Prosperity! Shenzhen Lions Club has been granted the pre-tax deduction qualification for public welfare donations in Shenzhen again

Prosperity! Shenzhen Lions Club has been granted the pre-tax deduction qualification for public welfare donations in Shenzhen agai他喜欢的omega会读心n

Dear Lion friend,
&深证指数nbsp;   &ndeductionsbsp; Following the annoutaxncement jointly issued bclubmed官网预订y深圳地铁线路图 finapredictnce Commission of Shenzhen Municipality, State Taxation Bureaupresent of Shenbeen和gone的区别zhen Municipality, Local Taxation Bureau of Shenzhen Mu深圳风险等级nicipality and Civil Affairsclub是什么酒 Bureaupress of Shenzhen Mbeenzinounicipality, in accordance with relevantlions的音标 provisions of tpreparehe Enterprise Income Tax Law of the People's Republic of China and the Regulations on the Implementation of the Enterprise Income Tax Law of the People's Republpressureic of China, According to the Minipresentationstry of Finance, state administration of taxation, the Mlions翻译inistry of Civil Affairs of the public welfare donapresstion pre-tax deduction qualification examination and approval fclubmanor the particulars of adjustment notice and the departments of guangdong province, the state administrbeenation of taxation and loprosperity英语怎么读cal taxation bureau of guangdong province, the home office "about publclubic welfare donation pre-tax dedugranted翻译ction qualification relevant matters n踏星otice requirements and working procedures, Lions Club of Shenzhen halions英语怎么读s been approved to deduct charitable donations before tax in 2017(Please refer to page 14 of the attached notice f他先动的心or the list: Ranked first ampreong the 38 non-foundations.).
Since 2011, when relevant departments began to recognize the pre-tax deduction qualification for public welclubfare donations, The Lions Club of Shdeduction是什么意思enclubman是什么牌子车zhen has been granted the pre-tax deduction qualificati深圳天气on for public welfare donations. Lions Clubclubmed官网预订 shenzhen is a social organization that has been continuously appreviousprovlions翻译中文ed for the pre-tax deduction qualificlub用英语怎么说cation of public welfare donations, which reflects the rigor and standardization of the management of lions Club's financial and service aclubmanctivibeen怎么读ties, which has bdeductionseen fully re踏雪cognlion是什么意思ized by the state and relevant departmenprosperity和boom的区别ts, and demonstrates thepreserve credibility and influence of Lions Club Shenzhen in the fie深圳疫情最新消息ld of publicshenzhen welfare and charity. Lion friends, caring enterprises and caring individuals can apply for pre-tax deduction of enterprise income tax or individual income tax to theibeenetworkr tax authorities according to law for donation to Shenzhen Lions Club.

        Attachment: Notice on the list of Social organizations eligible for the pre-tax ded他笑了作文500字uction for Public Welfare Donations in Shenzhen in 2017

    &nbslions读音p;  Linkprosperity反义词 to original apreviousnnouncement:

Shenzhen Lions Cllion是什么意思中文翻译ub & NBSP;  

June 7, 2018

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