Blue Sky Service Team: held the third regular meeting of 2017-2018

Blue Sky Service Team: held the third regular meeting of 2017-2018

On September 3, 2017, the third regulasky是什么意思r meeting of The 2017-2018 Blue Skyservice和serve的区别 Service Club of Shenzhen Lions Club was held in Hongtu Building, Yantian Distrregularlyict. Shenzhen lions, chairman of the third semeeting的音标ction from 2017 to 2018, the blue sky service at all the previous captain, blue sky corps captain GuWeiXia, first depthirduty captain Huang Junping, second deputy captain Lin Yufeng, former captain Zhong Bin, secretary Chen Liyuan, financial zhen-yu Lin, picket Zhong Bin, general qunliang, director of the afterglow, Chskylinewebcamsen, sas, library and hui, etc. 13teams会议 people were present at the meeting. The conference was attendeservice是什么故障灯d by peng Daojian, director general of lmeeting怎么读英语ions Club of Shenzhen for 2017-2018, Du Pengsky, chairman of The fourth District, Jiang Xiezhen, deputy director of the lecturers' Group, Li Xiskype安卓手机版ang, Coordinator of GST Shenzhen Region, Li Zhou, captain of Tien Service Team and Zoheld是hold的什么形式u Ruitang, captain of Yantian Service Team. The meeting was chaired by Gu Weixia.

Jiang Xiezhen, deputy head of the group, elaborated on the operational methods of student aiblued注册不了d activities, the implementation and follow-up of student aid projectuphelds, and guided the lion fheldenriends to think about the purpose ofthird音标 brand student aid services. She pointed out that the educational activities should not only satisfy the spiritual growthirdlytteams手机版h of lion friends, but also let the recipient children grow up physically and memeeting怎么读英语ntally. Lion friends activelblued下载y asked questions and mameeting是什么中文意思de speeches, and the atmosphere was lively.

Chairman Li Xiang explained in detail the fund-raising msky光遇ethods of Lions Club, pointing out that liservice和serve的区别ons Club can only raise money through private fundraising, not through wechat moments. The funds for the service activitieblued下载s can come from the donations of the service teams and enterprises, and also can be donated by lion friends. At the same time, sheblue是什么意思 poiheld的意思是什么nted out that creating a brand prthird翻译ojeregularizationct requires a clear goal to ensure that the project is exblue是什么意思ecutable, sustainable and socially impactful.

Captain Li Zhou introduced in detail the cause and service scope ofblue the "most beautiful sanitation worker" project sponsored by Shenzteamshen Lions Club anservice是什么意思d joiheld的意思是什么ntly undertaken by tien, Blue Sky, Songgang and other service teams, and urged lion friends to mobilize other service teams to actively participate in the project.

Gu Weixia, captain of the group, briefed on recent service activities, including "Old book Mobile station" andblued下载 "Tour of Caring fthirdor Veteranregular反义词s in Xinjiang". In addition,skyworth Gu Weixia, captain of the blue Sky Service Team, carried out all the details of the inauguteams手机版ration ceremony and confirmed the status of other spregularlyonsors of the conference. Finance Lin Zheteampronyu made theld是hold的什么形式he financial report for last month.

President Du Peng donated a "Ding Junhui autographed cue" to The bluservice怎么读e Sky Team and sponsregular的名词ored 60 bottsky直播les of red wine for the inauguration cerregular是什么意思英语emony.

The meeting was succinct and efficient and came to a successful conclusion.

Photo by Chen Liyuan

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