Chinese business Service Team: held the 12th regular meeting of 2019-2020 and a series of commemorative activities

On June 29, 2020, the 12th regular meeting of Chinese Business Service Team of Shenzhen Lions Club 2019-2020 was held in futian District. Chinechinesese business service team captain Lian Chuhai, last captain Dai Linhua, first vicregularitye captain Pan Shengquan, second vice capservice的名词tain Lai Shaheld中文obing, third vice captain Xia Shuang, team leadeheld怎么读的r Wu Jian, secretary Chen Rongshi, she Hanjiang finance, picket Jiang Wenbing and other more than 60 peoplemeetings attendheld过去式和过去分词ed the meeting. Shmeetingtencentcomenzhen Lions Club president Weng Hua, former President Dai Tongxin, General Affairs Director Liao Rmeeting的音标onghui, Executive Deputy Secretary General Liteamwork Feng, Chairman Li Zhou of zone 2, Chairmateamn CAI Min of Zoneservice翻译 3,regular是什么意思英语 Chairman Zhang Zheqin of Zoteam是什么意思翻译ne 6, Secretary General Tan Fei of Board of Supervisorservice和serve的区别s, Supervisor Nie Xiangdong, Charity collection service team captain Yu Xia退婚后大佬她又美又飒oping, Love service team captain Wang Lina, Xin 'an service team captain Wu Zhijian, Chinese buchinese读音siness service team guideservice是什么故障灯 lion steamproister Cao Hheldaihong and other guests at the meheld中文eting. The meeting was presided over by Chen Rongshi, pan Shengquan as the chachinese意思irman of the conference.


First of all, Captain Lian Chuhai extended a warm welcome to tmeeting翻译he lion friends and gthuests attending the meeting, and summarized the work of The Chinese Business Servicebusinessman翻译 Team in 2019-2teamwork020. He said that this year, the Chinese business sregular什么意思ervice team has carried out more than 20 service acteam什么意思tivities, and invested more than 900,000 yuan in service funds. Thank you leaders and lion friendmeeting腾讯会议s for your support to the Chinese business servmeetingyou是什么意思ice tmeeting怎么读英语eam.


Later, Captain Dai jiarin andbusiness captain Wu Jianch桃花源记翻译uabusiness-methodng praised the achievements of Chinese Busiservice是什么意思中文翻译ness Service Team over the past year and paid tribute to captain Lian Chuhai's hard work. Finance Zhang Feihong for this year's Chinese business service team finanteam是什么意思翻译cial report.

The participantteamos discussed the preparatory work for the changeservice翻译 of the Chinese business service team, appointeheldd Lai Shao-pin as the chairman of the conference, and Wu Jianwthoughei as the general manager. The secretariat group, performance group, general affairs group, financial group, inspection group and other groups were established to carry out specific work. At the same time, we discussed the project oteamprof "Lion Walk long Maserviceablerch road" and appointed relevant lion friends to be responsible for the implementation of the project.

The leaders at the meeting made speeches respecchinese意思tively, praising and affirming the outstanding achievembusinessman翻译ents of Lian Chuhai leading the Chinese business Service team in this year.

At the appreciation meetiteamng of the series of activities commemorating the resistance, lion friends spoke freteams手机版ely and encouraged each other.

Thanks to Dai Linhua for sponsbusinessmanoring the sumptuousbusiness是什么意思 dinner and Moregularityutai domestic wine for this conference; Thanks to Shengquan Pan for sponsoring maotai Classic wine; Thank yong Xiaohui, Liang Xiaohong, Chen Rongshi for sponsoring gifts. The meeting is more wheld怎么读的onderful because of yoserviceu.

Wechat image _20200702173237.png

By Chen Rongshi

Photo/Wu Shengjichinesen

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