New Security Service: hold the 2017-2018 inaugural Ceremony and charity auction dinner

New Security Service: hold the 2017-2018 inaugural Ceremony and charity auction dinner

On August 6, 2017, the inaugural ceremony and chnew是什么意思arity aunew怎么读ction dinner of the new Security Service team of Shenzhen Lions Club washold的过去形式 held at Xusheng Art Museum in Bao ‘an District,charity-minded Shenzhen. Shold的过去式和过去分词henzhen lions in 2017-2018 supervisors long wu xm, second deputy chairman WengHua, former President of dai xinhold不住,charity的动词 vice supervisoceremony复数形式r long Liao Ronghui, dean of general affair Peng Daojian, deputy secretary-general Li Feng, fifth NieXiangDong, chairman of the zone, partition chairman Wan Chaolin, WuYuQiong, leaves, Huang Shaofang, dao-ming wang, supervisors Chen Zong, li chao, Lnewspaperuo Junping, Cao Haihong, deep lion Tang Haozhholdsicharity的内涵意义, chairman of the agencceremony同义词y, More than 300 people attended the ceremony, including Mr. Gao Ling, president of Shenzhen Lions Football Club and representcharity是什么意思atives of lions from various service teamsnew balance. The ceremony was hosted by Li Jucharity音标n and Yao Dongna. In the leadership of lion friends witness, Wu Wenkang will be the captain of the ribbon handedcharity音标 over to Zholdshao Yunpeng.ceremony翻译 Thecharity形容词 live auction raised 172,2service可数吗72 yuan.

Thecharity是什么意思 wondservice怎么读erful opening dceremony复数形式ancecharity音标 osecurity翻译f “Little Apple” opened the prelude of the activity. All the lion friends of the New Security Servservice翻译ice team came on stage under the leadership of thehold键是什么功能 first vice captain Wu Jinzhi.

Chen Zonglong, supervisor of Shenzhen Lions Club 2017-2018 and former lholdereader of Xin ‘an Service Team, introduced the guests. Last captain Wu Man hong gave a summary of last year’s service and lion worholdingk. Liu Shucheng last financial report last year’s financial situation.

In the past year, the new Security Service Team has made outstanding performance in various activities organized by the district council, and its social influeninaugural翻译ce has been greatly isecurity车上灯亮啥意思mproved. The acceremony和celebration的区别hievement can not be achieved without the active participation and great love of all the lion friends of the Newhold过去式 Security Service team. Mr Ng Man-hong, SSG captain, presented the Outstanding Member, Outstanding Member and Special Contribution Member awards to the lions who performed well this year.

In the handover ceremony, witnessed by the leaders, Wu Wenkang handesecurityhealth是什么启动项d over the team leader ribbon and hammer to Zhao Yunpeng. In his inaugural sceremonypeech, Zhao yunpeng introduced the servicinaugural addresse plan for the New Year, promising to create a greater social impact with the new Service corps. The new members of the council solemnly swear in the witness of the district leader Lion friend, and accepted the appointmenceremony是什么意思t.

The sustainable development of Lceremony怎么读ions club is inseparacharity形容词ble from the dservice是什么意思evelopment and retention of members. At the changing ceremony, new members of THE New Security Service club read their pledge to join the club, injholdingecting new blood into the club.

In his speech, Weng Hua, the secondcharity的动词 vice president, affirmed the achievements of the new Security Service team in the past year and had high hopes for the New Year’s work.

The ceremony also prepared wonderful progracharity-mindedms, which were unaniinaugural addressmously recognized and applauded by the leaders and guests.

In the charity auction dinner, Gao Shenghan servedinaugural address课文ppt as the auctioneeceremony怎么读r, under his humorous professional auspices, tcharity的动词he auction scehold的过去形式ne climax, the auction raised 172,272 yuan.

This is a wonderful and touching evening. In the New Year, under the guidance of the district club, all lions members of the NEW Security Service team will work together to embark on a new journey and spread the sphold键是什么功能irit of lions Club.

Article/Photo xin ‘an Service Team contributed

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