Hunan Service Team: the second council meeting of 2017-2018 was held smoothly

Hunan Service Team: the second council meeting of 2017-2018 was held smoothly

On September 6th, 201湖南师范大学7, the ssecondscreen下载econd council of Shenzhen Lions Ccouncillub Huaxiang Service Team was successfully held in Conference Room 901, Building 2, Pan-Hai Plservice怎么读aza, N湖南科技大学anshan Disecondhandstrict. Hua Xiang service team leader Yu Manwang, last team leader Lai Mingfangwassup, the second vice president Li Xinnian, Secretary Xu Gehua, finance Li Yihua, general affairs Zheng Changqing, directsecondaryocouncilsr Huang Fengge and other 12 people attended the meetinteams手机版g. The meeting was chaired by Yu Manwang湖南大学.

Meetiwashng around the sandu aquatic animals autonomous county in guizhou poverty mountainousmeetingyou是什么意思 area school "intelligence students sentiment of sandu interpreta dream"湖南科技大学 discsecond翻译usses the university student ac湖南tivi湖南卫视节目表ties, this pap湖南疫情er introduces the China hunan service lion friend of exawasteminingwas the school situation,wash怎么读 determine themeetingyou是什么意思 financing activities, and with the sandu sservice翻译hui autonomous county JiaoWei article sports commission ansecond缩写d intellect湖南人事考试网ual poverty alleviation supporte湖南疫情最新情况d edge do recipients of docking, determine the support money matterservice和serve的区别s; Due to the short donation time, the funds of this educational activity came from theteambition love donation of th湖南建设人力资源网e council members of Hunan Service Team. Thanks to all the lion memberservices of Hunan Service Team for their grmeeting怎么读英语eat love and devotion.

At the meetinservice的名词g, the lion friesecondlynds discussecouncil读音d and decided that Li Xinnian would serve as thewassup executivteams手机版e chairman of the sandu Rivsecondaryer Educationcouncil词根 activities, and would gservice怎么读o to Sasecondscreen下载ndu Aquarium Autonomservicebioous County ocouncilsn September 9 to conduct on-site donation activities, calling on the lion friends and their families to participate in this educational activities, and jointly witness the public wecouncil词根lfare charity of the Hunan Service team.

Article/photo Contributed by Huaxiang Service Team

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