High-tech Service Team: the fifth captain’s team meeting and the sixth regular meeting of 2020-2021 will be held

On March 20, 2021, the fifth captain team meeting and the sixth regular meeting of Shenzsixth怎么读hen Lions High-tech Service Team for 2020-2021 was held in Creregular是什么意思英语ativity Building, No. 3025 Nsixth读音anhai Avenue, Nanshan Distrimeetingyou是什么意思ct. High-tech service team captain Chen Ying, last captahighwayin Ma Huada,technique the fserviceableirst vice captcaptaindarkain Li Jiawen, former captain Wen Yanmei, Li Hua, Wusixthly Fang, Wei Chengqing, secretary Liu Meijiao, fteamsinancial gu Lihua and more than 20 people atteregular的名词nded the meeting. The meeting was chaired and presided over by Majada.


Captain Chen Ying briefed on the prepatechnicianration of the “Red Action” on March 30. The theme of the event was “Tservicebioen years together, we have you all the wregularay — the 11th Red Action of Scaptain泰国演员henzhen Lions Club entered the Oct Shenzhen Seaview Jito Hotel”. This activity was led by Shenzhen Seaview Grand Tour Hotel, organized OCT Property (Group) Co., LTD., Shenzhen Veniregular翻译ce Ritu Hotel and Iservice是什么意思nterconcaptain泰国演员tinental Shenzhen Oct Hotel to participate in the activity, and organized more than 120 Communist party members to pteams会议articipafifth基数词te in the voluntary blood donation acservice和serve的区别tivity.captain翻译

Diffteam什么意思erent from the past, this activity launched the party members to play a vanguarsixthtoned role in the role of model, actively participate in the public welfare blood donation activities, the activity preparation group and shenzheteams会议n Lions Red Action Committeregular什么意思e chairman Zhang Zhining communicservice是什么意思ation, contact the citsixth翻译y blood center to make “I am a party member, I tmeeting是什么中文意思ake the lead”, “red action, party members first” and other signs.

Captain Chen Ying reported the preparation of “Bright heart” activity in Ruyang, Henan province from April 8 to 14. After repeated comparison, it was determined that sfifth怎么读英语henzhenteampro Happy Family Research Instithightute would organize a team of mentors andhigher experts tsixth的基数词o train more than 13service0 teachers in Ruyang County, Henan Provincservicee. The fund for the event is RMB 5captain0,000 yuan, of whiregular的所有形式ch RMB 20,000 yuan is contribuservice翻译ted by sichuan University Chuangchuang Central Alliance and Sichuan University Chuangchuang Guangdong-Honservice怎么读g Kong-Macao Greater Bay Arsixth翻译ea Afifth音标lliance respectivelymeeting翻译, and RMB 10,000 yuan is contributed btechnoy high-tech Service Team.

Mahuvada’s former chief said his company plsixthtoneans to hold a “Save Your Side” campaign and a “Red Action” campaign in April. Specific matters are being implemented.

Secretary Liu Meijiao informed the district committehighte about the infmeeting翻译ormatimeetingtencentcomon of registered party members.

Participating in the discussion and selection of 2021-202teambition2 captain team members, all lion friends were called on to actively participate in the election of the next captain team members. Gu Lihua, the lion sister volunteered to run for the seconfifth音标d vice captain, and Li Hongjin, the lion sister volunteeservice是什么意思中文翻译red to run for the third vice captain.

Former captain Li Hua gave lion club members a training session, explaining the history and mission of lions Club, as well as the responsibilities of the team lecaptain什么意思中文ader.

Finally, the partiteamprocipatinfifthsg lion friends celebrate the birthday of Sister Feng Que, sister Pan Wei and sister Lu Qiong. Wish you a happy birthday, smregularizationooth work, happy family and good luck!


Article/photo & have spent Liu Meijiao

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