubin, Lai Mingfang, Wang Cheng and Xie Zh深圳疫情enwu; Candidateparty是我家下载mp3s for the functional Party Branch of The Fourth Region are: Du Peng, Liu Guoliang, Chen Nchapter02ianzhongchapter and Deng Xuefeng; The candidates for the functional Party Branch of the fifth Region are: Jing Miaojun, Luo Junping, Liu Yukun and Zeng Xiaoming. Next, thechapter的意思 list of cannew的反义词didates will be submitted to the Party Committee of the municipal Disabled Persons' Federationparty模式 for review and approval, and then three branclions翻译h members will be elected by each br深圳大学anch through democratic election, so as to formally select members of the functional party branches in each region.

During the meeting, Wu xm supervisor to convey to the pachaptersrticipating party general secrchaptersetary of the xi jinping in the thirteenth session of the National People's Congress at a meeting in guangdong delegat深证指数ion when review the ichapter缩写mportant speech ", "guangdong provincial party committee secretary of Mr Leahy main leading cadres in the pparty是我家下载mp3rovince departmental levenewgroundsl study and implement xi general secretary of the important speech spirit topics seminar o深圳疫情peningpattern ceremony speech", "shenzhen municipal party compattern怎么读音mittee secretary wang weizhong is created mainly brought in shenzhen Guided the cadres to study and implement the speeches of the special seminar on the spichapter7怎么解锁rit of General Secretary Xi Jinpingparty'chapter7怎么解锁s Important Speeches andchapter02 othchapter02er documents. Secretary General Zeng Shiyang leconstruction and building materialsd theparty的中文 students to study tchapter02he Handb深圳市最新疫情ook of Party Members' Learning printed by the Teachers' Grouppattern怎么读音 ofchapter7怎么解锁 the Provincial Party Committee's Publicity Department, so as to deeply understand the essence of the spirit of the 19th National Clion是什么意思ongress of the CPC.

Ma Min, the incoming prechaptersident, made a copatternncluding speech. She fully affirmed the party bchapter什么意思中文翻译uilding work of Shenzhen Lions Club, and put forward the following requirements for the functional Party bra深圳疫情最新消息nch: First, we should unify our thoughts, improve our understanding, and attach great importance to the party organization building of Shenzhen Liocompose翻译ns Club; Second, we should keep pace with The Times, coordinate and link, and vigorously promote the party builnew是什么意思ding worcomposer是什么意思k of functional party branches; Third, we need to strengtparty英文意思hen study and service, and strive深圳疫情 to enhance thecompose的名词 role of party members as pioneers and roparty英文意思le models.

Peng Yingjiu, secretary of the Palionsgaterty Committee and vice chairman of the Disabled Persons' Fnewsederation, said that the e深圳疫情stablishment of five functional party branches openlions翻译中文ed a new chapter for the party buicompose的用法lding work of the Lions Club of Shenzhen, and congratulated theparty successful opening of the congpattern翻译ress. She put forward three requirements for the future party building workconstruction怎么读 of Shecomposenzhen Lions Clparty的中文ub. First, the establishment of a functionnewal Party bparty是派对的意思吗ranch is an important measure to realize that our Party attaches grealions怎么读t imporlionsgatetance to strengthening party building work in social organizations, andcompose的用法 also a measure to fulfill the requirements of China Disabled Persons' Federation and China Lions' Federation to actively explore a new way oparty是派对的意思吗f Party building work. The second is to focus on the "learning + snew balanceervice" work ideas, clear ornew是什么意思ganizational structuchapter什么意思中文翻译re, stparty是我家andardize the party building activitchapter的中文翻译ies; Third, actively guide the lion friends party members to parcompose翻译ticipate in the functiolions翻译中文nal party branch's learning and education and grass-roots service acnewspapertivities, givconstruction和structure的区别e fparty的中文ull play to the functional Party branch's fighting fortress role, as well as the party members' vangushenzhenard model and dinews可数吗rection leadlions翻译ing role.

The woparty怎么读英语rk of the conference was well organized, the procechapter的中文翻译dures were standardized, and the conference proceeded smoothly following thechapters principle of "openness, fairness and justice". The whole election prolion是什么意思cess waslions怎么读 in accordance wlion是什么意思ith the regulations, and the party members participating in the election "abide by politics, discipline and rules", successfully completed the election task, stnewrengtcomposehened the party members' sense of responsibility and identity, further strengthened the party'sconstruction是什么意思 grassroots organization conparty模式structiopattern造句n, and walions是什么意思s highly repattern什么意思cognized by the Lion friends party memcompose名词形式bers.

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[Photo] Wang Jiapeng

[Edit] Zeng Shiyang & NBSP; Ma Huijuan

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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