Xinxing service team held the regular meeting in May and the appreciation meeting of youyang Student support for the elderly

Xinxing service team held the regular meeting in May and the appreciation meeting of youyang Student support for the elderly

            On the afternoon of May 28th, 2014, Shenzhen Lions Club Xinxing Service Team held the Regular meeting oheldbackf May 2014 and the appreciation meeting of Chongserviceqing Youyang Love Education for The Elderly. Wang Naikun, Pteam是什么意思翻译resident of Lions Associaheld中文tion of China; Su Zeteams手机版ran, Vicmaye President; Zhang Guojun, Executive Director and Chairman of Lions Foundation; Chen Ya ‘an, Secretary-generalappreciation中文意思; Fu Rong, Deputy Secretary-general and General Office Director; Zengteamo Shiyang, 2014-2015 sxinxingecretary-general designate of Lions Club of Shenzhen; Representatives of the cteam是什么意思翻译entral district, Hualin, Youting Service t酉阳天气eam and the city volunteer federation were invited tmayo attend the meeting.
          &nbspteamviewer; The meeting was held at the closing of the ninth National Congress of the Lions Association in China. The leaders of the Lions新型冠状病毒特征 Ass酉阳天气预报ociation took time out tserviceo inspect the grassroots service team. Before the meeting began, m有氧和无氧运动的区别ore thservice的名词an 20 lion club members from shun Hing sxinxingervimeeting翻译ce team dressed neatly to greet the leaders of tserviceablehe association, the participating lion club members and the volunteers of the associaheld的原型tion.
        &nbspmeeting是什么中文意思;     Li Yue-hua, founding presiregularizationdent of Xinxing Service Team, Lin Jin-tong, president-elect of 2014-201, and S酉阳un Jun, president-elect of vice prregularlyesident of Xinxing Service team accompanieregular是什么意思英语d the leaders to visit the office of Xinxing Service team, and introduced the development history of Xinxing Service蚂蚁庄园 team and variouteams会议s honors won over the years. The leaders fully recognizedheld的中文意思 the contributions made by xinxing Service team.
            At 3:30pm, the executive chairman Lin Jintong began the meeting by ringing the bell. Sun Jun, the vice president designate, intteams会议roduced the leaders and gue新型冠状病毒sts. President-elect Lim Jin-tong briefed on his work th玛雅人五大预言is mmeetingsonth. Acting financial li Yueh蚂蚁放大后有多可怕ua lion sregular翻译ister reported the recent financial situation, announced the xin Xing seservice是什么意思rvice team lion friends donated sick lion friends fundraising situation, and the scene called the sicheld过去式和过去分词k lion friends representative phone, to the sick lion friends conveyed the lion friends concern and love.
&regularnbsp;           During th新型冠状病毒特征e thankheld过去式和过去分词 you meeting of Youyang Love蚂蚁庄园 stuservice和serve的区别dent supportappreciation怎么读 for the aged, leaders, guests aregular翻译nd service teams watched the PPT shoyouyangwing the wonderful moments of Chongqing Youyang Love student Support for the aged. Li Yuehua, tappreciation可数还是不可数he executive chairman of the activity, introduced the situation of the activity and made a summary. The activity was jointly undertaken by Xinxing Service Team, Central District and Hualin Servicappreciation英语e Team. 100 students were donated for living expenses for 3 years, 1000 yu新型冠状病毒特征an for each academic year,team a total of 300,000 yu新型肺炎实时动态an. Donated 20 computers to Qingshan Primary School; Donated 100 mattresses to the elderly in Longtan Nursing Home, with a total service cost of蚂蚁庄园今日答案 aboteamworkut 400,000 yuan. At the summary meeting, the酉阳天气预报 service team also awarded a certificate of appreciation and a small gift to 22 lion friends andteam什么意思 caring people who parti蚂蚁加速器cipated in the activity.
&nbsphelden;       &teampronbsp;  新型肺炎 Cib Wangmeetingtencentcom Naikun, vice President Su Zeran chairman, executive diheld过去式和过去分词rector and the蚂蚁庄园 lion fund Zhang麻衣神婿 Guojun, secretary-general Chen Yaan cib leaders, chairman of shenzhen lions partition Huang Cheng, Liu Quanshi leadershipservice翻译 lion friends has respectively, certainly shuteamn hteamworking service in the coservicempassion activity of outstanding ability of organization, also honored the social impact brought by the compassion activity, Wang Naikun, presid新型肺炎实时动态ent of the association, said with emotion: If each of our service teams can make concerted efforts to do charity like Xinxing service team, the teheldena蚂蚁加速器mheld怎么读的 of our domestmeetingtencentcomic Lion association will become stronger and stronger, and the pace of development will be faster and faster! &rdqxinxinguo;


Photo: Shun Happreciation读音ing Service Team

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