Happy Express · Lions Club Spring Service team creation (source: Monday, June 16, 2014 Shenzhen Evening News B21)

Happiness Express & NBSP;

Lions club spring service team created Mr. Huang South American congrteam是什么意思翻译atulations in person

        &nbservice和serve的区别sp;   Shenzhen Evening News (Shenzhen Evening Nclubmed官网预订ews special reporter Wei Jiancheng/photlions的音标o) On the afternoon of June 13th, shenzhen Lions Club Spring Serspring漏洞vice team held itcreation和creativitys first tesourcetree怎么使用am orientation meeting in Jinbi Xuan, Hongling South Road. According to Mr. He Xingrong, the founderclub of the Spring Service Team, the concept of the spring Service team is to uphold the princhappy的副词iple of helping others and serving the society, mainly to help the children in poor mountainous areas to leacreation形容词rn.happy张江 At theservice是什么意思中文翻译 scene of the exposition, many caring peophappy翻译le have sispring面试题gned up to join thexpress的名词e sprinclubsg service team. Huang Nanmi, 88 years old, cuservice是什么意思rator of Shenzhen Hongli Painting and Calligraphy Museum, also made a speech at the mcreation是什么意思eeting and presented his calligraphy and painting to the Spring Service team to congratulate him.

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