Time to love and Heart to heart – The Women and Family Growth Council held a celebration to honor the transition

On July 29, 2021, the 2020-2021 tribute meeting and 2021-2022 Gratitude meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Women and Family Growth Committee was held in Mercedes-benz Restaurant, Block C, China Resources Latime怎么读语音nd Building, Nanshan District. Zhang Guojun, lions club intime的中文意思ternational director of shenzhen lions club Presidheld过去式和过去分词ent of 202held是hold的什么形式1-2022, Guo Yongyong, second deputy chheartbrokenairman NieXiangDong, for我们的婚姻在线观看mer Presfamily家庭和家人的区别ident offamily是什么意思 WengHua, XiaoXingPing, ShiJianYofamilyhookupsng, aggregates, sun, secretary general of the candiheld怎么读的date Latimei Zhuoni, aspiring director Xu Qiubinfamily复数, Li Zhou, WenYaoLi, Li Chunchang, li bin, Lin Xiaoyi, Wan Xiaoyun, wu with Joan, sm of pro我们的婚姻posed Cao Yan, Blood center director of blue YuXiao blove直播手机版app下载lood donation and shenzhen, shenzhen television Tian Xiao, director of the finance channel, shenzhen rui yu international education NieWei ms, shenzhen very school special Lin Qinlove直直播appg kindergarten children’s care center, shenzhen lark deaf kindergartens Wang Liting, founder and chairman, excelebrationecutive chairman of the special institutions,growth的动词 each service on b我们的婚姻在线观看ehalf of about 60 people attendedgrowth怎么读 the ceremony. The ceremony was chaired by The proposed Chairperson of the Committee on Women and Familove直播破解版ly Development, Ms Chiu Nien Chin, and officiated by ttime翻译he proposed Executive Chairperson, Mcouncils Yu Lixia.


The celebration began with a nostalgic renditiogrowth函数n of “Yesterdagrowth的用法y once More.”


Mr. Jiang Xiezhen, the proposed leader of shenzhetime是什么意思n Lion我们的歌s Club, introduced the guests wiheld怎么读的th her unique speech style and humor.


Chairman Zhao Nianzhen delivered a welovealarmlcome speecgrowth可数吗h, thanking all the leaders and guests for their support, and wishicouncil怎么读ng you all a warm and beautiful evening in this romantheart是什么意思中文ic and beautiful space.


Chairwoman of the Cheld是hold的什么形式ouncil on Women and Family Growth 2020-2021, Emily Wan, made a work report. Chairwomagrowth怎么读n Wen Yaoli shared the exploration and exploration of the women and Family Developm我们的爱ent Committee at the beginning of its establishment to the current clear service direction. With the joint efforts of the team, the activities such as morninlove直播软件安卓下载g exercise, psychological counseling lectures, reading sharcouncil和committee的区别ing meetinlove直播软件安卓下载g and caring for special families were wonderful.


Liu Mob, executive chairman of the Council for Womeheld是hold的什么形式n and Family Growth for 2020-2021, reported the financial inccouncilsome and explovely什么意思enditure of the previous year. Thanks for the support of the lion Friends and Friends team, the accounting was open and transptimerarent, frugal and clear, and received warm applause from everyone.


Every achievement of theheartbroken Committee on Women and Family Growth is inseparable from the support of leading lion friends, friendly service team andfamily翻译 caring unit. President Wen Yaoli presented the certificat我们的婚姻在线观看e of appreciation tfamily的复数形式o lion Friends, friendly service team and caring unitlove直直播app on behalf ofamily复数f the Committee on Women and Family Growth to show respect and gratitude.

Hapcelebration是什么意思英语piness, yi, checkpoint, humtimerble love, hong ya, dahuang, alex, le azalea, mission hills, beishan, tiancheng, nature, lotus, xinacelebration可数吗n service, tai, yantian, shenzhen, shenzhen rui yu yue oneselffamily家庭树图片 marriage education college of international educahearteningtion, shenzhen Betime怎么读语音rnie industrial co., LTD., of college, very school ingrowth组合 shenzhen, shenzhen lark kindergarten, A total of 16celebration是什么意思中文翻译 service teams and 6 caring units won thcouncil词根e hand in Hand Sail Award.

Ma Min, WengHua, WenYaoLi, Peng Daojian, NieXiangDong, Cui Weiying, Wu Jingxia, zhi-qiang lu, Guo Yongyong, aggregates, Zhao Nian true, YuLiXia, chun-ping li, sun Lin Mei, Xu Qiubin, LuoJinSong, RongJing, Cai Min, Li Zhou, LuGuoZhi, Li Chunchang, Jiang Xiezhen我们都要好好的, guang-xi Chen, zhang jheldian, RuKeXin, Du Peng, Cao Yan, won the “power set sail award”.


President Wen yaoli paid tribute togrowth怎么读 ttime是什么意思he executive team of the Committee on Women and Family Growth. Jiang Xiezhen, Zhao Nianzhen, Lin Mei, Yu Lixia, Li我们是兄妹u Cheng, Zhu Xinru, Wu Jingxia and Li Chunping a我们的四十年ll received MEDALS and beautiful objects speciallove直播软件安卓下载ly customized by President Wen Yaoli.


This pageant specially invited The youngest dau我们的婚姻电视剧ghter of President Wen Yaoli. In the tribute session, the daughter expressed her deep feelings anheartbrokend expressed her pride and admiration for her mother. No mattgrowth造句er her career, family and public welfare are so perfect. Jiang Xie Zhen Shi sister sincerely salute Wen Yao Liheartwork chairman to do the ufamily是什么意思翻译成中文ltimate, the sincerity of life; Mr. Cao yan praised Chairwoman Wen Yaoli for her talentlovely, beauty and wisdom from the perspective otimerf Brother Lheartfeltion.

A Thanksgiving salute,我们的婚姻电视剧 laughter and moved, as well as tears of joy, waheart是什么意思中文rmthcouncil词根 filled the audicelebration可数吗ence.

Exciting moment, WenYaoLi chairman and chairman Zhao Nian really came to power transition represents the responsicelebrationbility and bear theldhe scepter and represents the female crown of wisdom incelebration是什么意思英语 Zhang Guojun international directors, Guo Yongyong President, XiaoXingPing thelovely testimony of a former President of, with the warm applause, Zhao Nian true for women and families grow, chairman of thheld中文e committee and bear the heavy responsibility.


The women and Family Development Committee tecounciloratime怎么读m made a beautiful appearance and announced the inaug我们的婚姻ural declaration.


Ms. Zhao Shared the work planfamily and visgrowth怎么读ion of the Council for Women and Family Growth in 2021-2022. The service thgrowth翻译eme iscelebration是什么意思中文翻译: Time to Love & NBSP; Heart to heart, with the service direction of young people’s mental health, women’slovely什么意思 physical and spiritual growth, parent-child rgrowthelationship, family harmony, good inheritance, accurate service, support womentimeout to improve themselves, enhaheld中文nce courage and confidence on the road of public welfare, contribute to a harmonious soctimelyiety.


Sun Yunqian, the first female president of Shenzhen Lions Club, gave a speech, prheld的原型aisinfamily家庭和家人的区别g the Committeheld是hold的什么形式e for Women and Family Develolove is gone英文翻译pment, which has achieved a new level of caring for female lions and caheartring for their dcouncilevelcelebrationopment. It has not only led the cotimermmittee to serve others and form an influence, but mcelebration是什么意思英语ore importantly, it is a kind of spiritual inheritancecelebration是什么意思英语.


Xiao Xingping, former president of Shenzhen Lions Club, spoke highly of the elegantfamilyhookups and unique activities organized by the Committee for Women and Family Development, which demonstrafamily是什么意思翻译成中文ted the unfamily家庭和家人的区别ique charm and charm of shenzhen Lions Sisters.


Ms. Zhang spoke highly ofamily怎么读f the diversity and beauty of the women and Family Development Committheld的意思是什么ee, and hoped to participate in more higfamily复数h-quality activities. He presented the “Lions Cheld过去式和过去分词lu我们的歌b Inteheartshotrnational President’s Commendation” to last year’s women and Family Development Committee members Yao Lai Wan, Zhao Nian Zhen, Lin Mei, Yu Lixia, Liu Ying and Zhu Xinru. The award is inspiring and all the recogheartbreakingnition is the driving force for the women’s Committee team to move forward.



President Kwok wing-yongcouncil thanked Chairwomtime的中文意思an Wan Yao-li and executive Chairman for theiheartbreakingr effortslove直播软件安卓下载 and efforts. He appreciated the high qua我们的爱lity of the committee’s activities and the grand structurecouncilor. He is looking forwartime怎么读d to a wonderful year.


President Zhao Nianzhen rang the bell and adjourned the meeting to thank the executivtime是什么意思e team of the Council onlovely翻译 Women and Family Growth for their hard work in the past year. She said that she would slovelytrivetimely to be the leading team in 2021-2022. She hoped ttime翻译hat the proposeheld是hold的什么形式d executive Chairmen Yu Lixia, Liu Chen, Zhu Xinru, Luo Cong, Li Zhou and Secretary He Lfamily家庭树图片inna, As well as the consultlove直播手机版app下载ant suppolove直播手机版app下载rt team Wen Yaoli, Jiang Xiezhfamilyen, Lin Mei, Wu Jingxia, Li Chunping and other sister Shi under the joint efforts, to present more wonderful.  



With applause and flowers, in the presence of lions ftime怎么读语音riends and guestlove直播软件安卓下载s, members of the women and Family Growth Committee made a joint declaration: “Beyond the horizon, Shenzhen Lions Club Women and我们的歌 Family Growth Committee, come on!”

Zhao Nianzhen

[Image] Fleeting ttime怎么读eam

【 Edit 】 Ma Huijulovealarman Hu & NBSP;held grey

[Typesetting] Du Shaohefamily的复数形式ng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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